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May in Review
Shores of Hazeron : May in Review

Welcome to another month in review for Shores of Hazeron! Smaller update as I've been busy away from Hazeron. Lets get started!

Three updates this month, Firstly was the widely anticipated Biodomes. Then We saw the re-addition of Drilling rigs. And lastly a smaller update with Capital Jurisdiction

Our Update of The Month for May goes to Drilling rigs, for the addition of platforms! For use on many kinds of planets they allow for all new visual styles in cities where they can be built in the skies, sea surfaces, and over rough terrain.

State of the game:

Unfortunately May seems to be a quiet month. Only 3 updates, despite their vast addition for city content. They have not brought much for those of us who are searching for more space exploration. Hopefully in the coming months we'll see more reasons to take a step back from the designer and take to the stars.

With low updates come low populations, maxing at 10 players in early May and averaging around five. Fortunately It looks like we may see higher averages in the future ending the back half of the month with frequent player counts closer to 8.

In terms of politics the top 5 for the conflict zone remain unchanged for the month last I saw, with the month ending with Reaume del Seint Graal at 5th with 49 worlds, Foxtail with 51 worlds at 4th, Solstice holding 100 worlds in 3rd, Sith being 2nd with 134, and lastly at the top of the leader board with 16 galaxies, 276 sectors, 456 solar systems and an amazing 1,060 worlds we find Weltreich, still in 1st.
These numbers may have changed though, as Empire standings have not been loading for me.

That's all for this month. Fell free to add anything I may have missed below and I'll try to get any changes in those areas out next month.

Also, once Empire standings are back up I'll update this post with the proper numbers if need be, Watch for the bump here.
Till then, fly safe and stay active!
We are the Dreadknought Conspiracy. Please discard all further questions.

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