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Latest Software Update

This page is obsolete. Updates are now announced here, in the forum.

This page announces updates to the Shores of Hazeron game and its associated software.

I suppose people wonder, "What should I do when I see an update has been posted?" The primary reason the update dates are posted is to draw your attention to this page, in case you are curious what changed.


What's new in this update?
Initial Overlord
Some people say the huge number of one-man empires is a problem, that the game would be better if there were fewer large empires.
Added an option when creating a new empire to select an initial overlord. Choosing an overlord does not affect your initial starting location in any way; it does not help the overlord find you or you to find them; and it does not limit or change any other options available to you. It just establishes an initial high-level faction, for overlord protection.

The choices available comprise the top ten empires that span the most solar systems in the selected startup galaxy. Empires are not listed if they are hostile to unknown empires, have no emperor, or occupy less than two solar systems in the startup galaxy. This should encourage the growth of the top empires, without forcing it.
Default Enemy Stance
Some empires have a default stance of enemy toward unknown empires. This is unfortunate when two empires that are subordinate to the same overlord meet.
When establishing initial stance, enemy stance is softened to neutral stance if both empires share a common overlord empire.
Spacecraft Ownership
Private spacecraft ownership is decided by who is the current captain. This prevents a player from owning more than one spacecraft.
Separated ownership implication from ship's roster. Here are the related changes.
  • Owner of current private spacecraft was set to the current captain.
  • Spacecraft Policy window now shows current ownership of a spacecraft, with Free Title and Claim Title buttons for private spacecraft.
  • Taking the captain's berth on a private ship with a free title automatically claims ownership of the ship to the new captain. The berth assignment message informs you of this.
  • Private spacecraft get removed permanently if they have no owner when destroyed. Previously, they were removed permanently if they had no human officer on the roster when destroyed.
  • Company comm channel added, similar to the Fleet channel. Anyone can transmit on the Company channel. Messages are identified with a company, which is the owner of the private ship on which you hold an officer berth, or you. Eligible recipients of messages on the channel are officers of spacecraft owned by the company and the owner.
  • Company comm channel is used to restore company ships from stasis that have been destroyed. Crew channel can still be used if you hold a berth aboard the ship in stasis.
  • Company ships always answer hails on the Company channel even if they have no officer, so you can find them. They will not accept orders or berth requests if they do not have an officer.
  • The owner of a private ship is considered to be in its chain of command.
  • There is no limit to the number of spacecraft that can be owned by a single avatar.
  • Ship owner receives logs, contact and death messages from officers who are aboard.


What's new in this update?
Server Crash
Server crashed during the weekend.
Fixed error in server thread manager.
Harvester Sound Effect
New sound effect of firing a harvester needed.
Harvester sound changed.
Client Crashes and Lockups
People have reported frequent client program crashes and lockups since the last update.
Fixed thread deadlock.
Spot Command Broken
I can no longer spot things with the spot command.


What's new in this update?
Land on Map Isn't Really There
Map of a frigid world showed land where there was sea.
Fixed map painting error that affected only frigid worlds. This error was also present in the distant globe model, though much more difficult to notice.
SOS Tone
SOS messages do not make any sound when they appear on screen.
SOS messages now have their own custom tone. It can be configured in settings.
Message Tones
Lots of messages do not generate the chat tone when they probably should.
Reviewed/updated messages that generate a chat tone. BTW, only messages that appear on the screen can generate a tone.
On Screen Messages
Some messages, such as SOS messages, do not appear on my screen. The default settings have them not appear there.
Reviewed/updated default on-screen state for different kinds of messages.
Manufacturing TL
A manufacturing process would not run because it needed higher TL parts. Unfortunately, the manufacturing panel UI does not indicate the TL required by the current process so it's hard to figure that out.
Added a text label to show the minimum TL required by the current process. Changed that into a combo box because I wanted to be able to set it; many people have asked for that capability. Read the tool tip for details.
Navigator Bug
Navigator who decides to deadhead because wormhole is blocked gets confused, crashes and burns.
Spacecraft Factory Choices
At spacecraft factory, the list of designs to manufacture or buy only goes one level deep into containers. I have a pack inside my grav pack that contains all my designs.
All designs in your gear are now listed.
Building Construction Choices
Construction window also needs to find building designs inside containers inside containers.
Module TL Discrepancy
A ship design that incorporates an atmosphere condenser module is only TL2. It takes TL6 to manufacture an atmosphere condenser module.
What seemed like a minor data error turned into one of those "oh crap" moments. Tech level of modules was not considered in the ship design analyzer; now they are. This change will affect existing designs.
Manual Survey Scans
When conducting survey scans using a sensor console, it only scans the system for your empire if you display the info about a sun or world with the button, not by second-clicking.
Sensor Screen Second-Click
A second-click on the selected blip on the sensor console brings up a details scan of the blip. That makes it difficult to try clicking different blips when you get the wrong one in a jumbled pile of contacts.
Second-click on sensor contact no longer displays scan details, thus rendering the time spent on the previous fix wasted.
Server Crash
Server crashes if you moor a ship aboard another ship.


What's new in this update?
Take DNA Sample Does Not Update Gear Tree
Gear tree does not update when I take a DNA sample. Tooltip shows the sample kit changed to the sample but no visible change.
Game Table Game Won't Quit
A game at a game table would not quit even after all the players exited the table.
Games Deadlock Client
Client program often deadlocks when playing games at a game table.
'Awful' Misspelled in Story
The word 'awful' was misspelled in a story.
Fixed. Found and fixed a few other places where this word was misspelled.
What to do, after Dr. Xian?
After the story with Dr. Xian ends, it is not clear what the player is supposed to do next.
Added to the final words uttered by Dr. Xian, suggesting you find the archeological dig site.
Ship Sundives in Binary System
Ships frequently crash when using wormholes in a system where a companion star or a planet orbits on top of the wormhole.
Navigator now checks to see if the entry wormhole is blocked by a star or planet. If it is blocked, the navigator plots a course to deadhead directly to the destination system of the wormhole and announces the diversion in course. Navigator also does this if a) ship has no wormhole drive, b) ship capacitor is incapable of engaging the wormhole drive when fully charged, or c) wormhole FTL drive is incapable of engaging in its current condition.

A wormhole is blocked if it is inside the atmosphere radius of a world or inside the photosphere radius of a sun. A safety margin is added.

When making this decision, the navigator does not calculate how long it will take to be unblocked, to see if it makes sense to wait instead.
Ground Based Harvesters?
Weapon system bases can be equipped with harvester modules in the design studio.
Removed harvesters from list of choices when choosing modules for buildings.
Moor Ship Message Wrong
Moor ship A to ship B. Message says mooring secured aboard ship A.


What's new in this update?
Ringworld Airport Bug
Airport at ringworld city with no power plant reports no power to transport when called for a beam up. Shouldn't the ringworld provide the power?
Ship Leaks Ammo
Ship has TL30 PiRa heavy arms ammo. It recently loaded TL31 PiRa ammo. It also had a battle with a pirate. Now it steadily loses ammo, like it's trickling away somewhere.
Cannot Spot Terrain
The ` spot command no longer reports terrain or terrain resources. It does nothing.
Shooting Terrain Has No Effect
There is no hit effect when I shoot terrain with my rifle. There used to be a flash.
"Personal Inventory"
A number of game messages were still using the phrase "personal inventory".
Replaced those with "gear".
Crowd Gathers at Remote Building
I was at a remote mine in the wilderness. After a while, a crowd of citizens had formed.
Made several slight changes to citizen encounters.
Switch Avatar Borks Gear
Gear tree gets messed up after switching between avatars.
Report Ships in Hangars
City should report ships in hangars where it lists other ships in town.
Done. It also now reports the longitude/latitude of every ship in the list. Reports generated before this update will show zeros for ship coordinates.


What's new in this update?
Ship Repair Double Accept Bug
You can accept an offer to repair your ship multiple times. Each time you accept it adds to your repair time and takes the money again.
Ship Repair Offer Accept While Repairing
Accepting a repair offer while the ship is undergoing repairs causes a problem.
Ship Repair Exploit
Ask to repair all systems of a ship with trivial damage. Beam to TL32 ship. Accept the repairs. All fixed.
Strange Road Colors
Some computers display strange road colors/textures on uninhabitable worlds, until a biodome is built.
Crew Does Not Warp to Follow
Crew will not engage warp drive when ordered to follow a target that is very far away.
Hang on!
Spot Ship Aboard Ship Bug
When spotting ship A aboard ship B, the message says I am spotting A aboard A.
Ship Inventory From Beyond System
When you ask a ship to report its inventory from beyond solar system range, it does not answer.
Some various misspellings were reported.
Fixed. The it's usage was the most painful because of how often I incorrectly used it's instead of its, or the other way around. Lesson learned. :^D
Item Size on Tool Tips
Items do not show their size on the tool tip or inspection text.
Size in container units (cu) added. This is a rough measure of its volume when carried in a container or at a person's waist. It is the undeployed or most compact size of the item. e.g. A tent is much larger when dropped.
Gear Tree Drop Item Bug
Often the gear tree is broken after you drop an item. Right-click no longer works on items.
Gear Tree Tool Tips
Items in the gear tree do not show a tooltip. You have to inspect the item, which is usually overkill.
Fixed. Removed the weight and size columns since the information can be seen on the tooltip.
Gear Tree Depth
It is frustrating to be unable to manipulate items in containers that are inside other containers.
Fixed. Gear tree is now fully functional to any tree depth.
Gear Tree Icons
The column of icons that shows where top level items are carried looks like a list of items. It is confusing.
Made a custom set of icons for that column that share a common color theme. That also helps to connect them to the little buttons at the top/right and the right-click menu items. Made them a little larger so they force a minimum row height on top-level items, spacing them out a bit.
Gear Tree Item Icon Sizes
Item icons are all the same size in the gear tree.
Resized gear tree item icons according to their container size.
Hand Craft Button
Hand craft button is tiny, seems to be associated with the gear tree. Some players have asked how to hand craft items as the button went unnoticed.
Made a new icon for the hand craft button. Made the button bigger. Changed the layout slightly. Rearranged the hand craft window to incorporate this new icon on the Make button.
Gear Tree Button Tooltips
Tool tips on gear tree window buttons could be more helpful. Some have few words, like Use or Arm and Drop; what does that do?
Improved tool tips.
Gear Placement
When picking up or buying gear, it is not placed in my backpacks/crates/pouches in the same order as before the inventory change. Player reports food purchases get placed in their utility pouch.
When adding gear, containers are now filled in this order: Back, Hand, Waist.


Gear Tree Sort
Gear tree should be sorted by slot type.
Done. Sorting is alphabetical for items inside containers.


Broken Looking Gear Tree
Some people reported gear trees that are broken, showing multiples of some items and not showing items that should be present.
The solution to this problem is to drop all of your top level items and pick them back up again. If phantom items remain in the gear tree after you drop everything, restart the program, before or after you pick up the items, makes no difference.
The problem appears to have been introduced when old inventory data was converted to new gear data. Items that have not been moved since then have an incorrect id value. If the problem comes back after doing this, please let me know.


What's new in this update?
Server Crash
Server crashes when a ship fires a missile.
Fixed initial muzzle velocity calculation error.
Avatar Exited Design Studio At Light Speed
An avatar exited a design studio and found themself traveling at light speed through the solar system.
Fixed maybe.
City List Empty
A player reported that sometimes the list of cities on the Cities window is empty.
Made a slight change to that window's update code that may fix this.
Replaced the Request Empires button with a Refresh Cities button. The Cities window only displays information about your current empire so it was inefficient to request information about all empires just to update the list. Also, there was no implication that requesting empires would have any effect on the list of cities at all.
Invisible Motor Bikes
Motor bikes aboard a ship disappeared after the ship exited the atmosphere. They could be spotted but they were not visible. Mounting one and moving it makes it become visible.
Fixed maybe. I can't be certain due to the difficulty of reproducing this error.
Citizens Listed Twice
Government Citizens window lists some people with government office again as non-government citizens, so they end up listed twice.
Energy Weapon Lenses
The role of those energy weapon components used with energy weapon turrets and bays is confusing. Why does my energy weapon turret need a disintegrator ray thing and why is it treated like ammo?
To help clear up this confusion, the word 'Lens' was added to the end of each energy weapon ammo module thing. So now, the use of a 'Disintegrator Ray Lens' with an energy weapon turret or bay helps to understand its role there.
Like ammo, the lens determines the amount and type of damage inflicted by an otherwise generic gun.
The 3D model of an energy weapon lens no longer looks like a circuit board.
Blinking Flag Crash
The fix to the bug that caused blinking flags during construction inexplicably caused the Windows client to crash a lot. An interim update was posted a few days ago to stop the crashing, but the blinking flags bug was back.
Fixed properly. Flags should neither blink nor crash now.
Broken Henges
The fix to remove broken henges did not eliminate the root of the problem. I thought the broken henges were debris from an old bug but, after removing them, they came back.
Fixed. Testing is needed.


