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2019-01-23 Blueprint Ratings, Harvest Preons
Blueprint Ratings
A rating system is needed for blueprints in the spacecraft and building exchanges.

Blueprint rating system is now in place.
  • Rate Blueprint button added to blueprint exchange windows.
    • When rating a blueprint, a review can also be entered.
    • An avatar can rate each blueprint only once. Subsequent ratings by the same avatar will replace their previous rating/review, for that blueprint.
  • Ratings are associated with the id of the blueprint.
    • A blueprint that is finalized again later, perhaps after changes, receives a new id with no ratings.
    • The old ratings do not transfer to the new id.
    • A blueprint that is unpublished then republished does not lose its ratings.
  • View Blueprint Ratings button added to blueprint exchange windows.
  • Construction blueprint filter by rating.
    • Filter can now consider rating of blueprints in the exchange.
    • Minimum rating can be specified.
    • Rating filter only applies to blueprints in the exchange, not to blueprints in your gear.
  • Ratings appear on the blueprint pages on the web.
    • Blueprint list shows average rating of all reviews.
    • Blueprint detail page shows all reviews.
Electricity Exploit
Fuel is free and I can sell electricity.


Electricity from Space
Should not be able to buy or sell electricity from orbit.


Harvest Preons
Harvest preons should not distinguish the type of preons.

The type of preon selected in the harvest preons mission order no longer affects the harvest operation. This is stated on relevant tooltips. The type of preon that is actually harvested is determined by the type of the star.

Ore Quarry
But taking a shot at building the basic quarry over the metal deposit made it automatically mine metal even thought the blueprint said stone only.

Quarry will no longer mine anything except stone. A quarry is created when a mine is constructed using a building with no shops, intended to provide an easy way to get started.

Open Channel Snafu
Another tiny thing that has always annoyed me, i can't opened a direct channel to a player, if i have a channel of the same name open already... i would love to be able to do that to invite multiple people to the same channel ^^;

This should work now.

Nonexistent Vehicle Processes
Remove mfg processes for nonexistent vehicles.

Manufacturing processes were removed for vehicles that have no 3D model and cannot be created.

Construction and manufacturing processes that depended on those vehicles were changed to reference a valid vehicle.

Flags Planted Stat
Needs to be a "Flags planted" stat on the avatar page lol

Flag planted stats will now be collected and reported.

Capitol Splitter Confusion
Prevent splitter on Capitol window from hiding the pane.

Splitter on capitol building window is now configured to prevent collapse of either of its panes. Previously, only the top pane was locked from collapsing.

Targoss Restart
Targoss says: most stories will restart if you drop them, this one will not

The Targoss tutorial will now restart repeatedly until it is finished, through the course of the story, not by dropping. The story will only restart if it is dropped. It waits at least three minutes to restart.

Early in the narrative, you are offered an option to skip the tutorial. That counts as finishing the tutorial.

If something goes wrong, you can now drop that story and wait for it to restart.

This change could result in the tutorial starting unexpectedly for some avatars.

Enemy Zuul
The Zuul unit is Shaman Lotar. Story characters are not supposed to prevent building construction due to the enemy presence rule.

Story characters no longer block construction.

Random Plant Bug
Building sites can specify the location of trees and shrubs. When those spots are set to choose the specie at random, only the common log tree or hay shrub is used when the building is placed in the environment.

Fixed a bug when selecting the random tree or shrub for building site landscaping. This eliminated a warning message that frequently appeared in the output stream, something about 'shrubcount == 0'.

libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
This warning appears in the output stream a lot.

A recent update to libpng started emitting this warning about a common condition found in png files.

The solution to the problem was to process all of my png files using the 'pngcrush' program. Pngcrush removes all unneeded data segments and recompresses theĀ file using several lossless compression methods to determine the best result. In so doing, it corrects the incorrect RGB profile.

That process eliminated most of the warnings. As I find the source of the remaining warnings, I will fix them if possible. Every png file in my possession has been pngcrushed. I must assume the warnings are due to png files loaded by libraries that are not mine.

The warning itself is harmless and it can be safely ignored.
(01-24-2019, 04:13 PM)Haxus Wrote: Targoss Restart
This change could result in the tutorial starting unexpectedly for some avatars.

Yay I can finally do Targoss's tutorial again.

Maybe change the start condition of the mission to be only on a world. Having Targoss appear on a spacecraft makes little sense.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
I wrote 2 reviews to test the ship reviews. After a 15 minute wait they finally showed up on the blueprint webpage, but the ingame view button stays grayed out and the column for "Ratings" stays empty.
Even after a refresh or a complete restart of the game I see neither the star rating nor can the new "View Blueprint Ratings" butten be used.
Got a party here
I have confirmed the bug reported by DFDelta. It's a bit disappointing because I tested this over and over again on the debug servers. I did the same exact test after seeing this bug report and it didn't work. :/

It appears the reviews are getting stored into the database correctly. It is safe to rate designs.

I will fix the error updating the in-game exchange window.

UPDATE: This bug is fixed, pending the next server restart.
I smell a bot. hehe

Nice work Haxus.

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