Exponential difficulty in acquiring officers

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Exponential difficulty in acquiring officers

Postby Akynos » Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:42 am

Haxus has mentioned the issue of having many officers in the game at the same time, loading the servers heavily.
His idea was to reduce it by limiting the fully-automated officers (aka those that can clear an order after completion) to those berthed on a ship that also berths a player - effectively limiting that number to a maximum of 6, as one account can only have a maximum of 6 avatars. Any extra officer would follow orders but would only follow an order at the time. (I hope I got this right :D )

Anyway, I thought that this was slightly unbalanced, as it would mean that any empire, would it be small or large, would be limited to (player x 6) officers, which, for empires wishing to be alone, is quite restricting. Nonetheless, it is true that at the moment having a horde of officer-manned spaceships after finding a ringworld isn't very...fair.
Futhermore, nothing would stop single players from having say 3 accounts at the same time and just putting 18 dormant player avatars on the ships, which makes it kinda P2W.

So I was wondering if we could find a compromise that isn't based on players in the empire, but empire size and player dedication whilst still limiting the officer-farming.

My idea would be to make getting every next officer more difficult. I don't have a clear idea of HOW to do that, but it would be based on "if you want more officers as a lone player you can do it if you work your ass off, but having other players would make it easier".

This would allow:
-small empires to have a few officers to control around without too much hassle (which is a very fun feature that I would love to keep).
-Larger single-player empires would not hit a ceiling, but would face increased difficulty in getting extra officers
-Larger multi-player empires would benefit from easier officer-making whilst still facing enough difficulty in getting them.

The idea would be that a single-dedicated player would be able to number as many officers as, say, a 2-3 player casual empire, but not beyond.

If you guys think that it's a good idea please post your own ideas below. Things that sprouted to my mind:

- Increasing the requirements for officer spawning (higher and higher QL buildings, more population, special research with increasing cost and time...)
-Removing ringworld officer spawning by number of arcs and make it like a single planet
-Habitable planets reqs to spawn = 1+ number of officers already spawned if officer count >2

Some thing like that.

What do you think?
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Re: Exponential difficulty in acquiring officers

Postby Deantwo » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:56 am

I'd much rather see the "habitable planet = officer" thing gone. The problem is finding a good idea to replace it.

I don't see that big an issue with limiting officers count to accounts. Not sure I like the whole idea of it being bond to ships with avatars on the roster though, because then we are forced to hold berths on ships that do harvesting.

Another issue with the current officers is that they are always owned by the empire. You cannot as an empire member have a personal officer that no one can touch. A demi-avatar is a personal officer kinda, but they have no upkeep and are already hard to procure.
Outside of empires there is no way to get an officer (unless demi-avatar) to command your company ships.

If we had an economy it could simply be crew wages, but this might still have too many issues in its current state.
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Re: Exponential difficulty in acquiring officers

Postby AnrDaemon » Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:25 am

The problem of binding something to account is that it opens doors to various metagaming scenarios, like "pay to win" or trial account exploits.
You have to be very careful in assessing these possibilities.
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Re: Exponential difficulty in acquiring officers

Postby Ivan » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:47 pm

I also would like to be able to get officers in another way. As 1 eper habitable is indeed weird. An entire planet can only have one officer? So just one ship? I was even considering one per zone. But I suppose that would not be acceptable to what Haxus is trying to achieve.

As far as the OP's suggestion, might be ok, so long as it doesn't lead to meta-gaming like visiting systems used to be. (though it made sense somewhat that you had to show empire presence).

Hiring officers (company/private), or training them at academys (fleet/subsidised "the navy") would be nice. the question then is, how do you limit those? Although I believe the future will be moneyless, maybe you can indeed limit it by crew costs, but then money needs to be a bigger deal than it is now. For larger empires, that make alot more money, it will still not be too much of a hurdle, but maybe that would exactly be their reward for the time dedicated.
The problem is: theoretically empires can grow infinitely big in Hazeron. Another problem: if it is possible to have a 100+ fleet with a large enough empire, I, and people like me, will likely do whatever is necessary to have it. I think that's why Haxus maybe has no other choice but to put a hard limit on it, no matter how much i hate that idea. I do hope that in the future, as hazeron gets more players,/success and Haxus can buy more powerful servers, it is brought back to how it is now (hteoretically unlimited officered ships)

I personally, as you might know would love the ablity to have 100+ number of ships, because i like to amass huge, magnificent fleets. Since this is not going to happen, I do hope as a solo player I can have at least 18 to 20 ships. If that means having multiple accounts, so be it. But ofcourse that would be somewhat pay to win.

In a perfect world, with Haxus having extrememly potent servers, it would be like in the real world, limited only by population, and a percentage of that population able to finish officer schooling, but then multi world empires would have several hundreds of officers.

My post seems somewhat unstructured, I apologise, but i'm too lazy to change it atm, i want to continu ship design
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