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Imbox notice.png This page was only relevant for the Shores of Hazeron MMO.

Does not apply to the singleplayer game.

Shores of Hazeron was a massive multiple online (MMO) game with a single shard, so all players are always on the same server cluster, the same universe if you will. A player can travel to any galaxy and chat with any other player always.

A server instead commonly refers to a "scene server", a server that is managing solar systems, or scenes.

Types of Servers

There are a number of different servers, and there might even be more than are officially known.

Scene Server

Every solar system is managed by a scene server. When a new solar system is generated or loaded into memory, it is allocated to a scene server. If a solar system is experiencing issues from heavy load or other issues, it might affect all other solar systems managed by the solar system's scene server.

It is most obvious when seen how a solar system being locked up in limbo causes some other solar systems to also lockup at random.

Mail Server

The mail servers manage all the mail. If the mail server goes offline, no mail will be received.

Login Server

The login server manages the account login. If the login server goes offline, no one will be able to login, but players already online may stay until they log off.


As of the Beta release of Hazeron Starship, the server and client aspects of the game were merged to provide a singleplayer experience. There is currently no way to run the server without the client.

For more information, see Singleplayer Update.