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2018-06-12 Morale COUNTDOWN
Reading the log and can't my head get off the "baby production".
(06-17-2018, 12:40 AM)AnrDaemon Wrote: Reading the log and can't my head get off the "baby production".

My wife looked over my shoulder and asked about the exact same thing.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
(06-16-2018, 01:47 PM)Haxus Wrote: Oops. I said that wrong. Baby production stops when morale is less than or equal to the negative count of breeding pairs. So one breeding pair stops when morale is -1 or less. Five breeding pairs stop when morale is -5 or less.

Morale has the strongest effect on procreation when the population is small. As the population grows, the effect of morale becomes less significant, eventually irrelevant.
cool thanks.

(06-16-2018, 01:53 PM)Haxus Wrote: I am creating and publishing basic models of each kind of morale building. There is a hospital and arena by Haxus now. I just need to make a park and a zoo to eliminate the last of my morale negatives.

Each new type flushes out a bug or other loose end. They will get attention in due course. My focus atm is morale effects.
nice that would help alot. i tried making a zoo and it said i needed a field. i added a field and it still said i needed a field, so i couldnt figure it out.

as for my question on what stats on a building affect how effective it is on increasing morale, i tried making a super church to experiment with these numbers myself, but after i saved it, i couldnt figure out how to actually build it. wont show up on the list when i select my building type
In my own case, I would find a small extension useful, if only because I've been away lately and the build times for some buildings are so long! But I wouldn't want the whole schedule disrupted just for my sake, if it proves difficult.

I also seem to be getting an abandonment penalty - are new cities not tying into old sector and empire capitals? Is that an easy fix?
There is no schedule cast in concrete. I will allow more time.
For things like casinos and cantinas, is it lounges or offices which affect the morale penalty? Can we have information on what is the "active ingredient" for all morale buildings, just for the record and so it's idiot-proofed?

I'm getting a -21 overpop penalty in a city with 11,169 people: isn't the lowest world limit a little bit more than that, or did the numbers change again?

EDIT: The morale building info is on the wiki, I discovered, but perhaps on the tooltip/building code too?
The population limit for the smallest size world is 11,269. The morale penalty begins at 1/2 of that population and grows worse to -20 at the maximum population, exceeding -20 beyond that.

It looks like there might be an off-by-one-bug in that calculation. At 11,169, the morale should have been -20.
Ah, thank you, that makes sense. I've placed all the buildings I need to now, I think, but they are taking much longer for the AI to build than the designer estimates. Other than that I should be prepared - perhaps you could complete them instantly before updating? Otherwise, not sure exactly how long it will take.

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