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Ships not using channel
Hail my fleet, Some ships report on Hail channel. Open a private channel to one of them.

Ship will then fail to respond to any communication (mission, berth request etc.) on said channel except a hail, which it will answer yet again in the Hail channel. 

On the Fleet channel, I try "report status". Ship in question says, "status report was sent on private channel". No private channel was opened. No report was sent on any channel including public channels.

Prevents berthaporting.
So wasn't fully fixed?
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
(03-05-2019, 11:43 AM)Deantwo Wrote: So wasn't fully fixed?

It would seem not. I don't know if this particular problem came in more recently. I hadn't noticed it before.

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