Airport Radar

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Airport Radar
Type Building
Description Detects Units
Placement Requirement Can't build on aliens' claims.
Can't build in aliens' jurisdiction.
Structural Requirements
Arena Ok
Auditorium Ok
Battery Ok
Commodity Storage Ok
Field Area Ok
Generator No
Guard Post No
Home, Large Ok
Home, Medium Ok
Home, Small Ok
Livestock Ok
Lounge Space Ok
Office Space 1 Office Required
Parking, Ground Vehicles Ok
Parking, Space Vehicles Ok
Parking, Water Vehicles Ok
Parking, Spacecraft No
Radar 1m³ Radar Required
Shield Generator No
Shop Space Ok
Space Vehicle Launchers No
Space Vehicle Recovery Systems No
Store Space Ok
Surgery Units No
Transporters No
Turrets No
Weapon Bays No

Airport radars add sensor capability to any connected airport terminal. The coverage area of the radar establishes the air traffic control area.

The airport radar does not stack with the military radar, the stronger of the two is used. The airport radar cannot be used for military targeting.

Piracy Prevention

Radar coverage enforces a air defense identification zone, which basically means that pirate encounters will not happen while within the radar coverage of a city or base.

System Survey

Once a city has both an observatory and an airport radar, an automatic system survey is completed of the city's solar system.

See the System Survey page for more information.


The more Radar volume is allocated in the radar's building blueprint the longer the sensor range it has.

If a radar detects an enemy spacecraft on its sensors, it will cause the city to send out a distress city report.

Warp Signature Detection

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Description: Entire mechanic needs clarification since patents were removed

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A radar will start detecting warp signatures from other solar systems once the empire has ???. The more Radar volume is allocated in the radar's building blueprint the farther away warp signatures can be detected.

For more information, see the Warp Signature page.

Radar Scaling

Radar Coverage Scaling
Volume Short Range Deep Space
1m3 805m 0.9pc
5m3 4,021m 1.6pc
25m3 20,104m 2.7pc
125m3 100,518m 4.6pc
625m3 502,588m 8.0pc
3,125m3 2,512,937m 13.6pc
15,625m3 12,564,684m 23.2pc
78,125m3 62,823,419m 39.8pc
390,625m3 314,117,094m 68.0pc
1,953,125m3 1,570,585,467m 116.2pc
9,765,625m3 7,852,927,334m 198.8pc
48,828,125m3 39,264,636,670m 339.9pc
104,000,000m3 83,630,534,935m 437.3pc