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Suggestions 2019
I'll preface this "Suggestion" with some points on my concerns, as well as a full disclaimer that I am still learning this game and some information might be incorrect. Please don't flame me, I'm just trying to help a game I have passion for. I understand it's a tremendous amount of work for one man.

Key topics in this post:
1. Lack of information
2. Research
3. Blueprints
4. Interface

Let's dig in.

*Lack of information*:
Currently the game's Wikipedia page is incredibly outdated, and often missing information. If it is present, it's almost impossible to find - simple questions require pestering players to get answers, and often times there isn't a reply. The help beacon will be met with static. My personal experience on this issue was a civilization that wouldn't get any citizens until I built an airport, while I still barely had a stone quarry. Who would even think to do that? Nothing on the Wikipedia about that.

How to fix:
It's time to make this game easier to understand, perhaps by putting up a question log on the main website to see what areas people are confused about and by allowing their respective answers to be displayed clearly and effectively on the Wikipedia, players will not only get the help they need now but future players would as well. Veteran players should take time to update the game's wikipedia, and help players as much as they can(but not required too). It should not be a trial by fire to play a game. Targoss is not a replacement for something every game should have. I believe this question post and reply would replace the help channel in-game, and would allow for actually getting a response and not just giving up.

The biggest concern for me currently, patents feel like a very cheap placeholder and detract greatly from the sense of accomplishment that used to be present in the game in the form of Tech Levels. Patents are ridiculously cheap and easy to make, and are not centralized - having them spread out through every building is stress inducing and pulls you out of the game. While it's cool to have specialized buildings developing "methods" for creating new materials; It's not really how it ever happens or even practical. Think of a mine developing nuclear material mining methods. It just doesn't make sense to me, the mine would have been created after that method was discovered not before.

How to fix:
Remove patents entirely to be replaced with a more Factorio like structure that is centralized and done from one building(maybe the university?) that allows you to view the tree from the capital, or a separate window. If you aren't familiar with this structure, it's essentially a tier based tree that allows for progression down various tracks based on what you currently understand. Research should take considerable time and money + resources to develop both generalized and specific methods for manipulating the game - such as "advanced material processing 1-5" for mining and processing different tiers of ore. This would greatly extend the value of the game, the time people put in, and the sense of accomplishment that would only build off of itself as you progress in the tree. Most importantly, It would keep people playing.

As if the game wasn't already complicated enough, blueprints are an added layer of complexity that while some players might say there are tutorials for, there really aren't. It's great that it allows for almost limitless possibilities, but it's costing too much on the end of the user who just wants a simple spaceship. While the tutorials supplied by Haxus are mostly sufficient, the designer itself has a lot of fundamental flaws in the ease of use category. I think it's silly that I have to constantly move the grid to new objects just to have them work right. I have thousands of hours worth of experience designing levels for several different kinds of game engines, and working with X/Y/Z grid planes isn't foreign to me - Yet, I still haven't been able to design a working ship. You shouldn't have to be a 3D modeler to make a spaceship in a game, but allowing people to take advantage of this system if they are capable is very nice. See my attached photo for what I would prefer as an editor.

How to fix:
Create a easy to see and understand blueprint system that is present at all times within the spaceship factory, and have a set of standardized Hazeron provided ship types that are free to use by any player and always accessible. While advertising that all models in-game are built by players is pretty sick, there should always be a reference.

This is difficult to address. I'm not even fully sure I'm even capable of determining how I would fix this issue, but it needs to be discussed. This game is very complex and it allows for the user to really let their imagination run wild, but it must be admitted that the current interface is incredibly convoluted. There is a lot of information that is similar and not grouped together, interfaces that could be combined and easier to use(Inventory, gear, crafting - I'm looking at you). It seems to be a common problem in this game offering incredible options, but hours of learning to even do the simplest of tasks(not a bad thing, just no resources really). Once again I honestly don't know how I would fix the UI, but I know it needs to change.

EDIT: Some other things that could be added;
1. An actual play button within the launcher, not images. (wtf)
new players don't need to see a mine for a farm.

Thanks, I look forward to reading your replies.

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First of all, hi!
It is normally better to make a thread for each topic, that way we have more on-topic discussions and less confusion. Also shorter walls of text. Thread title is also rather useless in this case because of the many separate subjects.

(03-01-2019, 02:11 PM)Kakashi Wrote: *Lack of information*:

Wiki. Yes parts of the wiki is a little out of date, mainly pages referring to old TL system and lack of designer guides. I still need to update the rest of the old building pages, but they are still relatively ok.

The in-game Help channel being empty isn't really new. I don't think anyone has ever really used it. Would be kinda cool if we could link that channel up with the Discord server's help channel, since that is much easier to notice and help players from there when we aren't online.

(03-01-2019, 02:11 PM)Kakashi Wrote: *Research*:

You can already research all patents at the university, and patents are automatically propagated out to all buildings in your empire every hour or so.

But yes I have voiced some of the same desires. I still don't fully see the reason to have patent research at each building. And even if there is a reason, it just seems messy. Requiring a university doesn't seem like much of an issue and does make a little sense.
I have suggested that patent research should get a more visual tree interface, rather than use the exact same system as manufacturing.

(03-01-2019, 02:11 PM)Kakashi Wrote: *Blueprints*:

There are already public blueprints available in the blueprint exchange, but we could always use more.
Other than that I don't have much more so say on that subject, since I hardly use the new designer as is.

(03-01-2019, 02:11 PM)Kakashi Wrote: *Interface*:

There are many things to improve sure, but finding a bigger and clearer way of doing them takes some work. I will agree that Haxus has a bad habit of using images for all his buttons, which makes them really hard to find. This might however require a more UI specialized person to figure out or design.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Blueprints should default to their types, namely in construction. A returning player quit right away after being overwhelmed with zero resources to guide him.

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(03-02-2019, 03:18 PM)Kakashi Wrote: Blueprints should default to their types, namely in construction. A returning player quit right away after being overwhelmed with zero resources to guide him.

And that is yet another issue I keep pointing to.
See: Empire Approved Building Blueprints List
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
What did you think of the other designer I embedded? It's Source SDK.
(03-02-2019, 10:32 PM)Kakashi Wrote: What did you think of the other designer I embedded? It's Source SDK.

I haven't used the new designer too much, only made two buildings with it. I don't have a lot of modeling experience from before Hazeron, so I can't comment to much on it. I do however know that that view is somewhat standard yeah, and people have suggested it before.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo

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