2017-11-02 Animal Farms, Key Bindings, Jewelry Storage

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2017-11-02 Animal Farms, Key Bindings, Jewelry Storage

Postby Haxus » Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:56 am

Animal Farms
Farms now have a setting to specify the DNA of the livestock, instead of capturing the livestock from the environment.
  • A DNA sample of any animal can be used, except sentient races.
  • Animals are no longer spawned at farms from a DNA sample lying on the ground.
  • Placing an animal on a farm does not set the livestock DNA. In a harsh environment, it will not be replaced if it dies.
Key Bindings Bug
WIndow key bindings are now restored when SoH launches.

Jewelry Storage Devices
Jeweler can now develop a Jewelry Storage Device patent. Using that patent, the jeweler can combine jewelry and storage devices to make:
  • Thumb Drive Necklace
  • Thumb Drive Ring
  • Thumb Drive Bracelet
  • Storage Crystal Necklace
  • Storage Crystal Ring
  • Storage Crystal Bracelet
Wind/Rain Sound
The slight pitch and gain changes that are applied to wind and rain due to environmental conditions are now smoothed between changes. The stepping was really noticeable before the rain WAV was changed in the last update.

Gas Giant Terrain and Plants are Black
Fixed a texturing error that caused the plants and grassy terrain to be solid black in gas giant cities.

Cannot Forage on Gas Giant
Foraging on gas giant terrain is fixed.

Missions on Storage Devices
Missions can now be stored on storage devices.

Gas Giant Animals Die Instantly
Fixed a bug that killed aquatic animals in gas giant seas instantly.

UPDATE: This one is not fixed. I was repeatedly attacked by an aquatic creature (Acid Squid) that seemed quite healthy but some subterranean aquatic creatures (From the Depths) died right away.

Storage Device Copy Protection Broken
Copy protection of published designs is now observed properly when using storage devices.

Use-Once Blueprints on Storage Devices
Storage devices now erase use-once blueprints when the blueprint is used.

Exchange Media
When buying a blueprint at the exchange, you now specify which blank media to use, including storage devices.

Uncommon Minerals Overlay
The uncommon minerals overlay now excludes ice. The label was changed to say 'Uncommon Minerals / Stone, Eludium and Ice Omitted'. The old wording could be misunderstood to mean there were no rocks or eludium at all.

Open Channel
When someone opens a comm channel to you, it now produces a sound. Also, an initial message is broadcast on the new channel from whoever opened it, so the recipient of the new open channel can squelch them if desired. Besides suppressing all messages from the squelched sender, squelching prevents opening channels to you, which is not new. Previously, it wasn't that easy to squelch a person who opened a channel and never said anything.

City Founder
Cities now store the name and id of the avatar who founds them. The information appears in the header of the city report. Cities founded prior to this update did not store the information so no founder information will be reported.

Animals Die in Henge Portals
It was reported that animals are deleted if they go through a henge portal. They now get a short grace period at the arriving end before being deleted due to not being in anyone's scene. If nobody shows up soon after them, they will be gone.

City Under Attack Spam
The city under attack message is no longer sent once per minute. Someone complained that it was kind of spammy. The message is now sent once per three minutes while under attack.

Deadly Turbo Lifts
Turbo lifts should no longer leave random occupants behind, to die in vacuum if they aren't wearing their helmets.

Designer Crash
Fixed a bug that caused the designer to crash if you tried to preview a ship without a hull.

Crackling Fire, Torch, Drum Sounds Broken
The sounds of items in the environment are now fixed.

Ships on Gas Giant Report Lava
Ships submerged on gas giants now report their condition more accurately. If they have a submersible hull, they will simply report being submerged.

Deadly Water Surface
Swim up to a water surface and you take atmospheric pressure damage when you break through the surface. That was fixed.

Submersible Hull Buoyancy
Submersible ship hulls now have neutral buoyancy.

Special Ability Cool Down Icon Broken
The little clock icon is fixed that indicates when your special power is not yet ready for reuse.

Old Ship Designs Require Patents
Old ship designs should no longer require patents for systems they don't have, namely FTL, sensors and shields.

Repair Shop Recovery Team Q
The recovery of destroyed spacecraft by a repair shop is now limited to the same minimum Q as if that shop were going to repair the ship. That is, the shop Q must be at least 1/2 of the Q at which the ship was originally manufactured.

Cargo Transfer Category Filter
Cargo transfer window now has a category filter to limit the list of cargo.

Hold Access Duplicate Category Filter
The second category filter was removed from the hold access window. The one remaining filter now controls both lists of stuff: your gear and the ship's cargo.

Power Q
When electrical power is consumed by a manufacturing process, its Q is no longer included in the calculation of output Q. This is the same as for money, which was already ignored.

Number of Patents Selected
The windows to request and record patents now indicate the number of patents that are selected.

Server Crash
Fixed a crash that happened when the default manufacturing process was selected at a spacecraft factory. The person may have moved out of the area as the function was being processed.

Server Deadlock
Fixed a server deadlock that happened when two bombs detonated on a ship simultaneously. The bombs were type Bomb Bl, detonated by Anatidan. I bet you did not expect to blow up the server. :lol:
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