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mold ships like we can with clay
as subject says. to maybe make it easier to make creative stuff

your gunna love this anr Big Grin
Didn't know 3D manipulators became standard computer accessory.

I think we already have an option to use different parts from other designs that can be just moved close together.
The thing is that we dont have library of ready to be molded shapes like rooms with voids, weapons with consoles and other stuff. There is no library for that sadly.
For example in designer you could open library with small or big parts from different players and you simply choose them and paste at grid origin
think about it this way instead of just pulling a face you can push and fold multiple faces with out having to go nuts on presenting it up
(03-04-2019, 01:21 AM)nightslaysanta Wrote: as subject says. to maybe make it easier to make creative stuff

You can already do this. Just find some compatible software that can export to .3ds files.

I am sure there also exist companies you can mail an object to and they send you back a .3ds file with a model of the object.
(If not you can go start a company like that yourself.)
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Blender has a sculpt mode, it's quite fun. You can also use VR modelling programmes if you want to be really "handsy". As Dean says, just make sure you can export to .3ds or .stl!
its a pain to import them in to hazeron as it has a large chancce of not working to just coming out funny
When you experience such issues, try this helpful tool.
Should make your life better.
anr seams like you need it the most

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