Spacecraft Damage Control

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When a spacecraft is damaged, either in combat or by the environment, it will require repairs to bring it back to top performance.

Types of Damage

The damage report window.

A spacecraft is composed of multiple subsystems, all of which can be damaged independently of one another.

These systems are:

Some room types can also be damaged.

These rooms are:

Damaged Systems

Most spacecraft systems gains a penalty or even stop functioning when damaged.

Systems such as maneuver drive, power plant, sensor, weapon system, and shield all incur percentage based functionality reduction depending on the damage.

A damaged FTL drive will leave it inoperable. A bigger FTL drive than necessary will allow for some buffer before it is inoperable.

When the hold or fuel cell is damaged, there is a chance that cargo may be destroyed or fuel may leak out. If the hold or fuel cell is not already at 0% health when it is hit, there is a 1% chance that cargo or fuel will be lost. If the hold or fuel cell is already at 0% health when it is hit, cargo or fuel will be lost every time. Fuel leaks at the rate of 1 unit of fuel per 5 units of damage. Cargo is destroyed at the rate of 1 unit of cargo per 5 units of damage.

When the vehicle bay is damaged, there is a chance that a vehicle may be destroyed. If the vehicle bay is not already at 0% health when it is hit, there is a 1% chance that a vehicle will be destroyed. If the vehicle bay is already at 0% health when it is hit, a vehicle will be destroyed every time. One vehicle is destroyed, regardless of the amount of damage inflicted. Vehicles may be located anywhere aboard the ship; they do not have to reside in a vehicle bay to be destroyed in this way. Occupied vehicles are not destroyed.

Destroyed Systems

A few specific spacecraft systems are critical, if they are destroyed the whole spacecraft will fail. But generally the destroyed system just becomes inoperable until repaired.

Critical systems are:

These systems cannot be reduced below 0 hit points in a single strike. When a strike exceeds the remaining hit points, their hit points are reduced to 0.

When a critical system is already at 0 hit points, it is vulnerable to catastrophic failure. A hit on a critical system that is already at 0 hit points causes critical failure of the system and destruction of the spacecraft.

Spacecraft Repair

There are two ways to repair a spacecraft, either manually repairing each system or purchasing repairs from an airport repair shop.

Manual Repair

It is possibly to manually repair a spacecraft's systems using the commodities and the associated tool listed on the "Spacecraft Damage Report".


To repair a damaged system, select the appropriate tool as your current item. The tool shows the part that it repairs next to the tool icon on the screen. Look at the damaged system. The targeted system is indicated by an icon next to the health bar of the ship that appears at the top of the screen. A number next to the part icon by the tool shows the quantity of parts needed by the targeted system. Click with the mouse to install parts. Parts are taken from the hold of the ship if available; a part is taken from your inventory otherwise.

Tools repair 1 to 6 parts each use. The formula is:

 parts = log2(tech level) + 1

Multiple part repair only happens when the parts are drawn from the hold.

Cannibalizing for parts

Parts can be removed from a system in the same way. Select a tool. Look at a system. Use the item's alternate action to remove a part, rather than install one. The default key binding for this is Shift + G. A part is removed if there is space in your inventory to hold the part; otherwise no part is removed.

Tool List

Commodity Tool
Metal Hammer
Plastic Glue Gun
Mechanical Part Wrench
Electronic Part Soldering Iron
Computer Screw Driver
Textiles Sewing Needle
Air Fitting Wrench
Grav Coupling Pliers
Large Rocket Motor
Lumenite Tongs
Antiflux Particles
Heavy Weapon Torque Wrench
Cryo Heat Sink Clamp
Magmium Heat Sink
Vulcium Heat Sink
Io Tube Oscilloscope
Myrasplicer Microscope
Tesloid Dissipator Nanopath Calibrator

Purchase Repair

The spacecraft service window, offering posdible repairs for sale.

In order to repair a spacecraft, it must be landed on a slab in a city with an airport repair shop or moored to a space station in a solar system with a city that has one. Then all its systems must be turned off. This can be done by "Rig for Repair or Refit. Officer Get Repairs." order.

The crew responds by turning off the systems they are operating and preparing the ship for repairs. They do not actually perform the repairs; the crew just configure the spacecraft to be ready for repairs.


Repairs can then be purchased using the Spacecraft Services button on the Trade communication channel, all cities in range with an airport repair shop will reply with an offer of repairing the spacecraft. Accept the repair offer that that is best suited, if anything is miss.

If an officer has the con, the officer will purchase the repairs once the systems are turned off. If the spacecraft does not need repairs when the repair order becomes current, the officer immediately skips to the next order so the crew does not rig the spacecraft for repairs.