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Ring World - Client performance issue
When I am on a Ring World in first person view the client performance slows down considerably.    The network (ping indicators?) in the right hand corner slow to crawl (lag, jumpy).  
The issue persists with or without a city present.
As soon as I am on my ship the performance goes back to normal.
When I go into overhead view while on the Ring World surface the client performance is better.
Have you tried Shift+Escape for hiding the UI?

Not as a fix, but I have found that it often improves GPU usage and framerate dramatically for me in that situation. Don't know if that helps identify the cause.
The same also occurs in space... when closing into the ring range it freezes or goes down to like one or two fps... then after some seconds it gets back to normal speed, after the ring has been passed or some time has passed.
Same here. It works fine with HUD turned off or in Backspace upside down view. Also i noticed sometimes FPS is fine with some camera angles and when some of vegetation is out of FOV and not rendered

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