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2019-01-10 Version Upgrades, Qt Libraries
(01-16-2019, 09:34 PM)Haxus Wrote: As some may have seen, here is the transcript of the excitement as it happened.

2019/01/14 16:10UTC · Servers are going down for scheduled maintenance, to upgrade operating systems. They will likely be down most of today. I will post status here as things progress.
2019/01/14 16:39UTC · Universe database backup completed. Backups moved off site.
2019/01/14 18:23UTC · Server operating systems upgraded. Web server and SQL server are still in progress.
2019/01/14 20:07UTC · Web server appears to be ok. SQL server is still in progress.
2019/01/15 17:32UTC · Part way through the upgrade yesterday, the SQL server stopped accepting network logins. With help from the remote hands assistance at the computer center, we worked for four hours to get the ssh server running, without success. As it happened, the last thing I asked them to try last night worked! I was able to log in this morning and continue with the operating system upgrade. That server is rebooting now; fingers are crossed.
2019/01/15 17:41UTC · Success. I can remotely login to the SQL server again.
2019/01/15 20:31UTC · SQL server is alive and well. Web CGI programs are working. SoH Login and Mail servers are up.
2019/01/15 20:58UTC · SoH Scene servers are starting up. Wiki is still down; I'm working on it.
2019/01/15 21:12UTC · Wiki is up.
2019/01/16 17:10UTC · Upgrades are complete. A final wave of builds is finished. The next server restart will be a "normal" update and restart. With that, we are back on track for regular (weekly?) updates.

That pretty well sums it up. The SQL server had me worried Monday night. I was not looking forward to driving to Denver tomorrow, Thursday, the earliest I could have gone. It is a long drive, one we made recently at Christmas, about 9 hours each way.

Glad that it all worked out, though of course from the user perspective, there is not much we can see. Everything just looks normal. I did notice some increase in performance though, but I am not sure if it is due to the clean reinstall or the server update or both. :=)

As for the other statement of yours: I completely agree. I love Linux. Once you get used to it and get to know how it works, it is great. When I got the new computer, it came with Windows 10 pre-installed. It took like 1 hour to get me really frustrated and swearing at the computer because of "The program does not respond" errors, missing drivers and because of simply not being able to do what I want to do.. I think the OS survived a total of three hours (which was what it took me to download the latest Linux image, burn it and get the installer going...) before it was removed.

I tried to install it again a while ago on a small partition for coding and testing, but my computer does not like it. Upon loading the installer, I get a bluescreen when booting without UEFI. If I boot with UEFI, the computer shuts down on me right after the Windows Logo. I have it well educated... it makes clear its point of not wanting that OS on it... Tongue Anyway, for the few tools and testing I do, I have a virtual machine and Wine. I just lately got VS Code, which is from MS and works on Linux and Mac. I was quite surprised to see that and it also is surprisingly great software. I had a laugh though, when I saw the tutorial video for it. The MS guy showing of the software on his super cool MAC!

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