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There is no major technology research system in the game. Once you have access to a resource, you can instantly manufacture all new products using that resource at its natural quality.

Below are resources separated into tiers. Each tier roughly determines at what point you'll need the resources.

Starter - Tier 0

The start of the game has two basic building block resources always found on your homeworld at the very beginning, however logs are uncommonly used and stone is made redundant when you reach tier 1.

Early-game - Tier 1

In the early-game, we have the basic resources found on your homeworld and on your local moon. When you have all of these resources, you are able to manufacture all normal commodities.

All plant and animal resources can go in here too, but you likely don't need all of them.

Mid-game - Tier 2

In the mid-game we have the basic resources from the other orbit zones. With tier 2 resources you can make all the basic spacecraft modules and weapons. Any separation between mid-game and late-game is currently artificial, as you are required to get most of the tier 2 resources, but not necessarily in order before tier 3 or higher.

Late-game - Tier 3

In the late-game you have start having to search more for what you need. With tier 3 resources you can make almost all spacecraft modules, including warp-drives.

Beyond - Tier 4

Beyond late-game you have to start using harvester ships and colonize harder worlds like gas giants. Tier 4 resources don't all have implemented uses, or make little difference in spacecraft specifications aside from the adamantine hull. The most interesting here is preons, since they allow the use of star gates.