Broken Henges
Henges are still broken.
Fixed data inconsistency between portal end worlds.


What's new in this update?
Server Crash
Creature stuck in engine room cleanup code causes server crash.
Flag Blinks
Flag at town square blinks while I am building a city.
Building Interior Blinks
While building a multi-story building, the interior of the building blinks about every second or so. It's really annoying.
The constant blinking is fixed. It will still blink when each story is completed. The remaining blink occurs during the brief span after the old 3D model has been discarded but before the new 3D model is ready.
Reply To Diplomatic Mail
Diplomatic mail message text contains the name and ID of the person who sent the diplomatic message. However, I cannot reply to their message without first adding them to my buddy list, which is a pain. The diplomatic message is sent from the city and I cannot reply to that at all.
Diplomatic messages are now addressed as being from the person who requested the message sent, not from the city that sent the message on their behalf. The message can be replied to and the sender can easily be added to your buddy or squelch list.
Diplomatic Mail Receipt
Diplomatic messages are supposed to generate a receipt when delivered. The receipt seems to go to the wrong person.
Fixed various problems with diplomatic message receipts.
Fires Won't Burn
It makes no sense to hand craft a fire where it won't burn, like in bad atmosphere or in water. The fire logs or barrel appear there but they aren't burning. I can't pick them up. The materials are wasted.
Hand craft attempt will now fail when conditions prevent the fire from burning. A thought message informs you why it failed. The materials are not affected.
Inspect Item Clip
The inspect item window does not let me zoom in very far on the item before it clips away. This is frustrating.


What's new in this update?
Building Crash
Several people have reported the city window crashes.
These crashes were due to buildings with more than 8 stories that manufacture things. The crash is fixed but the bug that enabled those bad buildings to be constructed is still there.
Magic Hammer
TL1 hammer fixes hundreds of broken parts on a TL32 ship in one go.
Bay Weapons Don't Lead Targets
Bay weapons do not lead the target when firing balistic weapons.
The firing solution calculation now incorporates the movement vectors of the firing ship and the target. This does not account for acceleration/deceleration of either the ship or the target.
Bay Weapon Firing Direction
Bay weapons are supposed to target a different location when the CG location of the target ship is not inside its hull. This does not seem to work properly, resulting in a lot of misses.
Fixed targeting errors that affected all forms of weapons, including guided missiles. They should hit the target more often now.
Wild Animals Twitchy
Wild animals are twitchy, like they are fighting to turn but they can't.
Fixed a bug that made it difficult for wild animals to turn. This may have also affected AI dudes, resulting in a lot of them stuck in walls of spacecraft.
Creepy Citizens
Citizens that accumulate around me are creepy.
Increased the minimum distance away that they appear. Reduced the probability of them walking over to you when they appear.
Creature Stuck in Engine Room
A creature was stuck in an inaccessible area of a ship. It's presense caused all kinds of problems due to crew and troops who wanted to go kill it, but were unable to figure out how to get there.
Animals stuck in places like that will now vanish.
Troop Orders Don't Work on Voice Channel
I was not able to issue unit orders on the Voice channel. Only the Crew channel works.
Plant Size Adjustment Quirky
I changed the size of a potted plant using the settings option in the gear window. I then showed the settings again and it was still on the old size setting. Relog cleared it up.
Star Map Look At Self Fail
Teleport to a distant area of the galaxy, or a new galaxy, like by recalling home or berth-a-port. Display the star map. Right-click your avatar and select 'Look At' option. Nothing happens unless you refresh the map data. Then it works.
Environment Suit Shows in Hand
Certain items should not show up in my hand when they are selected as my current item. My environment suit is a good example of this.
Items on the body, face and head no longer show a 3D model in your hand when they are selected as the current item.
Ice Cream
I want to be able to make ice cream.
Ice cream can now be manufactured using milk and sugar. It joins milk as the only foods edible to every ecological role.
A dairy is needed to manufacture ice cream.
Dairy added. It can manufacture ice cream, cheese, and dairy technology.
When manufacturing cheese at a dairy. which uses only milk, the resulting Q will match that of the milk. This differs from making cheese at farms, where an environmental cheese Q affects the result.
Default design for dairy building added.
Particle Harvest Target
When I issue a mission order to harvest particles, the selected target world is not stored. This makes it impossible to harvest particles from a ring around a gas giant, because the crew always wants to target the gas giant.
Fixed an error in the UI that affected all harvest orders except atmosphere harvesting. The error caused those orders to ignore the selected target world/sun/ring, leaving it up to the gunner to decide.
Particle Harvest Aim
When harvesting particles from a ring, the crew seems to target a bogus spot that doesn't always work.
Fixed a projection matrix error that caused a huge error in the targeting of rings.
Particle Harvest Target
When harvesting particles from a ring, the ship wants to shoot the center line of the ring. Rings are big. This can be a long way away from the ship and it's not really obvious why it's not working so well.
Ship now targets the closest point in the plane of the ring, at Z=0, between the ring's inner radius and its outer radius.
Ordnance Window Blank
Ordnance window confuses people. It is usually blank. Could it offer some tips there?
Ordnance window now shows info about its usage when you are not in a place where you can use it.
Burning Barrel
I should be able to make a fire with a unit of oil.
You can now hand craft a fire using a single unit of oil, but you can't hold it in your hand. It drops to the ground like a camp fire, looks like a burning barrel.
Rocket Training Fail
Rocket training fails when I get into the rocket because I can no longer hear Gagarin from inside the rocket.
Gagarin now switches to the Hail channel sooner during the training.
Rocket Training Fail
Gagarin appeared with clothing at his feet. When he dropped his suit, he was naked.
Fixed. He no longer drops his clothing when he wears the environment suit, an error introduced in the gear change.
ParcX Delivery Fail
Avatar goes to the station to pick up their ParcX package. As soon as they enter through the hull door, the ParcX delivery guy appears in space behind them, without a suit, and falls to his death. This was both hilarious and tragic to witness.
Tools Used in Backpack
When doing construction or manufacturing, tools in my backpack are getting found/used. Aren't they only supposed to be used if they are in belt containers?
Fixed error introduced during gear changes. Tools will now only be considered ready if they are in a top-level gear slot or if they are inside a container that is carried at the waist.


What's new in this update?
Server Crash
Server crashed when an avatar switch from command chair to fire control console.
Fixed crash in client updater when console type changed in mid-update.
Server Crash
Two servers crashed when a city report was requested for a city that had no flags.
Fixed crash when city not stored in database yet when report requested.


What's new in this update?
Cursor Quirks
Cursor is quirky after the change to fix the building rotate bug.
Give it a try now.
Blue Roads
Someone reported roads were blue on an uninhabitable world until construction of a biodome was completed.
I have not observed this myself so a definite cause could not be found. Fixed an uninitialized variable that could potentially have caused this. Please try again.
Body Weapon Key Mapping Bug
Mapping a key to my special body weapon does not work. It selects the body part but not in it's special mode.
Item Key Mapping Bug
It is possible to select an invalid item mode using a mapped key. Select a weapon. Map it's weapon mode 2 to a key. Now replace that weapon with a non-weapon. Press the mapped key and the item appears selected but it does not work. The tiny '2' next to the icon shows it is in the wrong mode.
Current Item Select Bug
Map a key to the item in your hand. Drop that item and pick up a different item. The mapped key no longer restores the item as current.


What's new in this update?
Cannot Get On Motor Bike in Ship
A player was unable to get onto a motor bike in the hold of his ship.
This was caused by an inability to spot/target the motor bike. It turned out nothing could be targetted in the ship, including the ship itself. This was due to a bug caused by a ringworld around a companion star in the same system. This bug is fixed.
Biodome Grass Explosion
Built a biodome on the moon. Suddenly everything was textured with grass until I relogged.
This bug was listed as fixed in the previous update. That code needed a bit more attention before it was right. It works correctly now.
No Plants in New Biodome
I built a biodome on an inferno world and there was no grass or plants inside until I relogged.
Cannot Rotate Buildings When Building Them
When building new buildings, they don't rotate in response to arrow keys until I click on the window.
Fixed. This also fixed a similar problem when first logging in to the game, where the movement keys did nothing until you clicked in the window.
Broken Henges
A few henges that were created in the first week of their existence had some bad data. They didn't work properly. The visible symptom was that the large slabs around the fire were missing.
Broken henges will be removed when the servers restart. The remaining henges will work properly.
Pirates Have Bad Armor
Pirates sometimes have armor that is not EVA capable. This makes killing them easy simply by holding  a door open on their ship.
Pirates will now always have EVA capable armor.


What's new in this update?
Biodome Grass Explosion
Built a biodome on the moon. Suddenly everything was textured with grass until I relogged.
Construction Lag Spikes
During construction of a city, there are persistent lag spikes every second or so. It's really obnoxious.
Crowds of Citizens
Citizens spawn when I am in a city. Sometimes it seems like there are more of them than the city has population.
Gear Disappears
Gear items disappear at random. This will do it every time. Fire a pistol. Reload it. Switch to a rifle. Fire the rifle. Reload it. The pistol vanishes from the gear tree. It comes back when I relog.
Keys for Body Parts
Key mapping for body weapons no longer works.
Module Won't Fit Into Crate
Modules are the same size as a crate but they won't fit inside.
No Undersea Enclosure
Some undersea cities never seem to get an enclosure.


What's new in this update?
Helmet on Face
Why does 'face' show up as a valid location for a helmet?
Unit Cothing and Armor
Try changing unit clothing or armor. It's messed up.
Multiple Crew At Same Station
Multiple crew members were manning the same station.
Fixed pending testing.
Animal Fragment Shader Error
The fragment shader 'AuGLSLAnimal' fails to compile on some computers. This is a critical problem.
That shader uses a small array of textures. I forgot to create a version that did not use variable array indexes. Please try again.
If you have been unable to login for the past two weeks due to this error, please let me know. I will credit your account with two weeks of time.
Unpopulated City Reports Incorrect Zone
Cities with no population incorrectly report themselves to be in resource zone 1.
Out of Control Rats
Rats are reported to be too much of a nuisance.
Number of rats reduced. You should not have large numbers of rats on your ship any more, only one or two at a time.
Frequency of rat encounters reduced. The probability of a rat encounter was reduced quite a bit. They should spawn less often now.
Mission order to exterminate rats added.
Gear Tree Collapses
Whenever I do anything with tree items in the gear tree, they collapse closed again. This is annoying.


What's new in this update?
Name Specie Broken
The button on the Thoughts comm channel to name the last creature I spotted does not do anything.
Demi Cannot Control Console
Demiavatars cannot click on consoles while they are still children. Key commands work fine. Console buttons work after they are fully grown.
Design Studio Buttons Broken
Buttons in the design studio don't do anything. Changing system modules does nothing also.
Pilot Flies Away
My ship is ordered to orbit over the city. It stops next to the station. I go EVA. The ship maneuvers away. I move closer to it. It moves away. :^|
Design Environment Body Spin
My body spins when I look up and down in the design environment, like when EVA in space. This is very confusing.


What's new in this update?
Standard Channels Icon Sizes
The window to open a standard channel should make all the icons the same size. The Hail channel icon is big.
Selfie Missing
The selfie button is gone from the personal gear window.
The Bio window Avatar page now shows an image of your avatar. The selfie button is there.
Inspect Item Window
Inspect item window wasn't quite finished when I posted the update yesterday.
Fixed frequent crash using item inspect window.
Fixed sound corruption caused by using item inspect window.
Fixed initial view positioning of item in inspect window.
Kanji Names
Names with Kanji characters are not accepted by the game.
Christen Ship Bug
Christen a ship and the name doesn't seem to change everywhere but it is changed. Some time later its all ok.


Gear Right-Click Menu
Right click menu was sure nice in inventory.
Gear Double-Click to Use
I miss using double-click to use an item.
Gear Drag off Window to Drop
It was handy to drag things off the inventory window to drop them.
Done. Beware the selected item likes to changes as the cursor leaves the window.


What's new in this update?
Server Deadlock
Server deadlocked during the weekend.
Fixed mutex deadlock.
Specie Name Missing from Gear
Gear items with DNA show their generic name, not the name assigned to the specie.
Inspect Item
Inspect item should show a 3D image of the item.
Done. Wheel and Ctrl+wheel to zoom; right-click drag to pan; left-click drag to rotate.
Key Mappings for Gear Broken
Key mappings for selecting gear are broken. You can set them but then they are messed up later.
Fixed an ambiguity in selecting current item introduced during gear changes. All current mappings lost. You will have to remap your items (e.g. Alt+1 to map current item to 1 key.)
Unit Gear Buggy
I changed the current weapon of one of my crew and his new weapon became a sack of flour.
Fixed unit orders UI to ignore non-weapons in hand. The odd item was whatever random item the crewman had in his other hand.
Crew Has no Suits
I loaded a fresh crew. They have helmets and clothes but no suits.
Fixed a bug that caused them to select a suit, then replace it with clothing.


