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2019-04-16 TEU Shipments, Hand Craft, Bank Cash Flow, Ship Title
TEU Shipments
Broker shipments were intended to be something players could carry. This was never completed.

Players can now pick up and deliver TEU shipments.
  • To request TEU shipments, a button was added to the dialog for requesting things for sale.
  • To unload TEU shipments, a button was added to the dialog for offering things for sale.
This mechanic may evolve based on actual game experience. At present, there is no cost to pick up a TEU shipment. The delivery fee is based on delivering the package at the estimated delivery time. The delivery fee increases if you are early and it decreases if you are late.

Hand Craft
New style manufacture buildings do not add handcraft options if you stand on their site

Fixed addition of building-specific processes to the hand craft list. Added some visual indicators to point them out.

Fixed use of patents when hand crafting. Patents at the building and in your gear are searched to satisfy patent requirements of hand craft processes.

Military HQ on Sensors
Hm. Well, i noticed that military HQs are not visible on sensors both enemy and friendly


Company Hail Response
Company ships do not respond to hail.

Fixed various replies from company ships that were not working.

Production DNA
I have some leather production with using animal DNA but result leather clothing doesnt match it

Fixed a bug that lost DNA during the manufacturing process.

Headless Body
It turns off your whole body. Add a setting to turn off just your head.

There is now a setting to turn off the head of your body. This is sometimes helpful when head geometry intrudes into your vision, such as horns or jaws. This only affects your appearance in your own scene. Other players always see your head.

Bank Cash Flow
Report should show bank cash flow.

City report now provides a more detailed report of income and expenses of your city.

Spacecraft Title
You should be able to sell a ship title like any other commodity

Use the Spacecraft Policy page to create copies of a company ship's title of ownership onto a blank piece of paper or blank disk. Any person in possession of a title can use it to claim ownership of the property on the title. When ownership is claimed using a title, all other existing titles become null and void, with a note showing who claimed the property and when. The spacecraft on the title hails the new owner with its location, even if it is in stasis or in a hangar.

Weapon Bay Selector
Also perhaps related, because each weapon bay is now associated to a specific Firestation, you cannot switch between weapon bays at the commander chair

Fixed clipping error on the panel that caused it to only show the first digit of the current weapon system, which is usually 1.

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