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Quality Descriptors
Descriptor Quality
Flawed 1 - 34
Bad 35 - 74
Poor 75 - 114
Fair 115 - 154
Good 155 - 194
Fine 195 - 224
Superb 225 - 244
Excellent 245 - 254
Perfect 255

Quality, simply written as Q or QL, is a measure of how effective an object is.

Quality can also be described as Flawed / Bad / Poor / Fair / Good / Fine / Superb / Excellent / Perfect.

Effect of Quality

Production Output

When a product is made from more than one material, its quality is determined by the mean average of its ingredients.

  • Example: Fertilizer made from Q100 Air and Q200 Hydrogen will be = (Q100 + Q200) / 2 = Q150

Fetching Loss

When fetching materials for construction or manufacturing, there is a chance some materials are destroyed in the fetching process. This chance is influenced by the quality of the material, where higher quality has a lower chance of loss.


Almost all items have effects that are improved by their quality.

The effect of quality ranges from:

  • 0.9x at Q1 Flawed
  • 1.0x at Q87 Poor
  • 2.5x at Q255 Perfect
    • 2.78x greater than Q1 Flawed.
Effectiveness bonus from quality.

Note: the figure inflates the 0.9x to 1x range for emphasis. The low-end scaling is not so extreme.

Quality Distribution

The occurrence of resource qualities follow a bell curve. Quality Q1 and Q255 are the rarest, while Q128 occurs about 90x more frequently.

  • Q1 and Q255 each have around a 1-in-9500 chance to occur.
  • Q128 occurs around 1-in-100 times.
A "Bell Curve" distribution.

Quality is distributed with a mean of 128 and a standard deviation of 42.3333333.