What's new in this update? Server update only.
Containers Broken
Contents of containers created before the last update are no longer accessible. Since you cannot access the contents, these containers appear to absorb whatever is put into them.
Fixed. They should be ok now. I overlooked conversion of a data structure. Luckily it simply became inaccessible and did not break anything.


What's new in this update?
Personal Gear
Personal inventory interface is clunky, inefficient to work with. This was recently pointed out in the forum by two of my favorite critics. Keep it up friends; the squeeking wheel gets the oil, right?
Gear WindowWhat might have seemed like a simple user interface change turned into a gigantic amount of work. It was an opportunity to make improvements. It was the oldest user interface object in the game and the code showed it.

Here is the result of the changes. Refer to the picture for some of these. (What? A picture?)
  • This change affects the personal gear of avatars and AI dudes. Sea chests, cargo aboard ships, and inventory of cities is unaffected.
  • Please report anything that seems odd related to your gear or the gear of your dudes.
  • Generally switched from the terms 'inventory' or 'equipment' to the term 'gear'. It's simpler and easier to type.
  • With luck,  all existing gear was converted successfully. I tested this with three levels of containers inside of containers.
  • Top box is your crono account balance. See tooltips for details.
  • Next two boxes are armor factors and burden. See tooltips for details.
  • Row of tiny icons moves a selected item to a new empty top-level location. When you select an item, buttons appear for all the places on your body that the item could be placed. The buttons are grey if no empty slots of that type are available.
  • Row of larger icons changes according to the selected item.
    • First button is always hand craft.
    • Middle buttons are generally Use, Name Specie, Inscribe, and Inspect.
    • Last button is always drop.
    • See tooltips for details.
  • Tree control shows all your gear. Columns are...
    • Item icon
    • Item name
    • Item size in pack units. Containers show their size above the combined size of the items inside it.
    • Item weight in kilograms. Weight of containers includes their contents.
    • Body position where the item is carried or worn.
  • Item volume is measured in pack units. The size in pack units is literally the number of grid squares the item used to occupy in a container. Likewise, containers express their inside volume in pack units, which equals the total grid squares of inside space they used to offer. This made the transition easier for various reasons.
    • Item data in the database already contains grid size values as a rough approximation of their size in a pack. It does not currently contain actual volume information.
    • Grid squares to pack units was an easy 1:1 conversion of the existing data.
  • Containers no longer apply dimension limits to contained items, as previously imposed by the grid. They just have a total number of pack units of inside space.
  • Generally you can do pretty much anything to items inside of containers that you can to top level items. This is not true of items inside of containers that are inside of containers. Those nested containers need to be pulled out to work with their contents.
  • Current selected item is not the same as your current item in hand. These are independent of each other. That means you could have your med kit ready to go on the gear window with one button hit, something requested.
  • There is no more right-click popup menu for anything on the gear window.
  • To move an item into a container, click and drag it to the destination container.
  • To move an item to a top level location, select it and press a button for the type of top level location to move it to.
  • There are nine types of top level body locations. Here is how many of these slots you currently have and how many are planned when the new creature DNA changes are complete.
    • Body - Carry location for one item, such as a backpack. You can currently carry one item on your body. Planned limit is one, maybe two if you have a two-section torso, like a centaur.
    • Body Wear - Wear location for clothing and armor. You can currently wear one of each. This is the planned limit.
    • Digit - Fingers and toes. You currently have four of these. Planned limit is one per limb.
    • Face - Wear location for masks, glasses, pipes, e-cigs, etc. that can be worn inside a helmet. There is no equipment that goes here at present. Planned limit represents a single face, even if you have multiple faces.
    • Hand - Carry location for items in hand. Currently two. Planned limit is one per actual hand-like appendage, minimum of one.
    • Head - Wear location for hats and helmets. You can currently wear one of each though there are no hats at present. Planned limit is one even if you have multiple heads (I'm not ready to deal with different armor on different heads.)
    • Limb - Wear location for items on your arms and legs. Currently 4. Planned limit is one per limb.
    • Neck - Wear location for items on your neck. Currently 1. Planned limit is one if you have a neck but not more even if you have multiple necks.
    • Waist - Carry location for items at your waist. Currently 4. Maximum size item that can be carried here is 15, matching previous back waist slot size in grid squares. This is the planned limit.


What's new in this update?
Manufacturing Atmospheric Commodities Broken
Processes that extract commodities from the atmosphere are broken or work intermittently.
Fixed a bug that caused atmospheric processes to fail when it was dark.
Bright Green Crew and Consoles
Sometimes the crew appears bright green, as does the consoles they occupy.
Captured Spacecraft Mission
Captured spacecraft mission remains active, which can cause problems.
Spacecraft mission is now deactivated upon capture.
Road Construction On Moon
Unable to construct roads between low and high areas of moons.
Fixed a bug in the terrain test that rejected the road when it thought it breached the sea surface, without check to see if there was a sea.
Creature Revamp
Creature revamp is in progress. A report of current status with screen shots can be found here.
Creature Revamp Status Update
Design Studio Crash
Bump into a wall in the building designer and the program crashes.
Design Studio Gravity
Sometimes gravity would be handy in the design studio.
Added a button to turn gravity on/off in the design environment. You fall to the design plane, or snap up to it if below it.


What's new in this update?
Server Crash
Two servers crashed during the weekend.
A random crash has been afflicting the servers for some time. In one of those AHA! moments, I finally spotted the cause of this crash. Some code was modifying the roster of a ship without locking the lock that guarded it. This is the primary reason for the server restart today.
Spastic Citizens
I told the officer of my ship to report to me in the lounge. It was painful watching him walk, wiggling and shaking, running into the wall. It seemed much worse than the usual dumb AI dude stuck in a wall.
Fixed a bug introduced by the terrain orientation change.
Away Team Runs Off
I usually don't take an away team when I beam down because they always end up running off chasing a bird.
AI no longer chases flying targets if they themselves cannot fly.
AI no longer chases swimming targets if they themselves are not already in the water.
AI no longer chases submerged targets if they themselves are not already under water.
Even when they do not chase, they will still shoot at those targets if they get within range.
Recommended posture for away team is Defend Area so animals must be close to get their attention.


What's new in this update?
Ruthless Pirates
Pirates are supposed to stop shooting if I stand down. I stood down like a good boy. They got done looting my ship and opened fire. What gives?
This should be fixed now. Testing is needed. Previously if you had damaged them before standing down, they would resume attacking because you damaged their ship. Now they forgive the damage if you let them loot you.
Repeating Story Blocks
Parts of the story repeat. Sometimes the results break the story.
Fixed a bug that was causing a minor rollback of the story at random times.
No Explosives in Story
The story talks about an explosive device. Where is it?
Fixed item decay code. I thought it was excluding story items but it wasn't so items not in anyone's scene were decaying quickly, including story items.
Spacecraft Orientation Bug
Spacecraft orientation is broken since a recent update. Ships are difficult or impossible to fly in an atmosphere.
Story Errors
I witnessed several story errors that were perplexing. I will omit the details to avoid spoiling the story.
Fixed most every weird story bug that I observed. There is one left on my list but it is not severe.
Item Sound Bug
If an item in your hand is making sound when you go through a wormhole, you are stuck with that sound until you restart the client.
Story Character DNA Bug
Story characters who are supposed to have DNA that matches the indigenous are sometimes incorrect.
Fixed error when you were not in the vicinity of the character's world when they were created.
Officer Hello
Someone suggested it would be nice if officers would tell you where they are from when you talk to them.
When you initiate a conversation with an officer, you will now get a brief sentence about it's home world.


What's new in this update?
Server Deadlock
Server deadlocks sometimes while using my new function to test for being in the margin areas of buildings and roads.
Shooting Stars Mouse Grab
I restart SoH a lot to test things. It drives me crazy when the shooting stars screen is frozen, yet some thread is alive enough to make sure my mouse can't depart the window.
Much better now.
Can't Swim in Biodome
I can't swim in the water in a biodome. I just fall to the bottom like there's no water there.
Confusing Navigator
On a ship with two bridges, officer tells SN Jobob to plot a course to somewhere. SN Ixlebatwig answers that they have set the course. Which one is it?
Resend Story Block
There is a button on the Jobs window that says it resends the current story block. It never does anything.
Button removed.
Citizens are Wasted
The current strategy for spawning citizen workers in the town does not work. It results in many many workers spread all over large cities where nobody sees them. When you do see them, they usually teleport away before you can talk to them. This is a waste of resources that could be put to better use.
Completely trashed the old code for spawning citizens in cities. It is now much more like the way indigenous village encounters occur.
Citizens now spawn within a short distance of you when the city has a population.
Only a few citizens spawn in an area, not zillions.
The number of citizens that will spawn is limited by the current population of the city.
Citizens will not spawn if the city is under attack.
Citizen Opinions
Citizens seem to have a strong opinion about things. They express it if you say hello to them first. If they say hello to you first, they do not express their opinion. You have to be quick if you want to find out what the locals think of their empire.
Citizens may now express their opinion when you initiate a conversation or when they initiate a conversation. They do not do this every time.


What's new in this update?
Drive Down Hill Bug
Driving a motor bike down hill on an enclosed road section is buggy.
Orientation to Terrain
Objects instantly orient to changes in terrain angle. This causes vehicles to grip the ground like they are driving on carpet with velcro tires.
All moving objects now have an angular momentum value that determines the speed their rotation changes when orienting to terrain.
Vehicles now jump easier when going over the top of a hill.
Crossing those "bumpy" intersections of roads and buildings is a lot smoother. You usually get past them before your avatar or the vehicle has time to rotate to a wacky angle.
Deadly Ditches and Water Walls
The margins along the sides of roads and between buildings in a harsh environment are airless and deadly. In under sea cities, those spaces seem to be full of water, as if you are stepping through a wall of water when moving from a building to the road. It's extra annoying in under sea cities because your dude goes prone to swim then flops to the floor.
Under Sea Construction Tool Tips
Tool tips on construction window do not mention under sea construction.
Ambient Lighting Error
There is an ambient lighting error on vehicles and other objects. As the sun sets, they appear to glow. Other times they stay dark while the sun rises.
Fixed cached sunlight value that was not being updated as the sunlight changed.
Opaque Windshield
The windshields of vehicles are opaque on ringworlds, but only when their headlights are on. Similarly, items that are normally transparent, like preons, are opaque on ringworlds.
Free Look Bug
When inside an enclosed vehicle in primeval world mode I cannot look around with the mouse. My eye camera is locked into the angle it was when I entered the vehicle.
Primeval Indigenous
Indigenous people showed up in primeval world. I can't talk to them, otherwise they appear to be fine.
Implemented comm in primeval world, voice channel only.
You can now talk to the indigenous and trade with them.
You also respawn in the village when you die.
Relic Story
Lots of people have finished the first two chapters of the Relic story but have not gotten the next chapter.
Relaxed the conditions that enable the third chapter to start.


