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2018-05-24 City Report Crash, Web Server Upgrade, Helmet HUD
Building Count Morale
Morale effect of too many buildings on a world is now reported. As with other morale effects, this is only informational until we see that it is working ok and people have time to adjust.

Helmet and Suit Integrity Indicators
Helmet HUD now has helmet and suit integrity indicators. Suit integrity indicator is grey when you are not wearing an environment suit. When diving under water, only a helmet is needed, not new just mentioning it for information.

City Report Crash
City report causes a crash on the server and the client due to division by zero.


Design Unload Bug
Finalize a bunch of designs in the designer. Exit the designer. Those new designs are not there to publish.


Commission Ship Crash
Commission construction of a use-once design that is on use-once media, like paper or disk. Client side gear does not update. Attempt to commission that same design again. Server crashes.

  • Server no longer crashes if that happens.
  • Client is updated right away when the media is removed.
Web Server Upgrade
Web server was upgraded. This took a lot of time this week. Details are posted here.

The old forum can be accessed at the following URL.

Helmet HUD
Helmet HUD is rendered on top of the health bars, making them look washed out.

The server connection to PayPal is hooked up and working.

With that, the server migration appears to be complete.

I'll get back to working on the game on Tuesday, after the three-day Memorial Day weekend. See you then.

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