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Improving magmium
Magmium is in an odd place ever since the tech levels were removed, since there is absolutely no reason to use it as a building material for most things. Outside of a very few things that use magmium sinks, there is not even really a reason to harvest that stuff. If you can get magmium you can (usually) also get vulc, and unless there is a truely huge QL difference the vulc version will probably be better (not to mention that it is usually easier to find a good source of vulc then finding one of magmium, since you get 3 times as many rolls on the QL per planet, and even a single node is enough if you just drop a 3k+ worker harvester on it).

To give our poor magmium a sense of purpose again, I suggest to make magmium built ships and power armor resistant to atmospheric damage.
For ships, maybe a staggered resistance depending on armor levels.
0.0 - 1.9 no extra resistance.
2.0 - 4.9 take 30% less damage from exotic or corrosive planets
5.0 - 7.9 take 60% less damage
8.0 - 10.0 treat every atmosphere as they would a standard one

Power armor would get a flat 80% or so reduction in damage from hostile weather.

Since magmium hulls and PA would still be much weaker then vulc or adamantine to weapons fire it would give them a "civilian" role.
You'd use magmium shuttles, colonizers and PA when building in hostile environments, and you'd still use vulc/ada on ships dedicated to going pew-pew.
Deltova - Havenite Shipyards

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