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Recall Home Issues
Not sure if its a bug or a PEBKAC so apologies in advance if so.

One of my friends joined my empire and i invited him to teleport to my location to see my city.

Problem is, either his home teleport doesn't function correctly or he never set one properly so its spawning him in our empire capital.

Our colonies are on opposite sides of the galaxy and we don't have the tech yet to send him home on a ship.

Is there anything that can be done? I had thought about setting the distant planet as our empire capital etc but it seems you have to be physically present at a capitol building to change this.

I feel that this is kinda a gameplay loop 'bug' in a way. If you can accept an invite to teleport you should be able to teleport back to your last location / at least get a very big warning its one way. I know this could open up potential exploits, but i dont think it would be too unfair to allow also remote declaration of capitals.
The recall home ability will always first send you to a destination as follows:
  1. The spacecraft you have a berth aboard (if it is not in stasis or its life support is offline)
  2. The home city (if one is declared)
  3. Your empire's empire capitol
  4. A random empire city
So it depends on what your friend left behind before leaving.
Was the city part of your empire or his own empire?
Was it declared his home city?
Did he change empire or build a city in your system or declare your city as a home city after arriving?


I forget if a thought message is given when your home city is changed, but name of your home city should be displayed on the Bio window.

If your friend's city is part of your empire and he has no home city declared, he should in theory be able to recall to it at random if you undeclare your empire capital. Assuming we can even do that.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
1. No spaceships.
2. This is where it appears it either didn't set his home city, or he forgot to do it (given room for a PEBKAC).
3. He is part of my empire, hence he respawns at our capital which is on other side of galaxy.

He has not changed empire since arriving here. Nor did he reset any home city setting. He has also built nothing here in my system - only claimed something with a flag.

I tried to undeclare the capital the other night but i don't think you can - just set a new one.

Hopefully that answers the above. Ill get him to check his bio window. Thanks Dean!
Workaround, I think: could you not surrender the capital to a placeholder empire? I don't think it would automatically transfer.
(05-01-2019, 12:06 PM)Vectorus Wrote: Workaround, I think: could you not surrender the capital to a placeholder empire? I don't think it would automatically transfer.

That is a good idea yeah. But to do it simpler, have him leave your empire and found a new temporary one. Then surrender his city to his temporary empire and have him try to recall home. Since it is his only empire city he should be recalled to it. Then he can surrender the city back to you and join your empire again. Be sure he sets his city as his home city.

And yeah to prevent this in the future, leave an alt in your distant cities so you always have an avatar there.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo

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