Streamlining should reduce instead of increase hitpoints

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Streamlining should reduce instead of increase hitpoints

Postby Ivan » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:12 pm

Atmospehric, sea surface and submersible hulls should lower hitpoints instead of raising them.

Now there is no trade-off. there's no real reason to not go for submersible, since it gives you more hitpoints and apart from a little acceleration penalty due to a bit more mass and cost, it doesn't really have any serious negative side effects. There's no real reason to choose unstreamlined over any of the other options. As it is, you might aswell remove everything except submersible, unless i'm missing something.

In the old designer you had a tradeoff because weight was limited: Streamlining meant less weight that could be attributed to systems, so your ship would actually be weaker/less performant.

Now if in the new designer it would lower hitpoints, it would give you a similar trade-off. Do you want your ship to be better armored or be able to stay underwater for extended periods of time?

Additionally it makes sense, as you would replace armor plating (explosion/penetration resistance) with water resistant coating. Basically weapon resistant armor versus atmosphere/water resitant armor, so to speak.

It would give you a reason to make your biggest warships unstreamlined and have them stay in orbit. Or go for a small trade-off and go for atmospheric. If you want submersible, well than you have to accept a larger decrease in hp.
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Re: Streamlining should reduce instead of increase hitpoints

Postby Deantwo » Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:22 am

I thought hull types cost increasingly more volume, like the old one cost mass.
If this is the case I would rather call it a bug than an idea.

To be far I don't think making it cost HP will be a good idea. We already have gigantic spacecraft with way too much HP. Maybe the hull type could negatively impact armor resistance a little, but it should definitely cost volume and not HP.

I am guessing this is because HP is calculated based on mass of the spacecraft, the hull type adds more mass without affecting anything else, therefore it is free HP.

As for the whole spacecraft HP discussion, I think spacecraft HP should be drastically changed. Currently HP is calculated with by parts used in construction or mass or something. I would rather want to see HP be static for a specific sized spacecraft and then simply have armor apply resistance bonuses.
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