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The Locator window contains all maps and location data.

Each of the tabs can be opened as a separate window if so desired.


The compass tab contains compass, coordinates and some information about the current environment.

The Compass tab of the Locator window. Standing at the capitol building in a city.

World Map

The world map shows the surface of the current world, along with location and coordinate information. The sunlight emulation can be turned on and off via the right-click context menu. In addition, the map is covered by a fog of war at the start. This can be revealed by exploring or entering orbit of the world.

On the right is a list of places of interest.

World map showing the surface with a city during the day.

The colors on the world map are dependent on the building type:

System Map

The system map is a map of the current solar system. If the system has been surveyed it will also contain the system survey details.

System map with system survey details.

Star Map

The star map is bound to the empire, each empire have their own star map, and star map information cannot be transferred or shared with other empires.

The star map shows all explored solar systems and unexplored solar systems in surrounding sectors.

The star map shows location of all cities and bases belonging to the empire. Any discovered non-empire cities and bases within 17.32pc of an empire city with an airport terminal will also be shown.[1]

It is possible to display the system survey report of any system that has been surveyed.

Star map showing a selected sector and solar system.

Note: on weaker GPUs, the galaxy graphic may cause performance drops as the game attempts to render it. This can be disabled by unchecking the galaxy button at the top-left, as seen in the screenshot.


The GPS tab contains all the relative coordinates.

The GPS tab of the Locator window.