What's new in this update?
Solar Power Sunlight Component
Solar power consumes one unit of sunlight to produce power. Someone suggested it should simply be required.
Changed. Existing power plants running the process will probably not change until someone fiddles with it.
Empire vs System Backwards
"Empire A spacecraft were spotted in the B system." A and B are backward.
Flying Tepees
The tepees at an indigenous camp on a hill were hovering above the ground or oriented incorrectly to the ground.
Audio Error
Audio error causes a person at a building to be inaudible to someone standing on the adjacent street.
Officer Log "Made In" Bug
Officer log shows cargo. It all says "Made in <blank>".
Under Sea Natural Resources
Under sea cities should not be able to generate wind or solar power.
Under sea manufacturing process can no longer fetch sunlight, wind, or any atmospheric resource.
Sunken Sailboats
Sailboat in the sea above an under sea city. Server restarts. Sailboat is sitting on the pavement in the under sea city.
Blue Farm Plants
Farm plants in under sea city should not get blue water fog effect.
No Plants in Under Sea Biodome
Under sea biodomes do not have grass, shrubs or trees.
Big Commodity Icons
Commodity icons on various reports are still sized incorrectly.
Flammable Rocks
Rocks aren't really needed to make a fire. Why are they part of the process?
Oops. Fire now has two processes: one of them uses a single log; the other uses two hay, the product of picking most plants.
Home Village
Deantwo made a fantastic suggestion regarding initial emperor spawn. This is the result.
New emperor initially spawns in an indigenous village.
New emperor who has not made a town square spawns in the village upon death.
New emperor no longer has "Garden of Eden" protection from wild animals.
Targoss Empire
Targoss appears while I am in the village. Why is he part of my empire?
Targoss no longer has an empire, just like the indigenous. You might not have one for long. Why not start without an empire because you can create one after you get into the game. It would eliminate a page when creating a new emperor.
Spacecraft Fog Error
Swimming in the sea, looking down at an under sea biodome. Everything is blue due to sea fog effect, except the spacecraft sitting in the dome, which is bright and clear.
Fixed fog parameter error in spacecraft rendering. This was not confined to under sea rendering; it just was not as noticeable when the ship was missing the atmospheric fog. Ships would have shown up clearly when things near them were hazy due to depth fog.
Boats Boats Boats
Boats are spawning on top of each other, enabling gigantic piles of sailboats and submarines to accumulate. This causes crippling lag.
Fixed error determining if spawn location is clear, introduced when working on under sea ship yards. I will remove all excess vehicles before restarting the servers, that means all vehicles with nobody/nothing in them.
Blue Dome in Vehicle
Riding in a vehicle in an under sea city, the interior of the biodome was blue with sea fog effect.
Sea Depth Effect on Sunlight
Sunlight does not drop off nicely as you go down in the water. There is still something broken about that calculation.
Fixed. Sunlight reaches complete darkness at 250m. According to NOAA, that should be 1000m. SoH seas never get that deep so there could never be midnight darkness sea water if I used 1000m.


Fighters Fighters Fighters
Land vehicles are now spawning like crazy in tight piles. What happened?
Calculation for placement on terrain was incorrect. The result caused some vehicles to think they were underground. Vehicle spawn was ignoring underground units.
No Wild Animals
I have not seen wild animals for a while. Force spawned dozens of animals. Nothing. Found them in orbit, turning to meat and raining down on the world.
Calculation for initial altitude of wild animal encounters was incorrect, off by the radius of the planet.


What's new in this update?
Under Sea Sudden Darkness
At some depth in the sea, the lights go out like somebody switched them off.
Under Sea City Rendering Errors
Various rendering errors cause blinking or incorrect fogging on under sea cities.
Fixed. Not perfect but much much better.
Under Sea City Top Down View
Top down view is not helpful when building under sea cities.
Try it now. :D


What's new in this update?
Citizen Conversation Bug
I said hello to a townsperson. They answered but did not give me the usual options to get more information.
Fixed error introduced while fixing story message scope error in the previous update.
Say "Hello" to Hail
It would be handy if typing "hello" as a chat message would initiate conversation with locals.
Done. If you type hello (case insensitive) they will respond as if you hit the Hail button.
Auto Park Broken
Vehicles do not automatically park themselves in vehicle bays like they are supposed to.
Fixed. An unparked vehicle that is already motionless may need to be moved once to get it to autopark. To autopark, the following conditions must be true:
  • Vehicle is at rest in a vehicle bay.
  • Vehicle bay has an empty parking spot for that kind of vehicle.
  • Vehicle has no person on line in a seat that controls the vehicle.
Under Sea Construction
Many people have requested the ability to build cities under the sea.
Under sea city construction is now possible. Here are the details:
  • Cities can be built in seas of water and supercooled liquid.
  • Under sea cities are enclosed like cities in unbreathable atmospheres. The enclosure beams and columns are much thicker and textured with a coarse concrete pattern.
  • Town square can be built in the sea if the water is deep enough.
  • Roads can be built in the sea if the water is deep enough. They cannot transition between above water and below water. Cities under the sea cannot be connected by road to cities on land.
  • Buildings can be built in the sea if the water is deep enough for the harsh environment enclosure. The height of the enclosure is tall enough to fit the tallest building of that type made from its current material, just like on moons. That means the material will affect the minimum water depth required for each building.
  • Biodomes can be built in the sea if the top of the dome does not breach the surface of the sea.
  • Ship yards will spawn submarines just above the building, within the bounds of the building site.
  • Wharfs will produce fish and they will connect under sea cities with other cities that have a wharf.
  • Under sea cities are treated like other cities in an airless environment. Air must be imported/manufactured.
  • Spacecraft will land at the airport of an under sea city. If the tarmac is not enclosed, they will probably suffer a lot of damage from the sea while sitting there.
  • Under sea weapon bases cannot fire.
  • Beaming to/from an under sea city with a transporter works.
  • Spacecraft cannot fire bay weapons at under sea targets.
  • Under sea units are not detected on sensors.
  • Under sea construction requires extra materials: stone, metal and plastic.
  • Environment suit now protects vs supercooled liquid to enable construction under frigid seas.
  • Top down view has limited usefulness unless you are in really deep water. This will probably not change.
  • Every single possibility has not been tested. Don't be surprised if you see a bug.
  • Tool tips on the construction window need updating.
Enclosure Too Short For Ships
Harsh environment enclosure is too short for a ship with five decks. That's the maximum size that can spawn on the ground. It was supposed to fit inside the enclosure.
Fixed. Bigger ships stick out the top but they aren't really supposed to land anyway. Those things should stay in orbit and use transporters.


What's new in this update?
Story Block Repeats Story blocks repeat. Besides being annoying, this causes problems when it spawns multiple enemy spacecraft atop each other, and similar problems.
Fixed unitialized variable in story block sequencer.
Autodim Lights
It is convenient that my light autodims when I enter a spacecraft or building. It is strange when it autodims due to entry into the enclosure around a building in a harsh environment.
Fixed. Lights must be inside the building or spacecraft to autodim.
Camp Fire Area Not Safe
The area around a camp fire is not safe. Animals attack avatars and indigenous there. I stood in a village and watched the helpless villagers get slaughtered by all sorts of flying and crawling things.
Animals are supposed to ignore creatures near fires and tents. They were ignoring prey but not threats. This is fixed.
Audible Objects in Hand
Some objects make noise. Avatar object in hand does not use the nice self-contained code that items have for making their own sounds.
Eliminated old code for making noise from your torch or lamp.
Item in hand now makes appropriate noise, even for AI citizens. e.g. You will now hear Targoss' torch.
Rendering resource leak discovered and fixed in the process of doing this.
Lamp and torch no longer make noise unless they are your current item in hand.
Xian Misunderstanding
Xian wanted to see the knife. A player dropped it on the ground for her. That's not what she wants, leading to confusion.
Xian now notices if the knife is on the ground and tells you what to do.
Officer Log Big Icons
Commodity icons that appear in mail from officers is not constrained to a uniform size. You can get big and little icons of things.
Fixed. Hunted down all html that was displaying icons and gave it a style attribute for size.
Lennerd Dies With Ring
Lennerd can be killed while he has the ring. This breaks the story because he never drops it. The player has to kill the story and let it restart.
Fixed. Lennerd now drops the ring if he has it when he dies.
Dr. Bones Wild Ride
Orders to orbit a planet usually end with a sickening few seconds of gyrations while the pilot jockeys the ship around at the end. A player said to me once, "Get me off Dr. Bones wild ride." I think that's what he was referring to.
Fixed navigator error introduced during threading changes. I can't imagine how many innocent pilots were summarily executed for this. I lost count of my own. I may have to shoot my navigator just for good measure.
Healer Should Mention He Heals
If you talk to the healer in a village when you are not injured, you might never know that he can heal you.
Healer now mentions his ability to heal.
Defoliate Ceremony
The ceremony of life sometimes gets held in a location choked with plants. You can't see anything that's going on.
The area of the ceremony is now always cleared of shrubs and trees and the grass is mowed.
Story Resend
The Resend button on the Jobs window is horribly broken. It's supposed to send me any communications in the current story block, so I can read them again. It actually executes the current story block over again. D:
Audibility Indicator
Recently, the audibility indicator was added due to story characters appearing randomly around me and talking. Unfortunately, chat from story characters does not trigger the audibility indicator.
Fixed scope error in messages sent by the story engine.
Story Memory Leak
Story engine leaks a tiny amount of memory during its database update.


What's new in this update?
I forgot to update a key version number before restarting servers and posting clients. Be sure to get the latest client update using the Launcher because the out-of-date client will not notify you that it needs to be updated. It's not super critical but your client could eventually crash or fail to display an object correctly.
Server Deadlock
Server deadlocks if you talk to a village elder.
A certain branch of conversation failed to release a lock. It is fixed.
Relic, what happens next?
The next chapter of the Relic storyline is now posted. Prepare to learn something about the game that you likely did not know. Even old timers will be surprised.

I truly hope you enjoy the story, because there's more of that kind of thing to come. In many ways, more than ever before, this update exemplifies the reason Shores of Hazeron was made.

For those who get there first, please, do not spoil it for those who will follow in your footsteps.

Update: I have tested this quite a lot of times. There have been a very few times where something or other caused the story to break. When that happens, it won't finish or proceed. If that happens you can just drop the story. It will restart until it is completed.
Story Engine Bug
While working on updates to the story engine, I discovered that active story state information was not being stored/restored properly.
Fixed. I'm not sure what symptom you might see fixed. In the new story segment, it caused problems.


What's new in this update?
Indigenous Spawn Altitude
Spawn altitude of new indigenous is not calculated properly. This is most noticeable when they are a flying race because they glide away and land somewhere unexpected.
Citizen Attitude Toward Empire
It would be handy if there was a way to determine the loyalty of the local citizens in a city, perhaps by talking to them.
Say hello to them. They will now respond with a statement that give information about occupation, neglect, and loyalty.
AI Weapons Broken
I saw several crewman armed with boxes of ammunition.
Fixed. AI already equipped in this manner will not be fixed. You'll have to fiddle with their equipment.
Voice Audibility
Some indication of direction and audibility of voice communications would be handy.
  • Voice channel messages now give a visual indication of direction and loudness. A white spot appears and fades away. It uses the incoming hit effect, so when you see it you aren't being attacked. Size of the spot is determined by loudness.
  • In the last 20% of the avatar's hearing range, voice messages are unintelligible so you get the visual indication only, not the text.
  • Hearing range for creatures is based on ear size: 25m, 35m, 45m and 55m. This is not new, just didn't affect avatars before. This is based on speaking at conversational loudness, not shouting or whispering. says 20m.
Indigenous DNA
Green zone habitable worlds cannot generate indigenous encounters without indigenous DNA. That is currently not established until the first city is built. If the world has indigenous people, I want to meet them before I build a city there. It could enable me to avoid the alien invader penalty.
When an encounter with indigenous natives is triggered on a world with no indigenous DNA, the DNA of the avatar who triggered the encounter is now used and it establishes the indigenous DNA of the world.
Teleport Bug
Destination portal location was on the wrong planet. D:
Build by Town Square Bug
I can not build buildings next to the town square. Only roads can be built there. I thought the town square was supposed to count as a road.


What's new in this update? Server Update Only
Indigenous encounters got a few tweaks.
  • Relaxed conditions that enable encounters with indigenous to occur.
  • Conversation limited to a few responses.
  • Misc. other bugs fixed and minor adjustments.


Indigenous Directions Wrap Bug
Discovered that the directions given to geological sites on a ringworld were incorrect. The direction assumed wraparound at 180 degrees like on a globe, so it would tell you the wrong direction if you were more than 180 degrees of longitude away from the geological feature.
Indigenous Short Distance is Pretty Far
Indigenous says a geological feature is a short distance away. It was a long way away.
Now when they say it's a short distance away, it is within 1km.
They will say it is less than 10km if that is the case.
They will round the distance to 10km increments if it is less than 100km.
More than 100km and they will say it is a great distance in some general direction.
Indigenous Directions Angle Wrong
Indigenous direction angles were skewed on ringworlds by the aspect ratio of the ringworld. So, for example, a northeast direction was almost due east.


What's new in this update?
No Drop Item Bug
Items can be flagged as 'no drop' items. The death code is backward on how it treats this flag.
Sliding Bones
While standing on a hill, after killing some animals, a bone came sliding past. A little while later, it slid past going the other direction.
Direction of Rotation
It would be nice if the world map showed the direction of planetary rotation.
Done. Someone asked for this a long time ago.
Indigenous Encounters
It would be nice to see indigenous people once in a while, to be reminded they are there.
Done. This was a lot of work and it is now off to a good start. Like other things, it can/will improve over time.


