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Limit which blueprints appear in building menu
Right now it seems all published building ddesigns appear in your list of designs int the buildings menu.

If you want to alternate between a few of your own designs, you will need to scroll through the entire list all the time. (e.g. there are 26 blueprints for a house right now, with just 10-20 active players?)

Having just the designs that you made yourself or purchased from the blueprint exhchange for the empire availabe (+ maybe one default design, like in old style) would increase quality of life alot imo.
This is on my todo list.
I have brought up the idea of an per empire blueprint whitelist and theme.
Deantwo Wrote:Would be nice if the emperor of an empire (or government officials with a specific permission) could manage a list of "empire aproved building blueprints" and then only show those in the construction window, along with whatever building blueprints you have stored in you inventory of course.
That way the leader(s) of an empire can set a design theme for their empire, but if a member of the empire need a blueprint that isn't empire aproved they can just buy/design the blueprint and keep it in their inventory.

Haxus also agreed it is a good idea, I think. Of course we need more building blueprints first.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo

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