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2019-04-08 Recall to Building, Designer Vacant, PVE Dynamite, Buildings on Radar
Recall Inside Building
Must fix spawn recall to building to find a place inside the building. Otherwise, recalling to a harsh environment is deadly.

When recalling to a building, a location inside the building is queried first, before finding a location outside.

I would not recommend declaring your home at a building with inaccessible interior rooms.

Designer Vacant
Occupied designer instance says Vacant. Can't join existing?

Designer building window now shows occupied status correctly.

Part Seal Bug
Part seal bug. Select part. Enter face mode. Select sealed part for access to it.

Face mode now reverts to part mode when a sealed part is selected in the parts list, that was not sealed by the current designer/architect.

PVE Dynamite
Dynamite thrown by me in pve zone damaged a players ship.

Fixed a bug that allowed shrapnel damage to ignore the pve zone protection.

Warp Engage Atmo Dive
There seems to be an atmo dive bug due to AI entering warp while still aimed near the edge of a planet/star.

I changed the AI pilot to delay engaging the FTL drive until orbital altitude above the planet is well above the altitude that stations orbit. I also increased the on-course precision required before engaging the FTL drive.

Buildings on Radar
Would be nice if military buildings showed up on helmet radar

All buildings now show up on helmet radar as a box. Military buildings are distinguished with an X across the box. Box size is an approximation of the buildings at a site, up to a maximum box size.

Server Deadlock
Servers have been plagued by lockups recently.

The server reconfig was very helpful, absolutely necessary to find this bug. Now that thread call stacks can be traced again, it was back to the usual, unraveling the ball of string to find the knot. In this case it was a spacecraft fetching a vehicle to a parking spot, while a battle raged elsewhere among the threads.

This bug was the primary reason for the restart today. A server was locked this morning and the stack trace led back to this deadlock. The fix only affects server code.

Client updates aren't finished building yet; I'll post them as they finish.

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