What's new in this update?
Spacecraft Says "Hello"
Spacecraft lands at an airport. When it hails the city, it says "Hello". This is because the default hail message says "Hello" when sent at close range, like on the Voice channel. Well that's also the range that ships call the city when they are sitting at the airport.
  • Voice channel range now differs from close range in that an audibility test is made between the speaker and the listener.
    • You can no longer hear someone on the Voice channel when in space, or when you and the speaker are separated by vacuum.
    • Audibility range is reduced by being inside buildings, spacecraft or vehicles.
  • On non-Voice channels, close range is not checked for audibility.
  • Close range messages on non-Voice channels now show a range icon that looks like a walkie-talkie or cell phone.
  • Audible range messages on Voice channel show the person's head icon that used to be seen on all close range messages.
  • Audible hail on voice channel now says "Hello".
  • Hail on other channels sends the standard hail request.
Biodome Bug
I logged in on a ship in orbit over a world. Flew to another world with a biodome. Beamed down. The ground in the biodome had no grass and the wind sound was not suppressed. Relogged and everything was ok.
Fixed cache update bug on worlds with biodomes.
Server Crash
Server crashed when an AI dude called out his mission order.
Down Hill Movement Bug
When I walk or run down hill, my dude bobs and hops and movement is jerky.
Things that float are not buoyant. They just snap to the water surface.
  • Added buoyancy to things so they will float up rather than being positioned at the surface instantly.
  • Now your space fighter will dive under water when you splash down but then the fighter will float to the surface.
  • Sail boats tend to get thrown high in the air if you drop them into the sea from orbit.
  • Farm machinery no longer floats.
  • Now an underwater pressurized slab is needed to park my fighter. ;^D
Swimming is Difficult
Swimming is difficult. It is very hard to swim at the surface and not drown.
  • Relaxed the criteria for determining if your mouth was above water.
  • Gave non-aquatic and non-amphibious creatures a body density of .98 compared to the density of water. This is what Wikipedia says the density should be.
  • Avatars are not aquatic or amphibious so all avatars will have a body density of .98.
  • This gives you a little buoyancy so your body has a slight tendency to float upward, just enough to make swimming upward easier than downward, but not enough to float upward uncontrollably.
Pick Up Teepee
The teepee is too big to pick up. Can't I fold it up?
  • Teepee can now be picked up.
  • It takes 3x8 squares, half the space of a backpack.
  • It weighs 50lb.
Teepee for Shelter
Teepee should provide shelter from wild animals.
  • Wild animals will no longer see/hear/smell threats, prey or food that are inside a teepee or fire pit.
  • Wild animals will no longer see/hear/smell threats or prey that are near a teepee or fire pit.
  • Wild animals will pursue threats or prey into the area of a teepee or fire pit.
Fire To Ward Off Animals
Fire pits should keep wild animals away.
Wild animals now view fire pits as dangerous. They may then decide to run away.
Weedy Flower Pots
I dropped an empty flower pot on the ground. It had some kind of plants growing it in but said it was not planted.
Gigacell Model
The gigacell does not have a 3D model, shows up as the default grey cube.
Used model of gigacell from laser pistol/laser rifle models.
City Report Icon Size
Commodity icons are not all the same size. This causes the city report to look bad.
Applied an html style option that should fix this. Waiting to see the result.
Sub Lights
Submarine lights are not very bright.
Increased brightness and dispersion angle of lights on submarine.
Sub Seat Change
The command to change seats in the sub repeats. It's difficult to get to the seat you want.
Dismounted Vehicle Stops
When I exit a moving vehicle it stops for a few seconds, then goes.
Water Depth Bug
Creatures sometimes walk on water, or belly crawl at the surface.
Fixed a water depth calculation error.
Motor Bike Grips Terrain
Motor bike grips terrain like glue when you go over hills. Seems like you should catch air more often.
This is improved but not perfect. Vehicles don't cling to the ground quite so tightly now. In fact they don't cling to the ground at all, it's just a result of them aligning themselves to the terrain as they move.
Drop Item Rotate
Most items stop on the ground at the angle I am facing when I drop them. This is very predictable. Some items do not do this, like leather, weapons, and knife to name a few. They always align to the same direction, which looks weird, and it cannot be controlled.
This one was real brain damage to fix. Several bugs contributed to this insanity.
Persistent Targoss
Targoss is very persistent. He follows me even after I drop the story.
Story characters now stop what they are doing when their story is no longer active. However, it can take them a while to notice their story is no longer active.
Nebula Colors
Nebula color calculation has a bug. Are they all yellow?
Fixed. This will cause a noticeable color change for some nebulae, no change for others.
Health Bars on Buildings
Top down view should show a health bar on each building.
  • Health bars are now shown on buildings that can be damaged. Parks, town square, and mines do not have health bars.
  • Health bars are red for buildings that are on fire.
  • Health bars are amber for buildings with less than 25% health.
  • Health bars are green for non-burning buildings with 25% or more health remaining.
Health of Buildings
Adding health bars to buildings revealed a gigantic difference between the lowest and highest possible hit points. When just scaled enough so a one-story house has a tiny sliver of a health bar, some buildings would have a health bar that was so long it went off the screen.
  • Changed the hp increase due to materials. Building materials now add 20% more hit points at each level of improvement. Previously this was around 10x. The order for this is Lumber, Rough Logs, Stone, Metal, Magmium, then Vulcium.
  • Change the hp increase due to multiple stories. It is no longer linear, so a 32 story building does not have 32x the hit points of a one story building.
Targoss Ignores Me
Targoss is talking to me but he seems to be ignoring me. He looks around at other stuff.
Fixed deprecated story functions to establish the interlocutor like the newer story functions.
Too Much Gravel
The rocks flying through space for sense-of-motion effect are a bit much.
  • Reduced the size of those rocks.
  • Modulated the quantity of those rocks according to nebula density. In the heart of a nebula, there is lots of gravel. In empty space, gravel is sparse.


Creeping Dudes
Avatars and citizens creep slowly across the terrain while standing on the level portion of a building site.
Sailboat Stops
The sailboat stops when I switch to a non-controlling passenger position.


What's new in this update?
Avatars By Empire
It would be nice if the avatars by empire web page showed the immigration policy of the empire.
Server Deadlock
Server deadlocked when someone built a biodome.
Fixed deadlock situation that could also strike under other circumstances. Sure enough, it struck again this morning (Sunday) when someone built some other kind of building.
Life Support Gravity
It was suggested that the artificial gravity inside a spacecraft should be controlled by the life support system, not the maneuver drive system.
Agreed. It is changed. The times when the interior of a spacecraft has no gravity will be far less now, since life support is almost always operating.
Repair More Parts With High Tech Tools
It would be handy if higher tech level tools would repair more parts per go, when performing manual repairs to a ship.
  • Tools now repair 1 to 6 parts per go. The formula is: parts = log2(tech level) + 1
  • Multiple part repair only happens when the parts are drawn from the hold.
  • Tools only repair one part when getting the part from your personal inventory.
  • This counts as one usage of the tool, for tool wear calculations.
Minimum Body CG Too High For Snakes
It is impossible to use very low bodies as avatars, due to the minimum center of gravity height restriction.
  • Reduced the minimum CG height for an avatar body to 1.5". Minimum eye camera height is still 6". This cannot be zero or the eye camera clips into the terrain and you see the broken-looking world below.
  • Bodies with a very low CG will not be able to walk into the side door of a spacecraft sitting on the ground because ships hover above the ground; that was the primary reason for the old height minimum. Due to high gravity worlds, you cannot depend on being able to jump into that doorway. Likewise, airless worlds can make it impossible to fly in there.
  • Very low CG bodies will depend on a ground level hatch so they can crawl under the ship and up through that hatch.
  • This is something that will likely be addressed when I revamp spacecraft designs, to provide ramps or stairs for low CG things.
Space Is Very Empty, Provides No Feeling of Motion
In Star Trek, they always have what looks like stars streaming by on the view screen. It always felt like they were cruising through space, going somewhere.
  • Added a visual effect of small rocks. They provide a nice "streaming particles" effect. They are harmless, never appearing very large on the screen.
  • There is a setting to turn this effect off.
Geek Note: The speed necessary to see real stars streaming by would be ludicrous, many orders of magnitude faster than the speed that warp 9 is supposed to represent in Star Trek, yet they depicted streaming stars on their view screen during all routine maneuvers. Warp 9 in SoH is 5x the speed of Star Trek's warp 9 yet the stars in the highly compressed universe of Hazeron barely move at that speed.

Nebula Settings Bug
When the sky box is disabled and the nebula cloud effect is enabled, the cloud effect is never visible.


What's new in this update?
Ship Repair Snafu
Ship repair bug revealed a problem that could affect other AI decisions.
Made a slight change to the AI code to insure that important decisions get executed, instead of deciding to do something else.
Nebula Cloud Alpha
Nebula cloud alpha is too transparent at the fringes. Creates faint glow patches that aren't worth painting.
Adjusted nebula cloud alpha.
Nebula Cloud "Pop"
In lower density areas of a nebula cloud, the blended splotches of cloudiness disappear suddenly, like a bubble popping. It is disturbing to the eyes.
Fixed fade out of those particles.
Fly Inverted
I want to see the planet when flying around it but my hull design blocks my view below.
  • Added a ship policy to control orientation of ship when flown by AI crew.
  • This only applies outside atmosphere range of a world, regardless of whether or not the world has an atmosphere.
  • Added mission order to tell a ship's officer to change this policy.
Empire Policy Button Icon
The icon on the empire policy button on the screen is a ship's captain icon. Should be the sceptre icon.


What's new in this update?
Server Deadlock
Server deadlocked when a rat tried to spawn in a city.
Nebula Cloud
Nebula cloud color does not match the nebula color painted on the backdrop.
  • The texture that was being used to paint the nebula was introducing a color shift, even though it was greyscale. I could not come up with a formula to calculate the same color result to make the cloud match.
  • Replaced the texture and the result is now consistent. Tried many textures and the result was consistent with all of them, except the one that was being used. :^/
  • The side-effect is that the nebula in your sky has been the wrong color all this time and may will appear quite different now.
Nebula Cloud Density
Nebula cloud density drop off is linear from the center of the nebula sector.
Changed the cloud density drop off to a sin curve, so it is dense in the center and stays dense longer, dropping off more sharply at the perimeter.
Nebula Cloud Texture
One of the textures used for the nebula cloud is too opaque.
Fixed. Made all nebula clouds more transparent.
Ship Repair Snafu
A ship on a trade route has an order to get repairs while landed. It goes through all the motions but it doesn't actually get repaired. If a person is on board, it works properly.
Changed the way an officer decides that the repair order has been accomplished. We'll see if the problem goes away, or gets worse.

It did get worse. I dug into the problem some more and found the cause of the officer's "forgetfulness". Let's see if he holds on to those short-term memories too persistently now.

Later Still...
Ok, even worse. The officer fixes the ship but gets stuck sequencing other thoughts. I am working on this. It will be fixed by tomorrow.
Don't Buy Story Items
City will buy story items that go away after the story is complete.
Cities will no longer buy items associated with an active story.
Targoss Story Broken
Server logs show that a Targoss story is broken, probably because it was already active when recent story changes were made. This may be causing a server deadlock.
Fixed I think, works fine on debug server farm. Will watch for those server log traces after the restart.


What's new in this update?
Nebula Cloud
Nebula pattern in the sky is nice but it never feels like I am in a nebula, just maybe near one.
Smoky nebula effect added. Density is based on a solar system's distance to the center of a nebula. It's pretty cloudy in the middle. There is a setting to turn this off.
City Under Attack By Dormant Pirates
A city was under attack by pirates that were found manning turrets aboard a ship in a hanger. Aren't ships in the hanger in some sort of dormant state?
Threading changes enabled crew aboard a dormant ship to remain active even though the ship was dormant. Made some changes that should prevent this from happening again.
Story Tweaks
Testing revealed a few minor problems with the story.


What's new in this update?
Story is needed.
Here is how this is going to work initially. Like everything, it will be fine tuned over time.
  • Storylines are presented in segments/scenes/chapters. Each chapter is short, easily playable in a single session.
  • Chapters start automatically when conditions permit. They have explicit conditions that enable them to start, including the first chapter of a new storyline.
  • Chapters form a continuous series, sort of like a comic book series that never ends, or episodes of a soap opera.
  • Only one chapter can be active at a time, though your current active chapter could be from any storyline.
  • When a chapter starts, a title appears that includes the name of the story and the name of the chapter. An unpredictable time span may pass between chapters. Conditions could enable a chapter of a different storyline to start in that time. The story title tips off the player what story is involved.
  • A chapter that ends unsuccessfully will restart automatically whenever conditions permit. Some chapters have a time interval between restarts.
  • A story you drop on the Jobs window is considered unfinished. It will restart when conditions and time interval permit.
  • Today's update presents the first two chapters of a storyline called Relic. I am not going to reveal the conditions that allow it to start. It occurs often enough that everyone will get this storyline soon enough.
  • My goal is to post a new chapter monthly. In time, enough chapters will accumulate that new players will be able to play through them for a while before catching up to me.
  • Please do not post spoilers on the forums or the wiki without clearly marking them as such. If you must do this, keep it to one spoiler per topic so a player looking for one single answer doesn't see all of them.
Story Objects
Stories can leave objects behind. This can be exploited.
Objects created by stories will quietly vanish from the universe. An exception is made for items explicitly permitted to persist after the story ends, like the torch from Targoss.
Story Engine 2.0
Story engine has lots of limitations.
Story engine got a significant overhaul this week. It's now much more powerful and extensible.
Flag of Hungary
Welcome new players from Hungary.
  • The flag of Hungary was added to the Pay to Play page.
  • We are back to getting the country of origin of new players. We were not receiving that information for a while. If your country's flag is not listed on the Pay to Play page, please send me a private post on the forum.


