2017-08-31 Refit and Restricted Areas

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2017-08-31 Refit and Restricted Areas

Postby Haxus » Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:45 am

Refit Spacecraft
Refit of spacecraft is now complete. This enables a single ship design to be used for many different roles. It is one of the best features of these new ship designs because of the versatility it brings to those beautifully designed ships. With the old designs, you would have to revisit the design studio and manufacture a new ship to accomplish what this refit does.
  • Refit tab added to the spacecraft service request window.
  • Sliders to allocate volume of each system from total hull volume are presented.
  • Adjust sliders and request an estimate. City responds.
  • Airport repair shop of high enough TL is needed.
  • City must have all of the materials in stock that are needed.
  • The estimate is based on a before and after comparison of manufacturing processes. Additional materials may be needed. Excess used materials are lost.
Design Properties Slider Bug
A bug on the design properties window enabled the sum of the system volumes to be different from the total hull volume. That bug is fixed.

Spacecraft exist with this volume discrepancy between systems and hull. This condition is reported on the refit window. Any refit will fix the problem. As suggested on the refit window, enter a 1 into the fuel volume control to fix the error without changing the volume of anything else.

Rig for Repairs Order
The ship must be rigged for repairs to be refit. The wording was changed on the rig for repairs order to mention refit. It was also changed to make it a bit clearer what the order does, since it actually tells crew and officers to do different things.

The crew rigs the ship for repairs and then sits patiently waiting for the order to be over. The crew does not repair the ship.

The officer, if they have the con, calls for repairs from a city, like the way a human captain would ask for repairs.

Restricted Areas of Ships
Access to restricted areas of ships is now implemented, at least to the level it was implemented in old ship designs.
  • Room voids have this property on their user interface.
  • Access is granted to officers, crew, troops and passengers using a check box.
  • Captain has implicit access to all rooms.
  • At present, this is used to find places to put new people aboard ships and it is used by passengers to decide where to go when they walk around.
  • In old style ships, this kind of access is implicit according to room type. This change does not affect them.
Exterminator Stopped Cleaning House
The exterminator request on the spacecraft services window no longer cleans up food lying about. That function was moved to a Request House Keeping button. That way you can get rid of rats without messing with your food, if you had some lying there that you didn't want taken away.

The exterminator mission order options did not change and a new order was not added. When carrying out the exterminator mission order, an officer performs both functions, exterminating and cleaning.

On a company ship, each service costs 100c. The officer hires the exterminator first, then the cleaning crew, cost permitting.

Exterminator and house keeping services are controlled by the Repairs export policy. A city with an airport or a repair shop provides the services.

Landing Gear
Landing gear now functions properly. It was not changing state visibly when retracted. Helm buttons did not change according to changes in landing gear state. Those problems were fixed.

State animations are not implemented yet. Landing gear appears to change instantly from extended to retracted.

NPCs do not use landing gear yet. They do not change the state of the landing gear at all. They will.

Floor Click Destinations
You can now click the floor in your area aboard new ship designs, to order selected units to go there.
  • New designs do not easily permit a top-down tactical view of ship decks for ordering people around so you can't to do that any more, except in old style designs.
  • In new designs, click locations are projected into the invisible plane on which you are standing, regardless of room geometry. If the resulting location is inside a room, it is accepted.
  • Order destination location now glows green for a moment, to confirm. This occurs in all places, not just new ships.
Assembly Publish Error
Published Atlantis as an assembly and got all kinds of crazy error messages. Fixed an error when building the communications packet to send to the server. I will republish Atlantis as an assembly after the servers are restarted.

Ship Designs List Error
When I tried to publish a design in the exchange, my list of ship designs was not showing all of my designs. That is fixed.

Error Too Many Open Files
After hanging even more pictures on my walls, my client program started coughing out errors about too many open files. This was caused by an io stream resource that was not being cleaned up properly. It is fixed.

Door Lock/Unlock Range
You now have to be close to a door to lock or unlock it. Previously, it was only limited to sight distance so you could lock a door as long as you could see it.
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Re: 2017-08-31 Refit and Restricted Areas

Postby Haxus » Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:14 am

An internal version number changed so all platform clients must be done building before this update can be posted. Otherwise, some people can be unable to log in until their client gets updated.

Well, that's it for new ship designs, at least as far as unimplemented features go. I still have some bugs to fix in the designer but no new features to add, for now. It is functional, adequate, with plenty of room to grow.

I expect to spend the next few weeks fixing bugs. It will be a welcome relief.

Sometime in the near future I will make tutorial videos for the new designer. It was my plan to make them after the designer was done. I suppose I can't put it off much longer.
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