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Pirate Plunder Value
Pirates supposedly spend their whole day pinching other people's best stuff. When you actually climb aboard and try to redress the balance, however, they hide it all under the floorboards. You're left with some ammo and a Q32 glass of water.

When you attack a pirate ship that has been plundering Q255 Antiflux shipments, it would be rewarding and fitting to find large caches of Q255 Antiflux, and other materials based on what's actually found in empire buildings and ships within that sector, or being shipped through it. A bit of proxy warfare, setting up pirate bases in enemy sectors, then creaming off their profits, might emerge, all for the sake of Fun.

This applies even more to pirate bases, which should be heaps of treasure once you manage to fight through. Right now I'm not even sure that you can take from their inventories? Certainly not their military inventories.

Some suggestions for rarer loot from the discord chat have been:
-Preons to systems with other actual pirate bases from the same empire throughout the universe.
-System modules for ships.
-Ships in hangars.
A few more ideas:
  • One time use blueprints (pirate blueprints?)
  • High level crew that can be added to your spacecraft's roster
  • Patents (maybe some special ones that can only be acquired from pirates?)
  • Random papers with bits of lore written on them
  • Paper detailing a recent victim and their coordinates (small punishment for letting pirates get away?)
I do like the idea of having the pirates actually have some of the TEUs that have been stolen from nearby shipments.

I have also suggested that spacecraft eject escape pods and cargo containers upon destruction. If inside a gravity well they would be pulled in and land on the surface of worlds or be destroyed if pulled into stars and black holes.
Then ships could drop loot that way. Fight enemies outside of gravity wells or make sure loot will land on the surface of a world where you can find it. Or use tractor beams to pull in the loot?

Destroyed buildings could also drop cargo containers.

The content could be the same as suggested in this thread. But doesn't have to be limited to only pirates, could get loot from destroying player owned ships and buildings this way too.

Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
(04-30-2019, 08:36 PM)Deantwo Wrote: [*]High level crew that can be added to roaster
Roasted pirates? Gimme two please!
This is something I highly hope is on the plan for a steam release.

Pirates are a perfect place to start placing 'end game' content. Patents, Blueprints, Rare commodities, and other Items only able to be obtained though this conquest gives players something to do while player counts are low, as well as something to trade and fight over when player counts are high.

I know it may seem like these are suggestions for a single player game, adding a focus on PvE and player cooperation, but with player counts usually in the single digits we need to ensure Hazeron is fun to play as a single player game. Make it fun to play with low player counts and as the galaxy regains population we can focus more on player interactions.

For now, I'd at least hope to find low to mid ql moduals, weapons, or patents on pirate ships as well as being able to loot or pillage pirate and player buildings
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