Consumer Products/Trade Goods

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Consumer Products/Trade Goods

Postby Phenoix12 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:05 am

I would like to propose a new item type. Consumer Products/Trade Goods.
Basically a new end good type that's only real purpose is for trading or decoration. Though this sort of thing would only make sense when we get to the point where we can design the look of items and such.

They would be items (either designed by player and/or if they don't want to design any some generic items like pots and such) that act as a generic trade good and even decoration.

The construction materials and name of the item would be decided by the designer of the item. Picking what material items and what amount of them to use. This would determine the ending value of the item (and of course the cost to create it.) So you could make a product that uses preons and such if you wanted, or just something made out of wood, or both.

These items would make a good and simple trade commodity for enter empire trading as you wouldn't have to worry about the empire in question producing the commodity, thus ensuring a demand almost all the time.

Though other then using as trade goods they wouldn't any other purpose other then as decorations much in the way of picture frames or static flower pots.

To ensure that a city just doesn't fill up with hundreds of these things they are used up by a city. Basically to show that the people in the city are buying and using them. Much like food.

There would be a moral bonus for having them...
Something like:
+1 For having goods available in a city
+2 For having foreign/exotic goods (i.e. products from another empire)
(Unsure if these should stack or not, or just be one or the other)

Somewhat on the same topic as it sort of fits in here also.
Clothing. Since we're eventually get to design that having some bonuses for having foreign/exotic fashion would also be interesting.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.
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Re: Consumer Products/Trade Goods

Postby Deantwo » Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:29 am

I like the idea to a point. There however a few problems I'd like to point out.

The economy in the game is still a little weird, and apart from becoming something worthwhile to trade between empires for profit, there isn't much use for this. Citizen already buy some random commodities from their city I believe, but not in really big quantities.

Morale as a reward for having trade goods isn't all that interesting. Not to mention that simply making an alt vassal have a small city in your capital system so it can create "foreign" would be way too easy.

So I like the premise of the idea, but fail to see where it would make a difference or add anything new.
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Re: Consumer Products/Trade Goods

Postby Phenoix12 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:55 pm

Deantwo wrote:So I like the premise of the idea, but fail to see where it would make a difference or add anything new.

Well really the idea was to expand trade, offer some intersting options for more decorations, and give empires something to do with those resources that they don't have a use. But you are sort of right it doesn't really add anything new.

One way to prevent the cheesing of forign goods like you described is to impose that the empire in question would be to impose that the goods have to actually be brought in from a differnt system otherwise they just count as domestic/non-exotic.

But yah. Really this wouldn't do anything much unless we get a nice overhull to tradeing and the addition of private companies even. That would make it far more intersting.
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Re: Consumer Products/Trade Goods

Postby Winterthrust » Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:06 pm

I had a similar idea based on creating Trademarked corporations, custom made goods that they would sell and money being generated on that companies outreach. The Empire's willing to create outlets for it and the ability to supply those outlets with goods.
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Re: Consumer Products/Trade Goods

Postby Ben Buske » Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:26 pm


while I like the idea of being able to trade, I don't see what would make the difference, if you were to had yet another item to make. You can already make pots, crates, etc. and trade them. You can either send ships with an officer on cargo missions or do manual cargo runs. If you know what another player or colony needs, you could provide and and agree on terms, prices, etc.

Having simply some good called trade good, does not make much sense to me and does not seem to add anything new to the game, that is not already there.
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