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Strange objects in the sky (Skybox issue?)
Hello Haxus,

another possible bug I would like to report. In one of my systems, I can see strange objects in the sky. They appear in the form of colored dots and are visible from every planet surface and of course also from space. There are different types, different in size and in color. See the attached screenshot.

I have been trying to fly to them but then don't seem to move or to come closer. Hence I imagine it has something to do with the skybox. Never seen those before so far.

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I had posted something a long time ago regarding the same or similar issue (old forums). The fix was to determine if the objects are part of the skybox graphics or not. In my case, the test of turning off the skybox made the "interesting" objects go away. Of course part of the beauty of SoH is flying through space to see the interesting things, so I now keep the skybox on and with some sadness knowing that I may never reach those interesting points of light.

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