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Shores of Hazeron is primarily played from a first person perspective, all windows and menus are modular windows that can be moved around and re-sized as desired.

Mouse-look Vs Hand Cursor

The hand cursor.

In free-look mode you are in control of your character. Moving the mouse changes the direction your character is looking.

In hand cursor mode, you have a cursor that looks like a hand when over the main scene. In this mode you are also able to use any window and buttons in on the UI. The hand cursor is also used to pick up items in the main scene. While in hand cursor mode all keyboard controls are disabled.


While in mouse-look mode, you are able to move your character.

By default the movement keys are as follows:

  • W
    Move forward.
  • A
    Strafe left.
  • D
    Strafe right.
  • S
    Move backward.
    In zero-G it is used to brake.
  • C
    Crouch, allowing others to mount you.
    In zero-G it is used to ascend.
  • E
    Enter/Exit vehicle, turret, chair, bed, etc.

For more information, see the Controls page.


The HUD is fairly simple.

Status bars


  • WIP
    • Minime
    • Arrow thing


  • ... WIP

Selected item

  • WIP


There are many windows and menus in Shores of Hazeron, but here is a short description about each.

  • Mail
    • Default F2
    • Used to send and receive mail from players and important notifications.
  • Communication
    • Default F3
    • Also called the Comm, is used to communicate with other people and entries in the game. trading and job searching is also done through here.
  • Spacecraft Mission
    • Default F9
    • Used to give orders to a spacecraft or make longer repeating missions.
  • Unit Orders
    • Default SHIFT + F3
    • Used to give orders to individual crew members aboard your spacecraft. Also used to manage your crew's equipment.
  • Gear
    • Default F4
    • Also known as the inventory. Used to manage your equipment and items.
  • Cargo
    • Default F5
    • Used to manage the cargo on board a spacecraft. Also used to access the sea chest.
  • Locator
    • Default F7
    • Contains map information. Both a world map of the current planet, and a star map of all explored space.
  • City
    • Default F10
    • Also know as the labor window. Used to manage buildings in a city as well as doing construction.
  • Construction
    • Default F11
    • Used to place new building sites in a city. This includes placing the initial town square.
  • Governance

Camera Views


See: Top-Down View