What's new in this update?
Bundle WAV Files
WAV files should be bundled into a binary blob, due to copyright issues.
Fire Pit Hit Box Huge
The hit box for the fire pit is huge. I can't fire over it to kill wild animals.
Fixed an error in the model file loader that caused extents to be calculated incorrectly when parts of the model have a transformation matrix applied to them.
Jumping Rings
I placed several preon rings on the ground. Every few seconds, one would randomly pop into the air a few centimeters. The townsperson standing there watching was doing the same thing, popping into the air a bit every few seconds.
Fixed an error that caused objects on developed areas to have a hard time returning to the at rest state. This also caused them to creep slowly across the ground.
Fire on Hill
Built a camp fire on a hill. The fire points out of the hill, not up with respect to gravity. Torches do the same thing.
Handcraft Window
Handcraft window initial positioning is borked.
Fire Sound
The camp fire should make sound.
Destroyed Item Effects
Destroyed items just disappear without a hit effect from my weapon. I shoot an item with my laser pistol and it just vanishes.
Teepee Backward
The teepee model is backward. When I make one, I should be facing out the door.
Ring Orientation
Ring orientation is backward when held in the right hand.
SQL Server Crash
SQL server crashed Sunday night.
Here's what happened:
  • Friday I fixed a bug that was causing data loss due to a failed SQL transaction.
  • During the time that error was active, the SQL server logged about 380Gb of error messages. I did not notice this.
  • Sunday night an archiver process went to archive the SQL log files. It used up all the remaining disk space and died.
  • From that point onward, until I started work Monday morning, the SQL server was unable to save any transactions to disk.
Boats at Bottom of Bay
I dived into the water at my shipyard. There were sailboats sitting on the bottom.
Ringworld Control Center Bug
I cannot stand on the raised platform at the ringworld control center. While I walk, I seem to be on top, but then I drop to the ground below when I stop moving.
Blue Sailboats
Some of the sailboats at my shipyard are blue.
Server Crash
Server crashed last night when a ship piloted by AI was in an unexpected place.


Item Tool Tips
Some people miss the detailed tooltips on items.
Detailed item tooltips restored.


What's new in this update?
Preon Ring TL
Preons can be harvested at TL24. Why are preon rings TL32?
Preon rings can now be manufactured at TL25.
Primitive Shelter
A primitive shelter is needed for encounters with indigenous people. Avatars should be able to hand craft them.
Added a primitive shelter. Look for Teepee in the hand craft list, requires 3 logs and 3 leather or textiles.
Terrain Error
A geological feature caused an incorrect terrain distortion.
Strange Random Rollbacks
Players reported strange rollback-ish behavior. Buildings reverting to old TL. Ships disappearing. Etc.
Fixed an error that was causing an SQL transaction to fail.
Item Icon Size Inconsistency
Commodity icons are different sizes on various windows that list them. This looks weird.
Item Icon Placement Inconsistency
The inspect item window puts the item icon on the right, scaled to the size it takes in a container. Other windows show similar item details but the formatting does not match.
Render Cull Bug
Items on the ground are sometimes culled too eagerly. They disappear when they should still be visible, really noticeable in the teepee if you stand inside and look up.


What's new in this update?
Camp Fire
I should be able to build a fire from logs.
A fire can now be handcrafted using a stone and a log. Emits light.
Undocumented Discoverable Content
A game of exploration needs things to discover.
The first enigma has been added. That was a fun start but there's still a lot to go. As I add more, it will become more likely that someone will actually find one. Here is a hint.
Lazarus Bugs Me
AI dudes spout out Lazarus Long quotes way too often.
Reduced AI probability of quoting others.


What's new in this update?
Laser Pistol and Laser Rifle Models Missing
Laser pistol and laser rifle models are missing from the Windows build.
Forced rebuild of a model library that did not get rebuilt yesterday for some reason.
It would be nice if the background image of the inventory window could appear on my avatar's web page.
Selfie button added to inventory window. It sends the current avatar picture to the server, after you confirm the picture that will be sent. That picture shows up on your avatar's web page. It can take a little while before appearing on the web page; those pages are only updated every 20 minutes.
Inspect Item Image Aspect
Image aspect ratio is wrong when I inspect an item. Things like rifles look goofy as a square picture.
Item image is now scaled based on the size of the item in a pack. This is the same aspect used when showing item icons on the screen for your current item. It is closer to the aspect of the actual item.
AI Screams Too Much
AI dudes cry out every time anything hits them.
Fixed. They are only supposed to cry out when they get attacked while they are not alert. Once alert, they stop saying stuff.

I got these done but decided the server-side stuff was not worth restarting servers this late on Friday. The bouncy footsteps fix was worth the client update though.
Vehicle Navigation
Space fighters and rockets are difficult to navigate in a solar system.
Added a control to turn on/off visibility of orbit rings, like at the nav console. The default key binding is O.

Must wait until next server restart.
Hover Vehicles
Space rocket has a control to hold the brakes. This would be handy on other flying vehicles.
Added hold brakes control to space fighter controls (includes transport). There is no default key mapping for this; you will have to configure the key.

Must wait until next server restart.
Incorrect Hand Craft Stats
Avatar stats for hand crafting things shows them all as being done at an industry. I didn't handcraft anything at an industry.
Fixed a bug when tallying that stat.

Must wait until next server restart.
Bouncy Footsteps
Sometimes when I walk on terrain my dude bounces up and down. It's really annoying, finally pushed me over the edge today.
Fixed a bug in client-side movement code.

Later Still

Selfie Image Resolution
Selfie image resolution is a bit small.
Increased resolution of selfie image x2.


What's new in this update?
Laser Pistol
Laser pistol looks a lot like a glue gun. It even has glue sticking out the back.
The once mighty glue gun has finally been nerfed. The laser pistol has its own 3D model now.
Laser Rifle
Laser rifle looks a lot like an assault rifle.
Laser rifle now has its own 3D model.
AI Announce Actions
AI dudes responding to threats should call out when they are awakened.
AI now says something when they see and do certain things.
Water Too Transparent
Sea water surfaces are too transparent in the near scene.
Sea water transparency reduced a lot.
Roads and Slabs From Orbit
Roads and slabs show up as only a thin line when viewed from orbit. I'm sure slabs used to draw wider than that.
Rewrote road and slab painting code used when making the world surface texture. It paints the actual width of each road and slab section now. Old code did this using line width, which is not supported in OpenGL 3.2 and later.
Map Quality
While working on roads and slabs I noticed a bug that was impacting map quality, causing an undesirable blending of colors.
World map quality is slightly better now.
Head Tilt Bug
When my body is displayed in "head only" mode, such as when riding in an enclosed vehicle, my visible head does not tilt up and down when I look up and down.
Fixed. This also affects the mini-me display on the screen when riding in a vehicle. Head on orientation indicator now looks up and down as you do.
Inventory Window Background
Who is that goofy dude on the inventory window? Why are all the button locations rearranged for females?
  • Changed inventory window to paint your current avatar image there, similar to the mini-me display.
  • Pushed all controls to the edges to maximize viewing area. Placement no longer differs by gender.
  • This window only updates itself twice per second to minimize load on the game; it's not lag.
Monster Encounters
People seem to have fun with occasional monster encounters on their ship.
Done. Don't ask for details. ;^)
Server Crash
Server crashed when an AI pilot's ship unexpectedly left the atmosphere.


What's new in this update?
Ocean Water Texture
Ocean water texture is too wavy, looks weird from orbit.
Sea water texture replaced.
Ocean Depth Cue
Ocean water texture should not be darker where the sea is deeper. This is not realistic.
Sea water no longer shaded for sea depth on the map or when seen from orbit.
Ocean Bump Mapping Option
Bump mapping the ocean is a lot of work for some GPUs.
Added an option to disable bump mapping of sea surfaces. The check box can be found on the Settings window, Scene page.
Item Tool Tips
Items show information about themselves on tooltips. Sometimes the information is too much for a tool tip.
Changed most places where item descriptions appeared on tooltips.
  • Inventory window right-click menu now has Inspect menu option.
  • Comm channel right-click menu now has Inspect menu option for comm messages that include item information.
  • Cargo windows now have an additional text control to display information about the current item.
  • Ordnance window current selected ammo still shows the information on a tooltip. Ammo info is not usually lengthy.
  • Windows for selecting DNA into a genesis device still show DNA item information on a tooltip; the info is not usually lengthy.
Crashy Inventory
I got some crashes while using the right-click menu on the Inventory window. This could likely be the same crash reported with picture frames.
Fixed current item data that became invalid while the menu was up, before an option was selected.
Save Star Map Crash
Save star map to XML file crashes on Linux.
Fixed build script to include missing


What's new in this update?
Weightless Pack Contents
If I move an item in my inventory into my pack, my total burden goes down.
Fixed bug tallying weight of container contents.
Text Highlight Color
Text highlighting is bright white text on a light blue background. This is hard to read.
Changed text highlighting to black text on a lighter blue background.
Name Entry Confusion
When entering names of things, the accept button usually turns grey when you enter a space, until you type more. This is confusing. It may imply to people that spaces are not ok before they try typing that next letter.
Ship Bays Wrong
Ship with warp drive shows up like it has wormhole drives on the engineer console and elsewhere to the client.
Fixed an function call that was only supposed to happen in the design studio.
Squelch Bug
Squelch works at first. After you relog, the squelched people are no longer squelched. They still show up on my squelch list.
Avatar Switch Whereabouts
The whereabouts of the current avatar should be saved when switching avatars. This is the location information you see on the avatar select screen.
Facing Indicator Info
The facing indicator should show the seat number or console name.
Prevent Blank Empire Join Passwords
Empire join password should not be permitted to be blank.
Ship Door Animations
Ship doors do not animate properly when you watch another avatar walk through a door.
Change Empire Flag
Office permissions have a check box for changing empire flag but there is no UI to do so.
Flag button added to governance policy window.


What's new in this update?
White Planets
Planets and ringworlds are totally white when viewed from orbit. On the ground and from a far distance they look fine.
Ringworld Control Center Zone
Ringworld control center in mountains creates tall cliffs next to the zone. You can't build roads close enough to break through the cliffs, leaving talls fins of earth.
  • The control center zone now levels the terrain a bit farther out than the forbidden zone. In this area, terrain is brought down to the level fo the slab but it is not raised up to the slab, allowing the land to fall away instead of forming so many shear cliffs.
  • The servers need to be updated for this to fully take effect. I will do that tomorrow.
Ringworld Terrain Texture Error
Ringworld terrain lacks one of the frequencies of grass texture sampling.
Ringworld Slow Frame Rate
While working on these bugs I encountered extremely slow frame rate on the terrain of a ringworld.
A function that manages render objects was getting called much too often. Changing this increased my frame rate quite a lot.
Texture Distortion
Textures sampled for terrain are distorted due to the curvature of the globe.


What's new in this update?
Capitol Building Crash
The program crashes if I try to build a building while I am at a capitol.
Texture Errors
The change yesterday introduced a texture error for some people. The two symptoms reported are: 1) broken textures in the blend zone between one kind of terrain and another, 2) grass overlay on the terrain is broken.
Changed model texture values and texturing calculations in the fragment shader to avoid losing precision during multi sampling. Let's give this a try. Please be patient; we'll get this fixed.


Shader Linker Error
A player with an nVidia GTX 260 video card reported a linker error in the Globe shader. This was confirmed on my Windows test machine, which also has a GTX 260.
  • The problem was caused by using a variable to index an array of textures, something not supported by the GTX 260's fragment shader compiler.
  • Added a setting to select an alternate set of shaders that does not use variables to index arrays of textures. They are slightly less efficient. Changes to this setting require the client to be restarted, unless changed at the login screen.
  • Added more information to the error message box when a shader fails to compile.
  • Removed useless setting to omit grass overlay from ground surface.
  • Added information to the scene settings window to report the number of texture units supported by the fragment shader.
No Grass In Biodome
Grass is missing inside my biodome. Worse, the wind is screaming and it doesn't seem like the game thinks I am inside the biodome.
  • Fixed client-side error in a cache.
  • Increased grass density inside biodomes.
  • Increased grass density in irrigated areas to slightly exceed the grass density of the biodome.
Deep Forest Has No Undergrowth
When in dense forest, there is no grass or shrubbery plants.
  • Changed the balance of shrubs, grass and trees.
  • Slightly reduced the number of trees that appear based on vegetation density.

