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Factory Complexes and Civilian Malls
The current building system is a little too complicated. You need massive buildings of each building type, and you need to know the exact blueprint to know what buildings types it works as.
See: (Idea thread) Building Blueprint Simplification

But this leaves us with one big question: Why can't my gigantic super mall building contain both casinos and grocery stores? Or why can't my mega factory building have an electronics floor and a computer factory floor? Why can't I have one huge building that does everything?

If we start with just the idea of "Factory Complexes" and "Civilian Malls", since these functions aren't necessarily unique in their appearance, but are likely best to keep factory and morale functions separate.
Basically the idea would be to design a big building that is without a specific type. Once you have constructed the building, you can go to it and add functions to it. In a sense just volume allocation for buildings.

For example: We construct a giant super mall building and then allocate half of its volume/rooms/floors/whatever to work as casinos, and the other half as grocery stores. Then later we find out that we didn't need that many casinos, we re-allocate most of those to churches.
Same works with factories, allowing us to dynamically allocate the amount of different workshops we want and the amount of each workshops.

Re-allocating the volume/rooms/floors/whatever can cause the building to undergo re-construction. Possibly consume some tools or commodities appreciate for the types. For example allocating computer factory workshops might require some soldering tools, and allocating churches might require stone and wood.
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I like the idea of 'Building Moduals' So a building blueprint has X offices and Y workshops, and the Frame requires Z time to build. First the frame in built as buildings are now, then you assign the moduals to the building, each requiring a number of offices and workshops, so the first smelter modual might take one office, but all smelter moduals after just take workshops.  Meaning adding many factory types require many offices to manage them, but can still build one office if the building has one purpose.

The idea of building moduals implies options to 'Refit' a building, and that to me implies options to find moduals from exploration besides just construction and patents.

For this to be just as easy as current construction we should be able to assign default moduals, and save modual layouts to disk as we save missions.

All in all, agree with multi-purpose buildings, and being able to refit them. Will improve city planning gameplay with both simplifying the means of correcting poorly planed cities, and allowing for more complex fine tuning.

The implications of what this could do for military buildings however is even more exciting. refitting turrets and shield gens will greatly decrease the needed number of blueprints for fine tuned defenses.
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The building system does not need another change. It is no more complicated than it's ever been, and assigning volumes for each building does not simplify anything.

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