Poll: My friend is a friend of my enemy. When asked for known city information for star map queries...
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I don’t want my friends to reveal my positions to my enemies.
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I don’t want my friends to conceal the positions of my enemies when asked.
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2019-06-27 Star Map Cities, Star Map Search, Star Map XML Nerf
(06-28-2019, 02:13 PM)Deantwo Wrote: The search tool is nice, but I can already see a few quality of life changes that are missing.
But you will be spending a lot of time fixing minor quality of life issues on this. That is why leaving it to the community is easier and more community friendly.

And as mentioned already, you are trying to to fix a major issue by making the game hard to play. That is definitely the way way to do it.
Yes it is wonderful that we now have a search tool in-game, it allows players that don't know about the third-party tools to play better. But having this in-game search tool does not mean that third-party tools are undesired or useless.

This is a commercial game.  Having the option to use third party tools is always nice, but it should never be required in order to reasonably play the game.  That has long been one of the most glaring issues with SoH, and I'm glad work is finally being done to correct it.

It would be nice if we could keep using those tools, but sometimes the best way to get something done right is to smash people's crutches and force the issue.  This is especially true when a developer is too busy developing to do thorough play-testing.  Time is finite, so indie game devs have to rely heavily on players to report issues that they might never notice on their own.  If those players can just opt out of the built-in systems by using superior third-party tools, the feedback for the internal tools is liable to be sparse and newbie-centric.  Furthermore, when alternatives are available the tools feel less important to fix and the improvements get perpetually delayed.  As much as you might feel that's acceptable, it isn't.  This is a commercial product.  It needs to stand on its own feet.

Sometimes growth is painful, but Hazeron will be better for it over the long term.

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