Later Still

Shoreline Polygon Collisions
In top down view and when flying high above the ground in the atmosphere, the terrain polygons collide badly with the sea surface along the shoreline, where they are close to one another.
Made changes that reduce this effect a lot while in top down view. The technique employed cannot be used in first-person so those collisions will still be there when flying in from high altitude. I found it most obnoxious in top down view while building a city or exploring.
Screen Size
It would be nice to know the exact size of my scene window.
Scene window now shows the resolution of the window briefly at the center of the view whenever the window is resized. This can be turned off on the Overlay page in the Settings.


What's new in this update?
Sparkly Diffuse Bland Terrain
Planet terrain has poor detail from a distance and gets the "sparklies" really bad due to texture minimization. It is starkly bland compared to the sea rendering. The grass texture overlayed onto the terrain is equally sparkly and bland.
  • Mip mapped terrain textures.
  • Multisampled terrain textures at a few different frequencies.
  • Had to give up the shiny black rock texture that used to line the inside of the energy cones on ringworlds. It was replaced with a more common sandy brick texture.
  • Had to give up 4 levels of grass density so the transitions from no vegetation to dense vegetation are more banded now.
  • This change requires your OpenGL driver to support 32 concurrent texture units in the fragment shader.
  • This change caused a rendering error for one player, most noticeable when rendering the grass layer onto the terrain. A setting was added to turn off the grass layer for that reason. The program must be restarted if you change this setting, unless you do so at the login screen, before actually logging in.
Sea From Orbit
The sea on the planet is just plain blue from space. Lava is equally bland on inferno worlds.
  • Changed the sea and lava textures used when creating globe and ringworld surface textures.
  • The lava texture causes an obnoxious moire pattern on the map of worlds that have a lot of lava surface coverage.


What's new in this update? Windows client update only.
Windows Client Program Crashes
Some players reported that the Windows client program crashes a lot after the last update.
Disabled a slight change to the rendering code that is the most likely culprit. Only the Windows client was updated this morning. The other platforms will be updated when they are built next.


What's new in this update?
Capitol Demolish Building
It would be nice to be able to destroy buildings on the list at the capitol building.
Terrain Error
Terrain near rivers has patterns of dark dots in some areas. They are extremely bumpy.
Promoted terrain normal calculation for rivers and valleys to use doubles instead of floats. The terrain will repair itself; no caches need clearing.
Quit Crash
The Quit button at the character selection page causes a crash. I suppose that's one way to quit.
City Report From Sector
The sector of origin in city mail messages is incorrect. It shows the system name and coords instead of the sector name and coords. This affects creation of the tree in the mail program.
I was flogged about the face and neck for using the word capital in places where it should be capitol.
Abandon Modifier Bug
City reports abandonment, saying nobody has been there in 0 days.
Fixed message formatting error. It was plugging in the abandonment penalty instead of the day count in the report text.
City Report Mail Time Error
When a city report is requested by mail, the time in the mail message is correct but the time in the mail tree control is incorrect.
Pharmaceuticals Not Available Anywhere
Pharmaceuticals can only be bought at a broker. They do not get imported by retail stores, which is unfortunate when a rat infestation hits.
Pharmaceuticals can now be bought at retail stores and grocery stores. That means they will also import them.
Legless Creature Bug
Creature with no legs sits at a console. Body positioned at proper height for seat cushion. Chair lifts off the ground so base of chair is at seat cushion height, oops.
Bank Tooltip
Bank tooltip says number of levels affects amount of money that can be stored.
Fixed. That changed a long time ago. The number of bank stories has no effect at all on the amount of money that can be stored or transferred.
Bank UI Update Bug
Bank UI does not update when I do things like borrow money, or make a loan payment, until I switch pages or reload the City window.
Cadet Mail No Galaxy
Cadet mail does not list the galaxy of origin.
Fixed. Also checked for other mail sent by the servers to insure it includes the galaxy of origin.
Borrow Money 1e+8 WTF
I went to borrow money at a bank. It offered me a number like 1e+8. :-(


What's new in this update?
Disease From Arena
If you get diseased or poisoned in the arena, it stays with you when you leave. I thought what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas. ;^)
Most conditions contracted while in an arena are now removed from your body when you depart the arena. Pregnancy stays with you, as do bounties.
Neglect Change
Neglect causes a city to lose loyalty. Reception of tribute should cause a capital to not feel neglected. That way capitals take a little longer to capture.
Neglect time is now reset for empire and sector capital cities when tribute is received.
Abandonment Change
City abandonment rules make building an empire painful, especially when you have to constantly revisit places.
  • Abandonment starts one week after a system is last visited by a person who is on line. The morale penalty starts at zero and increases by 1 per week after that, so you get a week of forewarning in the city report, before the morale penalty becomes non-zero.
  • Sector capital cities are now immune to the abandonment morale penalty while the empire has a capital city.
  • Non-capital cities are immune to the abandonment morale penalty while they have a sector capital.
  • Empire capital system visitation is reset when a person of its empire is on line (at logon, avatar switch, and hourly). This will keep all cities alive in the capital city's system. This does not reset neglect time.
Twitchy Plants
Plants in the environment twitch whenever the wind changes. This is annoying.
  • Dampened changes in wind direction and force.
  • Fixed a bug in a time function that caused creature and plant animations to be twitchy.
Creatures Not Animated
I see creatures sliding around with stationary legs and arms. Their pose doesn't change when they attack either. What happened?
Fixed a client update error introduced during the threading changes.
Design Studio Modules Bug
Design studio modules don't work correctly. Sometimes they change, sometimes not. Save/reload of a design sometimes shows them the way I set them.
Fixed a couple of bugs related to this. The combination of the two bugs made tracing the problem a weird exercise of chasing my tail.
Cities should revolt if they are neglected and have a negative morale.
At the time a city's loyalty would be adjusted lower due to neglect, the morale is checked when the loyalty is zero. If morale is negative, the citizens revolt and the city joins a pirate empire. They do not do this if they are already allegiant to a pirate empire. Revolution resets the neglect time, so loyalty toward their new empire rises initially.
Repair Bug
Officer gets stuck on repair order. Officer will not mark the order complete.
Fixed. This is improved over what was posted last night. There was still a case where the officer could get stuck. That should not happen now.
Star Map Right Click Options
When I right click the star map, the go to coordinates options should be at the end of the menu instead of first. That way menu items relevant to some item clicked will appear first. Those are the ones I am most likely to want to use.


What's new in this update?
Top Down Roads
Top down view roads overlay does not show anything.
Fixed. The icon of the current pavement type is now displayed. Added icons for landscaped areas.
Direction Indicator Under Mini Me
The direction indicator when sitting at a console or in a vehicle is under the mini me dude. It is hard to see.
Rocket Falls From Orbit
Exit a rocket in orbit and it falls to the ground. Is this some kind of dirty trick by Gagarin?
  • Added Hold Brakes option to rocket. Default key is H, configured in Settings.
  • Modified rocket tutorial to teach about hold and use it to park in orbit.
Bad Landing Spot On Slab
AI chooses a bad landing spot on slabs, often at the very edge.
  • Fixed an edge offset value that was calculated incorrectly.
  • Improved parking spot selection when landing at an airport terminal.
Building Spawn Locs
When placing a building, it would be nice to know where it will spawn things, if it does that.
  • Spawn locations around buildings show on cursor when placing spacecraft factory, vehicle factory, aircraft factory, and ship yard.
  • Landing spots around airport terminal show on cursor when placing.
  • Spawn locations and landing spots show around existing buildings in the highlighting that appears when drawing a new building.
Select City Solar System
When selecting cities on the star map using the governance window, it should select the solar system containing the city or it does not show up in the visual star map.
Rotate Building Snafu
When placing a building, the arrow keys to rotate do nothing if the rounding angle is 0.
Buildings now rotate in 45 degree increments when the rounding angle is 0.
Slab Width Bug
When drawing slabs, the road width is used, not the slab width.
Grass Ground Texture Density
The texture of grass that is applied to the ground surface is not the correct density. If the grass plants are thin and small, the ground texture created from them tends to be too sparse. If the grass plants are big and leafy, the ground texture density ramps up too fast.
Changed algorithm for creating ground texture from grass texture for more consistent coverage at the desired densities.


What's new in this update?
City Abandonment Decay
After discussion on the forums, some changes were made to city abandonment decay.
  • Abandonment begins 25 days after the last person on line was in a city's solar system.
  • Abandonment causes a morale penalty starting at 0, and increasing by 1 every five days.
  • The first five days have no penalty so you get five-days forewarning in the city report.
  • At 30 days, the morale penalty due to abandonment becomes -1.
  • The morale penalty eventually exceeds all morale bonuses and the city decays.
Affect of Neglect on Loyalty
After discussion on the forums, some changes were made to the affect of neglect on loyalty.
  • Loyalty normally increases at the rate of one citizen per city report.
  • Neglect begins 14 days after the last person on line or officer was in a city's solar system. People and officers must be in the same empire as the city. People and officers of other empires do not affect a city's neglect.
  • When neglected, loyalty changes direction and decreases at the rate of one citizen per city report.
  • This is reported in the city report.
  • Nothing bad happens when loyalty reaches zero.
  • The loyalty factor exists for the purpose of slowing the takeover of large cities. This change lets that transition happen quickly on cities that are neglected.
Home Sector Visitation Rule
There is a little-known rule that causes all cities in your home sector to be visited when you are on line, for the purpose of preventing them from decaying due to abandonment. There is an easy way to exploit this by simply declaring a new home city in every sector you visit. The game should not create incentives to do cumbersome meta-game things to be competitive.
Home sector visitation rule removed. I replaced it with a considerably longer time period before cities begin to decay (30 days vs 7).
Diplomatic Message Delivery Receipt
I sent a diplomatic message into the void. Now what?
  • You now receive a delivery receipt when your diplomatic message is sent to a client by the mail server. It doesn't mean they actually read it.
  • The receipt does not reveal who received the diplomatic message, only that it was delivered.
  • If there are multiple people in the chain of command of a city, you will receive a receipt as each of them gets your message, unfortunately.
  • The receipt appears to come from the city, since it just copies the header from the diplomatic message, so the receipt will appear in the tree of empire messages on the client (even if the city isn't in your empire).
Landscaping Slope Restriction
Graded areas, irrigation, clearings and defoliated areas are drawn like roads so they impose the same slope restriction as roads.
Fixed this unintended oversight. They no longer impose a slope restriction.
City Selects Too Much On Star Map
When selecting cities on the star map using the governance window, it should not select the tree parent items, i.e. system, sector, galaxy.
Done. The tree branches open but only the city is selected.
World Bioluminescence
It's too bad the glowing plants are so spotty and random. It would be nice to see lots of bioluminescent plants in an environment.
  • Worlds now have a bioluminescence factor based on prevalence of radioactives and/or lumenite. This may need tuning if it occurs too often.
  • This is a factor of the soil in which the plants are grown. It is not in the DNA of the plants so they will not necessarily glow if grown from seeds, only if radioactive as usual.


