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Turbolifts are broken
I'm not sure if this is an issue solely with my designs, or more widespread. I'd say about 3 or 4 months ago turbo lifts worked "alright" (as in it might take a few tries but they generally moved me around). However since then they simply do not operate. The ship has respawned due to destruction twice, and the lifts remain inoperable. I have tried sending them to different decks multiple times, even waited 24 hours after a request (left it logged on) and it never traveled. They will come when called to the floor, I have not attempted having another person call it while I am in it. This occurs for two ships I have of the same model (the only ships I have with turbo lifts). Once I have a shipyard up I will manufacture another ship of the same model and see if it's turbo lifts work, although I wouldn't be surprised if they do as these two ships worked fine initially. It just seems as though over time they stopped. Let me know if you'd like to check them out, I can give you their info.
I can second this. I can enter the lifts fine, and even send them to another floor, but when the lift moves it leaves me behind in an empty void. Mine also worked fine initially.
I have worked at various times on the problem of turbo lifts leaving the occupants behind. Is this still a problem?

I use the turbo lift on my ship all the time and I can't recall the last time it left me behind. I thought the problem was fixed.
In recent times, I've only experienced this problem when on a slower server. I find that making sure I don't move at all between clicking the next stop and actually arriving helps a little. Nevertheless, it is not eliminated.

Martianant's initial problem of lifts not moving at all, I've not had.

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