Primeval World

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Primeval World is the name of the single-player tech demo or benchmark. Its primary purpose is to test if the game can run on the player's computer.

An account is not required to launch Primeval World.


When Primeval World is launched, you immediately appear on a new randomly generated world.

You always spawn as a human-looking species and your avatar is named "Human". As part of the "Imperium" empire.


  • Primeval World consists of only one solar system which is randomly generated from one of the galaxies with the "Primeval World" flag. It is not possible to leave the solar system.
  • It is not possible to found a city or build buildings in Primeval World and the only interaction with sentient life is from villages.
  • It is possible to spawn in any item or vehicle using a menu (Menu's button icon). It is however not possible to spawn a spacecraft.