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2018-11-20 Sticky Roofs, Broken Floors, Ghostly Walls
Sticky Roofs, Broken Floors, Ghostly Walls
The work on stick roofs created more problems than it fixed.

I think the problems with sticky roofs, falling through floors, and ghostly walls are fixed.

I could not eliminate the need for a hull void on top of areas where vehicles are intended to operate. That includes on top of the road span of bridges and the landing pad at the airport. The void nullifies the obstruction margin that normally exists around hull parts. The void only has to be about a meter thick; more is ok because it is ignored outside the obstruction margin.

I updated the Airport Terminal, Colony Airport Terminal, and Highway Bridge blueprints. I unpublished the other bridges until I have a chance to work on them.

Server Crash
A couple of servers crashed in the past few days.

Fixed an error that happened when a passenger used a turbo lift while someone aboard was in a designer instance. This was positively identified as the cause of the crash in both cases.

Street Lights
I keep going to the roads page to find street lights.

Street lights button moved to roads page on the construction window.

Street Lights in Top Down
In top down view, street lights show an icon in the buildings overlay. They can be overpowering when there are lots of them.

Street lights and bridges were moved to the roads and landscaping overlay in top down view. This is consistent with their placement on the roads and landscaping page of the construction window. Street light icons are now 1/2 the size of road and bridge icons.

Grass on Roads
Sometimes my roads have grass on them in front of buildings, if the building site overlaps the road.

Grass is now removed from roads, even if they are overlapped by building sites.

Finalize Bug
Get a copy of a design from the exchange. Go to the designer and use the open from gear option. The design will not finalize after you tinker with it. Save the design to a file and reload the file and it finalizes ok.

Fixed architect id error.

Boat Scrape Bottom
Sailboats and submarines should make a scraping noise when they rub against the bottom.

Sailboats and submarines now make a scraping noise when they touch bottom while moving.

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