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Option to turn off warp visual effects
For a long time when you turned off the skybox there was no visual effect to warping. This bug seems unfortunately to have been fixed , so could we perhaps have an option to turn off the warp visual effects?

I prefered looking at the black void and ocasionally seeing a system when I pass by or seeing how i approach, or move away from a system or ringworld.

Not urgent or crucial, so perhaps when everything else is fixed and you have nothing esle to do, maybe in 2025 or something like that, if you feel like doing it Big Grin If not so be it.
It is not a warp effect, it is red/blue shift, it appear when you are moving at a speed of 0.9c or more.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
would be cool if you could edit the effect none the less like having it to go all white
I think the effect makes more sense than most FTL effects in gaming...

But if you wanted to turn it off, perhaps it could be justified as bridge windows applying automatic visual correction against predictably shifted wavelengths - we already know the windows are 'smart' and can display info interactively.
that depends on the view since what you see as the ftl effect would still depend on whats generating the ftl speeds and the kind of shielding from windows to forcefields since these stuff can potentially alter the light passing through them
I agree with op, An opacity slider would be nice as opposed to on/off though.  Big Grin

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