What's new in this update?
It would be nice to have a way to remove all the foliage from an area in a city.
Defoliated Area development added.
  • Defoliation removes all trees, shrubs and grass, including the grassy texture on the ground, leaving behind only bare dirt.
  • Button added to the Roads & Landscape panel of the Construction window. Tooltip has helpful information.
  • Defoliated areas are drawn just like roads but they do not deform the terrain.
  • Defoliated areas can overlap existing developments and they do not block construction of new developments.
It would be nice to have a way to remove the big foliage from an area in a city.
Cleared Area development added.
  • Clearings remove all trees and shrubs. Any grass that is present is trimmed short, as if mowed.
  • Button added to the Roads & Landscape panel of the Construction window. Tooltip has helpful information.
  • Clearings are drawn just like roads but they do not deform the terrain.
  • Clearings can overlap existing developments and they do not block construction of new developments.
It would be nice to have a way to add greenery to an area, as if it was maintained like a park.
Irrigated Area development added.
  • Irrigation causes local trees, shrubs and grass to grow, just like the inside of a biodome. Grass is cut short.
  • Button added to the Roads & Landscape panel of the Construction window. Tooltip has helpful information.
  • Irrigated areas are drawn just like roads but they do not deform the terrain.
  • Irrigated areas can overlap existing developments and they do not block construction of new developments.
It would be nice to be able to smooth out large areas of terrain when making my city.
Graded areas added.
  • Graded areas deform the terrain just like a road.
  • Graded areas do not influence the presense of plants.
  • Button added to the Roads & Landscape panel of the Construction window. Tooltip has helpful information.
  • Graded areas are drawn just like roads.
  • Graded areas can overlap existing developments and they do not block construction of new developments.
It would be quite possible to grade a huge area, build a city there, then remove the graded areas. This would cause the spaces between the buildings and roads to fill with the natural form of the terrain. The positions of roads and buildings would not be affected at all.
Road vs Slab Width
It would be nice if the road width control would remember my last width for each grading style.
Minimum Slab Width
Slabs have a minimum width that is confusing when the width control says 8m.
Eliminated minimum slab width, mainly to accomodate narrow Graded Areas using the slab type grading behavior.
Building Rotation
The initial rotation of buildings is unpredictable. This means the town square is usually not aligned nicely with anything else and there's no way to move it after it is built.
  • Every building now starts out oriented with the facing indicator pointing due north.
  • Rotation angle control moved so it is visible regardless of which panel of construction buttons is visible.
  • Arrow Key rotation of buildings now uses the rotation angle, instead of always stepping in 45 degree increments.
Construction Tips
There are some key combinations that are not documented when constructing buildings and roads.
Tooltips on construction window updated.
Pave Road
It would be nice if there was a way to change the pavement of an existing road, like when I want to pave my dirt roads. It's a pain to rebuild them, sometimes impossible.
  • Hold Ctrl while drawing a road. Click on an existing road. The existing road changes to the new type of construction. The road segment returns to an "under construction" state and construction materials may be required.
  • Roads can be downgraded to Graded Areas.
  • Graded Areas cannot be upgraded to roads because the placement rules permit them to have overlapping developments.
  • Defoliation, Clearing and Irrigation cannot be changed in this way.
Toggle Worker Bug
When placing a buidling, the * key is supposed to toggle the Make Product button. It does not work.
Login View Buttons
When I first enter Hazeron, buttons are visible at the top left of the screen.
Credit Limit Bug
Credit limit is allowed to be negative.
Minimum credit limit is now 25k.
Loyalty Loss When Abandoned
Cities should lose loyalty while they are abandoned, instead of gaining it like they usually do.
  • Cities now lose one point of loyalty per city cycle while abandoned.
  • A city feels abandoned after one week since it's system was last visited by a human player online.
Draw Road Bug
When drawing roads near existing developments, the cursor often shows green but then it doesn't draw the road. This is very frustrating.
Avatar Pages
Avatars page on the web site is really ugly.
  • Eliminated alphabetic index page.
  • Made one long list of all avatars alphabetically, showing their empire flag and id. Id is colored based on lineage.
  • Added another avatars page that is grouped by empire.
  • Links to switch between these pages are at the top of each page.
  • Added title banner for link back to main page. Did this on the empire standings pages too.


Show City on Star Map
Stephanus said it would be nice if you could right click one or more cities on the Government Cities window and show where they are on the star map.
Select the city(s) in the star map window that is currently open. Does not open a star map window if none are visible. Does not fetch star map data.
Show Preon Origin On Star Map
Deantwo said it would be nice if you could right click a preon in your inventory and show its origin on the star map.
Selects the preon's galaxy in the star map. Sets the star map view widget to center on the location of the preon origin. Fails if the preon's galaxy is not currently in the star map.


What's new in this update?
Render Blinks
Rendering blinks to black when in a city. I see it happen every time a worker dude teleports.
Fixed an errant thread that was calling doneCurrent on the OpenGL context. This bug also caused random crashes.
Mouse Look
Mouse look needs improvement. Diagonal movement is particularly strange.
I made some changes to the mouse look code. We'll see if it's an improvement.
View Web Page
Comm channel message right-click menu option to view the sender's web page would be handy.


What's new in this update?
Windows Full Screen Mode
Windows full screen mode doesn't work. The toolbars and other dialogs appear behind the main window.
The fix for this requires that the full screen main window have a visible one-pixel border. I added a wiki page to explain this design "feature" of Windows.
Qt Bugs
Most of my time this week was spent working out problems that emanate from the Qt libraries. My blog/forum attention has been focused on the Qt support site.
  • The Windows build now includes a patched build of Qt5.5.1, to show the border line around the full screen window.
  • The Qt guys are still working on one remaining critical issue in the Mac OSX version. It can easily be reproduce with one of their small sample projects. This fix may have to wait until Qt5.6, which is scheduled for release in January/early 2016.
The launcher needs some attention.
  • Button visibility toggles properly when Esc pressed. Previously the settings button remained visible.
  • Launcher buttons positioned in a row along the bottom, to avoid overlapping the title text.
  • Launcher buttons always look like buttons, instead of highlighting when passed over with the mouse.
  • File downloads list made wider, so it's not a postage stamp.
  • Initial install button graphic updated.
  • Initial install button blinks to let you know it's a button that wants attention.
  • Hazeron widget style object copied over from the game.
  • Icons in Mac OSX version. Thank you QuakeIV for helping with this.


What's new in this update?
Bio Biology Page
I miss seeing the numeric values for my hit points, hunger and stamina on the Bio window.
Biology page added to the Bio window.
Jettison Cargo
Jettison cargo is a button on the Intercom channel? This seems odd.
Removed button from Intercom channel. Added Jettison Cargo page to the Cargo window. It can also be brought up individually, like the other cargo pages.
Window Style
Application window style is not consistently applied. Comm toolbar is bright light grey on Mac. Styles are completely bungled on startup pages.
Fixed errors in application style object.
Fixed errors in startup pages that were unnecessarily overriding the application style.
Fixed toolbar appearance in Mac version.
Mac Version Broken
Mac version has significant Qt-related problems.
Mac version removed from distribution.
Memory Leak
Servers have been suffering from a major memory leak.
Fixed a bad one. I still have a ways to go to look for more, but the one I found would certainly have caused a serious amount of memory loss, on both the server and the client.


What's new in this update?
Teleport Crashes Server
Agent teleport crashes the server, doesn't teleport.
Officer Won't Buy Cargo
Officer aboard a ship with 25 million units of empty cargo space would not buy cargo when told to purchase 100% of hold. Hold is empty. City has lots of materials.
Passenger Job Snafu
I accepted a job to load passengers from a city that was overcrowded. When I got there, they would not give me any passengers because of export restrictions.
Fixed. You are no longer eligible for a passenger pickup job if the originating empire's export restrictions would prevent you from loading the passengers.
Server Crashed Waking Doctor
Server crashed when trying to wake the doctor in a sick bay where someone had just entered a surgery unit.


What's new in this update?
Server Lockup
Several servers locked up due to communication on the Government channel.
Fixed. This is the main reason for the update today.
Accept Button
Accept button was really handy on the comm channel button bar. It often saves a button click.
Accept button is back. This is the second most important reason for the update today.
Hello Passenger
Passenger says "Hello" a lot while warping.
Interdict Mission Empire?
Interdict mission would be nice if it identified the empire of the enemy ship that was spotted.
Crosshair Clipped by Chair
Console chair clips my crosshair when I stand near it.
So Many Passenger Jobs
I get a lot of passenger related job offers, sometimes from many sectors away.
Changed the way important jobs are prioritized.
Remove Comm Choices When Picked
It was suggested that the choice messages in the comm channel be removed entirely when one is chosen.
I thought this was worth a try. It feels a little jumpy. We'll see what players think.
Echo Comm Choice Chosen
A listener to a conversation between a person and an AI dude never hears the responses picked by the person.
Choice picked now echoes on the channel as if you said it.


What's new in this update?
Political Stance on Vehicle
When I look at a vehicle, the health bar does not have a little flag next to it showing if it is enemy or friendly.
Baby Grows Up Weak
Babies grow up and never seem to gain any hit points. They end up at adulthood with only a few hit points.
Bounty on Sender
Placing a bounty on the sender of a message wasn't on the right-click menu where I expected it to be.
Moved several buttons from the comm channel button bar to the right-click popup menu.
  • Post Bounty on Sender
  • Accept
  • Send Funds
  • Offer Bid
Hello Shortcut
A shortcut key is need to say 'Hello' on the Voice channel.
Done. You can configure this on the avatar settings. The default key binding is Shift+R.
Jobs From Unknown Empires
I get job offers from empires I have never heard of.
Job offers are no longer offered to people in empires that are not known to the empire making the offer.
Bounty Hunter and Assassin Jobs to Enemies
Bounty hunter and assassin jobs are not offered to members of enemy empires. Why not?
Name on Health Bars
It would be nice to see the names of people on the health bar you get when you spot them.
  • Name added above health bar, colored according to political stance.
  • Flag icon removed that indicated political stance, not needed.
  • Name of ship added below health bar that appears at the top of the screen when you spot a ship, like when you are inside it not looking at anything else.
  • Ship name color coded by stance and flag icon removed.
Increase Detailed Terrain View Range
Someone asked that I allow them to make the detailed terrain view range farther.
I doubled this from 1000m to 2000m. Beware, this could cause a lot more terrain patches to be generated. That all takes CPU time and memory. The default is 800m.
Demiavatar Death Bug
A demiavatar died in my scene. His body never disappeared or dropped a head and carcass even though it was dead.
Demiavatar Would Not Vacate Captain's Chair
A demiavatar would not get out of the captain's chair when I tried to sit there.
Activate Message Nuisance
When multiple choices are offered by an AI in the comm, activating any but the last one selects a message in the comm channel that is not the last one. This disables autoscroll. Sometimes the response quietly falls off the bottom then, without being noticed.
Citizen Conversation
Citizen conversation always dead ends with accepting the job or ignoring the citizen.
Provided more responses to keep the mind-numbing "conversation" going.


What's new in this update?
Candle Model
Candle model missing.
It's been found! An out-of-sync data file was the culprit here.
Demiavatar Won't Answer
I tried talking to a demiavatar. He doesn't answer.
4 Billion People Needed
A deserted city reported that it needed 4 billion people.
I think this is really fixed this time.
Targoss Offered Me a Job
I talked to Targoss. He offered me a job.
Lazarus' Quotes Need Editing
Some of those quotes are pretty bad.
  • Edited out the really bad ones.
  • Gave attribution to the rest by prefacing them with 'Lazarus Long said'.
  • Added quotes from some other sci fi characters.
Demiavatar Did Not Appear On List
A demiavatar was born in my presense. It did not appear on my avatars list until I relogged.
Added a button to the Bio window to request an updated list of avatars.
Bounty List Top 10 Only
List of bounties on the Bio page only shows the top ten.
Created a table control for the list of bounties. That was ugly on the Bio page. Split Bio page up into three pages: Avatar page, Jobs page, and Bounties page. These really don't make sense to float individually and the Bio button already shows avatar buttons, so adding individual page buttons along with them might be out of place. Because of those things, I did not make these pages individually displayable like the other tabbed windows.


What's new in this update?
Server Deadlock
A server deadlocked when upgrading the tech level of a building.
Interactive Citizens
Citizens should be a source of jobs and stories in the game.
  • Approach any AI controlled citizen, look toward their head, Hail on the Voice channel to start a conversation.
  • Citizens will look at you and Hail on the Voice channel if they want to initiate a conversation. Hail or Hail Reply back to them if you want to respond.
  • Citizens do not converse with enemy.
  • Citizens do not offer jobs or stories to enemy.
  • Query Jobs button removed from the Bio window.
Jobs queue gets overrun with small unimportant jobs, pushing out the more fun/critical jobs.
  • Critical jobs now get priority in the jobs queue and first pick when a citizen needs a job to offer.
  • Storyline-based jobs get priority over all other job types. This will likely change when there are more storyline-based jobs to do.


Server Crash
Server crashed due to a job query by an AI dude.
Server Crash
Server crashed when starting a conversation with a demiavatar.


Accept Choices
Choice messages that show up with a green asterisk cannot be accepted using the Accept button.
Done. I also added a menu option to the right-click popup menu for those.
Deserted City Needs 2 Billion People
A deserted city reported that it needed 2 billion people.

Update: 4,294,967,295 people are needed to save the place. :(
Job Formatting
Job text is scrunched together and looks ugly on the Bio window.
Formatted all job descriptions to look nicer.
Demiavatars Do Not Answer
I tried starting a conversation with a demiavatar. It crashed the server a lot but then didn't work after the server stopped crashing.
Fixed, I think. Testing is needed.

Update: This still does not work. :P
Job Allocator
Job allocator puts too much priority on critical jobs that are 9 sectors away.
Made adjustments so critical jobs become less critical when they are far away.
Citizen Replies
Citizens have a fairly limited list of random replies when they don't have a job to offer.
Added a bunch more replies, including a raft of Lazarus Long quotes. Now they'll sound wise, and cranky.
Poor Rewards for Jobs
Rewards for most jobs seem pathetically low.
Increased rewards for jobs, generally by 10x.

Older Updates from 11/24/2015 to 2/17/2015.