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Friends Joining in, Question.
Good morning. 

        Our group has decided to make another run on Shores of Hazeron, some have played some have not. Needless to say we would like to join the same (nation?). It's been a couple years~ since I played, however, it seems to me that I had to get to a certain point in-game before another could join? Capitol maybe? I just don't remember and the info I've read is contradicting. 
        Here is the question. Four of us want to play tonight (after work) We have a couple hours to play. What do I need to do to get to the "join" point and about how long does this take? Is it possible to get that done in a couple hours?
        So far i have created a race and logged in, nothing more. (ran out of time) so we intend to get this done tonight and setup for the weekend. Any up to date info would be great. Thanks!
You don't have to get to any specific point in order to have someone join you.

The hardest part is if you all want to be the same species. Because then you have to make your avatar, export the DNA-file, and send it to your friends.
I haven't created a new avatar in a while, so I forget if there was an option to copy someone else's species without sending the DNA-file.

Then you and all your friends make your avatars and login on them. You will all be on separate planets at first, but that is easy to change.
First you might want to decide who has the prettiest or best looking starting world. Then you simply all write a chat message on any channel you can all hear (for example; Galactic), and the one that has your decided starting world will right-click each of your chat messages and select "Invite <name> to Teleport Here".

You don't actually create your empire before you handcraft a flag. Once the empire is created by one of you, the creator will again have to right-click all the chat messages from the others and invite them into the empire.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
If you are logged in, you can invite other people to teleport to your location. You just have to right-click on a message from them in the chat window. They accept and they port to your location.

When starting a new avatar, there is an option to select the DNA from existing empires. That would require someone to start an empire and it might require a capitol city so it's not convenient when starting fresh. That could be handled via .chr file, as Deantwo suggested. A .chr file is super tiny, only a few bytes.
Great, thank you both!

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