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Simplify the game

Postby Akynos » Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:09 am

I'm gonna keep it simple. I've heard talks of a Steam greenlight. I don't see it working out.


The game is very complex with a steep learning curve and is absolutely unintuitive. A new player would need a lot of dedication just to understand the basics. How many people will put up with this? Very few.

I've heard people talk about the graphics. I think that's not so important. I never was for ship design overhaul. The old system was simple to use, understandable and allowed for enough customisation to make unique designs. People like to design their own dick-shaped ships. They don't like to have to learn how to design.

There's so much back-and-forth. So much " I have to do it again" or "How do I do this", and that just pushes one to quit. I've seen it with every single player I've tried to get into the game. They all agree it all sounds awesome, like the best game they've ever played, but when it comes to playing it - well, it just isn't a game. There's just too much crap between you and your fun. Too much to figure out. Too many boring things to take care of. It's like real-life admin work.

Face it, we're in an age where everything has to be intuitive and fast. Players don't want to have to go through lengthy PDFs to figure a game out. You want this game to take off? Have more than 10-15 players at peak time? Make it approachable.

Better interface, less micromanagement, simpler mechanics, smoother gameplay. Keep it simple. Ship with round shapes are a bonus. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with a tiny community of veterans and no one else. And as many mentioned, if you fuck up the Steam Greenlight, there might not be another chance to make this wonderful game become big.

I really, really wish that the above be taken into account. I love this game so much I keep coming to it, like a drug. There's nothing like having your own ships and cities and venturing the open galaxy. No other game gave me that feeling of freedom before. I'm not the only one who would love this. But for it to happen, we need to polish what's rough.
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Re: Simplify the game

Postby ResonKinetic » Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:44 am

I feel like the designer would be more user-friendly if a lot of processes were programmed to be completed automatically, like room voids being generated when you make a room and hull voids being generated when you make a door.
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Re: Simplify the game

Postby Deantwo » Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:02 am

While you might be right about some things, I can't agree with the majority of what you are saying.

Complexity is not a bad thing, if you want a brainlessly simple game go for one of the triple-A game that get released every few years. I would say that most indi-games are interesting because they have deep and interesting mechanics.

I agree that some aspects of Hazeron is less than user friendly, but nothing is cast in concrete and it will hopefully get better over time.

Akynos wrote:Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight doesn't exist anymore.
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Re: Simplify the game

Postby Phenoix12 » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:34 pm

Personally I don't think the game is to complicated... if anything it's not complicated enough.

Currently a lot of the problem with the game is that it has grand ideas but has yet to execute them properly... basically we're playing an early access game sort of.

We're kinda at that crossroads where the game's mechanics are getting more complex (which in my eyes is good) but haven't gotten perfected yet which makes playing the game more difficult. She needs some polish but we don't want to grind off bits of the game just yet. Just wait till the stuff gets set up 100% and dry before you start complaining about complexity.

And then if it's too complex for you go play Dwarf Fortress for a while and realize that this game is not complex at all in comparison. Actually go play Dwarf Fortress right now. It's an amazing game and free.

Pretty much playing DF has numbed me to the difficulty complex management sims... that and over 200 combined hours of Paradox Interactive grand strategy games.
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Re: Simplify the game

Postby pizzasgood » Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:09 pm

What they said.

If you want to play Spore, just go play Spore.
Adapt or die.
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Re: Simplify the game

Postby AnrDaemon » Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:19 pm

"Complicated" and "easy to use" are not synonimous.
Hazeron is essentially very simple, and this is simplicity that allows for such attractive emergent gameplay, that few other games could compete with.
But the way its simplicity is explained is far from simple, and sometimes downward confusing.
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Re: Simplify the game

Postby Ivan » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:03 pm

Not all people want simple things. Some people, like most people who love Hazeron, (or X-series) actually love complexity. Most 4x gamers like complexity. People play the X-series. People will play Hazeron.

I have a friend who thinks Hazeron is too complex , too high learing curve, but he never bothered taking the time to let me explain city or ship building. Such people will never like 4x games, only simple RTS's, so why would you even bother trying to adapt the game to an audience that would never play it for long? If anything it would drive away the kind of player that does like complexity and leave the game without players.

People who don't want to do stuff (ur friends) are just mentally lazy. They want simple, easy stuff. Nothing that will require them to think too much. They might at some point in the future get into Hazeron as marines or fighter pilots. Maybe ship captains, but don't expect such people to build more than one colony and especially not to maintain them. Hazeron is simply not a game for such players.

I do hope that in the future aspects will be added to appeal to such players. Theoretically, you could build pretty much every other non-fantasy game into Hazeron. You could have Battlefield/COD, Battlefront, Destiny, Gta, etc. even medieval games, Assassins creed, bound to one planet, just by by adding missions, mechanics (e.g. climbing) and RPG elements or having lots of combat between established empires, or just having planets/systems that serve as combat arena's.

Only valid point: yes maybe the user interface could be better organised, but that's all. And since I'm so used to it, I wouldn't even like to see it changed. You just have to be willing to take the time to learn it. I hated the previous change, but yeah maybe in the long term that would be an improvement.
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Re: Simplify the game

Postby Onepercent » Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:06 am

Eve is complex too and yet it's a very successful mmo.
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