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Minimum Population for City to Count Towards Ranking
It is currently possible to spam capitals on every planet you encounter to increase your empire's ranking. Empire ranking should probably be based off of a score that is calculated from a combination of officered ships, population, and number of worlds colonized, with a minimum population of maybe 100 required for a planet to count towards an empire's score.
Toss in average quality of all spacecraft and patents maybe.
As long as it is a calculated value that doesn't show each contributing factor separately it won't really hurt anyone to use stuff like that.

Could even make it take the average population of all cities too.

Random formula example:
Empire Score = ( average Spacecraft quality + average Patent quality ) / 2 + average City population * number of Cities with >100 population

Things to consider:
  • Should Bases be counted as cities or separately?
  • Number of avatars in the empire?
  • Number of ships?
  • Number of other empires encountered (that have a capital)?
  • Population of worlds with no city or base?
  • Worlds claimed with or without buildings/cities/bases?
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
If the number of avatars count, make it so different paid accounts have a greater value than alt avatars of the same account. Or just make it a small gain by avatar, so it's not interesting to increase your rank with alt avatars and it won't penalize one-man empires like Mortius'.

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