capturing ship designs

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capturing ship designs

Postby revann1 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:41 pm

hey there, i always liked that i could infiltrate a ship and be able to capture its design and have it as a disc, feels like starwars rogue/ starwars 4. so we can mass produce it / reverse engineer it etc, i know its brutal becouse if someone has dedicated hours and hours into making a design for it to be stolen by someone, on the other hand, this is a brutal mmo, and its not like it was unfairly stolen. IT WAS REALISTICALLY STOLEN, if someone is able to sneak/fight their way to the helm of your ship, they deserve the plans for that ship and be able to do whatever they want with that ship, its theirs now.

so please, bring back being able to capture plans as well as edit them more to improve them. id love to fight an empire with their own ships. :)
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Re: capturing ship designs

Postby Deantwo » Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:13 am

Apart from boarding new-style spacecraft not being fully implemented yet, isn't this already a thing?

You capture an enemy spacecraft by sitting at the helm station for 30 seconds. And while seated at any control station you can press TAB (while in hand-cursor mode) to open the spacecraft's design details.

On spacecraft's design details window there is a button to copy the spacecraft design to a blueprint. This however require you to be in the chain-of-command over the spacecraft (either as an officer on the spacecraft's roster, be the emperor of your empire, or have domain authority over the location).

I don't know if this feature was removed from new-style spacecraft to support the "one-time blueprint" thing.

Either way, maybe this feature should be moved to a spacecraft service that require an airport repair shop, similar to ordering repairs and rat exterminations.
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