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Re: 2017-10-04 Designer Tutorial Video

Postby Deantwo » Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:38 am

Very nice and simple video.

However I do think the ending part where you are allocating hull volume to systems correctly shows why QL/TL scaling is a bad idea.
Rather than simply let the player know that a ship of this size won't work and he has to rethink the size or role of the ship, he has this random number that he can increase but have no idea what actually does.

A much more logical way to have solved your huge capacitor issue would have been to have a more advanced capacitor module to select. For example if you could choose a gigacell capacitor module that can store more terajoules per m³ than the standard capacitor module, the player would instantly know that this advanced type of module will likely require advanced resources to produce.

As I have been trying to point out in my last few posts, you don't need a number to represent technology. You already have plenty of tools to add technology to the game, and none of them require a redundant number slapped ontop.
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