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Re: More Visable City Status

Postby Jey123456 » Thu Oct 27, 2016 2:59 am

Deantwo wrote:
Jey123456 wrote:id rather have a window similar in functionality to the ship damage status, but instead that give the current info of the city your in.

Maybe a labor tab while you are at a fire department?

nan i mean something that remove hassle of having to spam city with hail for inventory just to see its pop, or having to go in the report tab to see its moral. Just like the spaceship damage window save you the trouble of having to go to every systems one by one + fire department is already useful, even if its labor tab is not. Id rather it not be attached to any building, but if it had to be, then the place that would make most sense would be either the flag or the capitol.
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Re: More Visable City Status

Postby Deantwo » Sun May 07, 2017 12:10 am

Just gonna bump this thread back to life.

One thing I really want added, is an "air raid siren" to go off when a city is under attack. Currently there is no indication that a city is under attack except for the inability to construct new buildings or change manufacturing lines. Could even have a similar siren when enemy spacecraft are in the city's ADIZ.

Could even go a little extra and spawn police aircraft to circle over the enemy, using spotlights at night and such.
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Re: More Visable City Status

Postby Teskham » Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:08 pm

How about a console, like a ship's console, in city hall that showed a map of the city with icons over it. The console could feature three modes. Morale, Health, and Production and have color coded icons green is good yellow is neutral and red is bad. In Morale all bonuses attributes from various building would appear green, the basic requirements yellow and insufficient red. Health could portray the health of a building green 100% yellow 99%-25% and Red 25% -1% gray icons could be used to show destroyed buildings. Production could show Green for running Yellow for full inventory or inactive (no one employed either too many jobs or the box is unchecked), red for insufficient resources.
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