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All Permissions

[These rights apply regardless of the office holder's location.]

  • Can accept city surrender.
  • Can assign and change government offices, including emperor.
  • Can change announcements.
  • Can change city debt policy.
  • Can change colour theme.
  • Can change commerce settings.
  • Can change contrail colour.
  • Can change default political stance and political stance towards known empires.
  • Can change dossier on known empires.
  • Can change empire flag.
  • Can change founder domain settings.
  • Can change founder office settings.
  • Can change immigration policy.
  • Can change join policy and password.
  • Can change join statement.
  • Can change rewards.
  • Can change right to found cities policy.
  • Can change taxes.
  • Can change trespass policy.
  • Can change war policy.
  • Can change zone build permissions.
  • Can communicate on the Diplomacy comm channel.
  • Can declare empire capital.
  • Can invite citizens to the empire.
  • Can kick citizens from the empire.
  • Can send mail to empire members using Governance window.

[These rights apply at places in the office holder's domain.]

  • Can access government account at banks in their domain.
  • Can construct buildings and roads at cities in their domain.
  • Can load officers from worlds in their domain.
  • Can change manufacturing settings at cities in their domain.
  • Can change names of places in their domain.
  • Can change research settings at Universities in their domain.
  • Can change spacecraft manufacturing settings at cities in their domain.
  • Can declare sector capital in sectors in their domain.
  • Can surrender cities in their domain.
  • Can communicate on the Fleet comm channel and receives fleet mail messages from officers from their domain.
  • Receives sensor scan report mail messages from spacecraft commanded by officers from their domain. Thanks tackeart! ❤

- Deantwo (talk) 16:19, 8 March 2017 (MST)