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2018-10-31 Street Lights, Bulldoze Craters, Smoky Craters
You can use candle light when there is power. Just configure the light bulb with the color of candle light and set the attenuation distance a lot lower, to about 5m or so.
I already offered a solution to roads. On multiple levels of "solution".
With new building system, it's even better of a solution than before.
So I started playing less than a week ago, and was whining to my man grimbach about one thing that bugged me.

No streetlights, killed the low poly swg-meets-mw2 vibe.

Then bamn, haxus did the cool thing, as a programmer with similar dreams I know how damn hard such a thing is, and I appreciate it.

But more importantly, my dreams can now grow in Hazeron.
[Image: Shores-of-Hazeron-2018-10-30-15-26-55.png] [Image: Shores-of-Hazeron-2018-11-02-03-22-24.jpg] [Image: Shores-of-Hazeron-2018-11-02-03-49-44-1.png] [Image: Shores-of-Hazeron-2018-11-02-03-50-02-1.png]

Thank you haxus-sama
Thank you. It was my pleasure. Street lights have been a flaming item on my to-do list for a long time.

I love the architecture, btw. Delightfully alien.
There is a trick to allow "almost unlimited" light sources. Instead of using the light sources closest to the camera, you use the light sources closest to the pixel being shaded. This obviously requires scene preprocessing but can produce stunning results.
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