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2018-11-28 Refit Q, Open From Gear, Station Resupply
Refit Q
Refitting a ship is difficult unless you have all the materials needed, due to Q requirements.

Refit now allows you to specify the minimum Q of parts to be used. Any system whose volume increases due to the refit will have its associated module quality reduced to the minimum Q, if its module Q was higher.

Refit UI shows an icon next to each slider, to indicate what system's module will be affected. The tool tip on that icon states the current system module Q.

Open Blueprint From Gear
Open a blueprint from a storage device in your gear fails. Open a blueprint from a disk or paper design in your gear works fine.

Fixed open from gear code to handle storage devices. It was not updated when storage devices were introduced.

Added thought messages to report the result of opening a blueprint from your gear.

Delete Kills Guards
I deleted a guard post. The guards were killed, their bodies strewn about.

Changed demolish code to not use the building destroy code.

Paint Colors
When applying paint to faces in the designer, it would be nice if the color selector remembered the colors I already used.

Paint color selector now fills the custom color boxes with paint colors that are already in use in the drawing.

Align to Roads
When placing a building, it is nice to align to roads using the space bar. However, with the addition of street lights, it can be difficult to align to a road because the building placer wants to align to the street lights.

When placing buildings, the space bar now toggles between searching for roads and searching for buildings. Both will now be highlighted, when a road and a building are found. If the first press of the space bar doesn't align to what you want, press it again.

Align to Buildings
When placing a building, it used to align to other buildings when I press space bar. The alignment is not correct when I align to a new style building.

Fixed alignment angle when aligning to new style buildings. The alignment is based on your cursor's position relative to the center of the obstructing building's site.

Building Environment Error
A building that reports enough structure for harsh environments cannot be built there. A message says armor level is insufficient.

Fixed a bit of code that was not considering the new allowance for structure, instead of armor.

Electricity Stall
Power plants in a city filled their batteries full but no buildings in the city reported having any power. They were all interconnected.

Fixed power plant supply bug.

Fall Into Building Site
I walked up to a giant wind power plant and fell into the ground on top of an underground block of the building.

Fixed terrain altitude error when on the site of a building with underground parts.

Trees on Bridge
I built a bridge across a river. One end of the bridge is on a farm where some trees are specified to grow according to the landscape of the site. The trees appear in the middle of my bridge.

Fixed bridges so they remove orchard trees and farm shrubs that land on their site, after any other building sites add them.

Terrain on Bridge
A dune of sand spills out onto the pavement of the bridge, at the end that is in the farm site.

Fixed terrain altitude calculation error in building site "cut" and "fill" modes.

Fixed placement of site meshes in the 100m highway bridge. Republished the design.

Road Precedence
The road that crosses the farm site to connect with the bridge does not sound like a road when I walk on it. It sounds like dirt.

Roads now have precedence over building sites.

Station Resupply
Stations do not get crew or supplies from new style cities.

Stations now board crew and troops, load cargo and ammunition, and get repairs from new style cities.

This was finished at the last minute. It has not been tested yet.
Quote:Trees on Bridge

Should this/ does this also affect street lights, which will often overlap the sites of other buildings?

Quote:Paint Colors
This is a really useful change. Is there some way for settings like transparency, glow etc. to be retrieved from the currently or most recently selected face? Since right now such information is not readily accessible, it is often hard to blend in geometry when revisiting old design work, unless you redo the entire section. Personally, I'd get a lot of use out of that.

Just an FYI, as of this update the shield changes posted in the previous update do not appear to have done anything beyond adding a new "down" state - no 10-minute charging happening for me. I would like to ask about shield bases too:

-It was stated that they would recharge once per 10 seconds if power was available.
-Battery mechanic was introduced to allow fine control over bubble size, but recharge was much slower than for shield capacitors.
-Recharge was universally updated to take 10 minutes.
-Does this mean there is no functional difference between battery and capacitor-generated shields, except that you can manipulate the sliders to get the shield size you want?
Battery charge rate was not changed. Battery charges at a rate of 1 power unit per second.

Shield capacitor charge rate is 10 min, with a minimum rate of 1 power unit per second.

When damage is absorbed by the shields, power is taken from the battery first. When that is depleted, power is taken from the shield capacitor.

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