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2018-12-06 Commander Settings, Sound, Ship Damage
Commander Settings
Settings window is incomplete for Hazeron Commander. It has controls it doesn't need. It is missing controls that are needed.

Finished Hazeron Commander settings windows.

Commander Sound
Sounds in Hazeron Commander are not responding to volume settings or sound file overrides.

Used a different/better sound object. Fixed sound file override bug.

Admin Unpublish Blueprints
A building blueprint was reported to have an offensive thumbnail image.

Changed blueprint exchange to permit admins to unpublish designs. Unpublished the offensive design.

Unpublish Name
It would be nice if the response from the server included the design name when unpublished.

Changed server response to include the design name when unpublishing a design.

Commander Network Activity
The network activity indicator from the OpenGL scene would be handy in the commander, to know when it is alive.

Created a widget from the OpenGL code that rendered the network activity indicator. The widget does not use OpenGL, just simple painting. It is positioned in a vertical space that may eventually include critical information, such as your health bar.

Ship Damage Bug
A spacecraft was destroyed. After recovery, the amount of metal needed to repair the ship far exceeded the amount of metal needed to build the ship.

The ship had an adamantine hull module. None of the repairs required adamantine.

Fixed a bug in the spacecraft damage code that did not consider adamantine to be a repair component. This was likely the cause of the problem. We'll see.

Launch Commander
Launcher does not have a button to launch the commander.

A button was added to the launcher to launch the commander. If you were using the most recent version of the launcher, it should have shown a message indicating that a new version was available.

Offer Item Overlapping Text
The offer item window has some text that overlaps other text.

Fixed layout error on offer item window.

Delete Design Unpublish
When I delete a design it disappears from my blueprint exchange as if unpublished but later it shows up again in the exchange.

Fixed code that was supposed to unpublish designs as they are deleted. You now get a feedback message regarding the unpublish when you delete a design.
Unfortunately the repair issue remains unchanged, as far as I can tell. Adamantine still not required, 49x more metal needed to repair than to build. Even adamantine and metal together only add up to about 15,000,000 for building requirements.

[Image: DalCPfQ.png]

Unless already damaged ships were not updated after the change?
The change would have no effect on ships that were already damaged.
Ok. I'll test with a fresh ship, then.

If I damage these further or self destruct then recall, will they update themselves?
Once repaired, existing ships will be ok. I don't mind repairing them, will check Great Martin.

UPDATE: It was not damaged. I repaired a few other of your ships.

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