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2019-02-11 Transporters, System Map, Helicopter
Transport to Transporter
Beam across ship to other transporter is broken.

There was never an unambiguous way of transporting to a specific transporter room aboard a ship. This used to sort of work if you called for a beam up while standing in a transporter room of a spacecraft with more than one transporter room. If the ship had more than two transporter rooms, the result was unpredictable.

The transporter destinations window now lists individual transporters aboard your ship and other ships.

Transporter Select Bug
Transporter station. Ship to ship. Can't select target visible on the screen.

Fixed transporter screen selection bug.

Transport to Ship Broken
Beam to other ship by selecting it on the transporter station broken. After selecting the target ship on the transporter screen, the transporter will not energize.

Fixed bug collecting information about the target of the transporter beam.

System Map Update Bug
The system map does not update when you survey the current system. It still shows as unsurveyed.

Fixed system map update bug.

HUD Hold Indicator
Aircraft HUD does not show holding indicator.

Holding indicator added to HUD.

Throttle Kill Hold
Once the helicopter is locked in hover mode, you can kill the throttle and remain in the air.

Changes to the throttle control now cause the helicopter hover to be disabled.

Helicopter Climb/Descend Controls
Helicopter climb/descend controls were handy. Put them back.

Helicopter controls now include climb and descend controls. These act to temporarily push the throttle to its maximum or minimum, returning to its previous position when released. The default binding on the keyboard is up/down arrows; on the joystick it is the hat control on top of the stick.

Buy/Sell Percentage Bars
Moving the 'buy percentage slider' no longer updates the actual percentage on a spaceship mission order.

Fixed several of the slider bars to update the associated label with the new current percentage.

Officer Status Error
"Empire Roostaria Starship RSS Core Explorer reports as ordered. Our overall system health is 2%; the biggest problem is at 0%."

Fixed formatting of officer status messages.

Officer Reply Bug
Are ships beyond sector range supposed to reply on the hail channel and not open a direct channel to you, only to have to open one yourself and not have all the commands work?

Found/fixed a couple of officer replies that would have failed beyond solar system range.

Building View Distance Bug
Building view distance broken at far distance. Set it to a large number and all buildings disappear.

Fixed 32 bit integer truncation error.

Jobs Do Not Get Done
Citizens need to change jobs periodically or some jobs never get done.

Citizens will now decide at random intervals to quit their current job to find a different job. This causes a brief delay in the execution of their current job, as the job waits until the next cycle to attempt to replace the worker. When morale is lower than zero, people quit their jobs more often.

Gas Giant Extraction Processes
Extract myrathane and flomentum processes not shown at gas giant.

Fixed an error when deciding which processes are available in the current environment.

Harvest Q Bug
Harvester should harvest the Q of resources on the scan report. Cryozine's station is not harvesting hydrogen Q of world atmo.

Spacecraft harvesters are now consistent with buildings, collecting the Q of the resources as shown on the scan report. When a patent is required, the patent Q acts as an upper limit to the Q of the harvested commodity.

Motor Bike Lift
Lift controls never show while on a motor bike.

Fixed error that prevented lift controls from being accessible while on a vehicle.

Access Panel System Number
Look at access panel should say which system number when it matters.

The name of access panels now indicates its system number when it matters, i.e. FTL drive panel, weapon panel.

Hazard Lighting
One thing i really miss, is that ominous red glow cities had in hazardous environments before you had electricity.

Building lighting in hazardous environments is now bright red when there is power but no air. Lighting is dim red when there is no power. (I have not tested this yet.)

Gas Pumps
It is difficult to make a small gas station due to the size requirements for a retail store.

Vehicle can now be refueled at sheds and storage tanks. Those buildings do not have a large minimum size requirement.

Ringworld Dense Atmosphere
The atmospheres of ringworlds are often dense, usually exceeding 70%.

The atmosphere density calculation was corrected for ringworlds.

Existing ringworlds will not change. A system scan report will probably show the new density instead of the old density. Existing ringworlds would change if their sector was ever regenerated, which is unlikely.

Sensor Noise
Sensor station does not emit sensor noise. It does in the old style space ships.

Sensor station is now a sound source for sensor noise. On an integrated station, the sound emits from the center of the screen. On a swivel chair/desk console, the sound emits from the base of the chair.

Separate Laser Sounds
Separate sounds for laser rifle and spacecraft laser cannon? I changed sound for pulse shot and its funny to hear heavy railgun shot from laser rifle..

Weapon bays were using the incorrect sound table entry. They will sound different now, using a laser fire sound that nothing else was using due to the bug. Names were changed for the laser sounds on the sound settings window, to be clear about their usage.

Manufacture Selection Wheel
So you have a mine near a few resources, it locks onto one and you can't really change it. but now you could use scroll wheel and switch between the ore, minerals, etc

The mouse wheel now selects manufacturing processes when placing a building.

Placement functions for old style buildings were not changed. For them, the mouse wheel continues to select the number of stories for the building.

System Scan Report Window Position
System scan report window position not stored.

Position of the system scan report window is now stored.

Solar System Map Wormhole Names
Wormhole names missing from solar system map. They just have an Explored column that says yes or no.

Explored column was replaced with Explorer.
  • Unexplored - No spacecraft is known to have traversed the wormhole.
  • Avatar Number - 'Avatar' was the first avatar to traverse the wormhole. The number increments each time they traverse an unexplored wormhole, so 5 would mean it was the 5th unexplored wormhole traversed by the avatar.
  • Insufficient Data - Wormhole is explored but the name of the explorer is unavailable. Names are only available in the 3x3x3 box of sectors centered at your current sector. Beyond that distance, information must be provided by the starmap, which does not store wormhole names due to the volume of data.
Awesome! A few of mine are in there Big Grin

I wonder if it would be possible in the future to allow a site-to-site transport without having to actually stop in the transporter room, or be able to transport to certain (non transporter) rooms aboard the ship (with CoC limitations, of course) much like in a certain popular sci-fi series

Update: I can transport to a (private) ship with its shields on, but cannot beam back off because the shield blocks the beam.
Transporter refinements are cool; a quarantine room will now be genuinely useful when transporting up diseased personnel or wild animals etc. You could also have an in-ship rapid transit system. The bugfixes are also much appreciated.

Changing the resource to be gathered with the mousewheel pretty useful, will save a lot of undoing and redoing.

Haven't tried helicopters yet; excited to have a go!

EDIT: I misunderstood the transporter changes, but they're still useful. Could the system be expanded to mean that, when you call for a transporter beam, you have the option which room or vehicle spot to beam to? This should have a default setting so you can always beam up in a hurry if need be.
Recording a patent to refine air from atmosphere is still broken. Q255 on scan, process returns Patent already recorded at Q98.

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