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2018-10-23 Broken Terrain, Morale, Suffocation, Starvation, Road Draw Bug
Broken Terrain
The terrain at the margins between roads and buildings is broken. There are hills or ditches where the terrain used to be level. This leaves voids under buildings and buries buildings in the sand.

Fixed an error that was introduced when craters were allowed to deform roads. Nothing needs to be done on the client side. The terrain will be correct with this update.

The negative effects of morale have been disabled since morale was implemented in the new buildings, to allow time to make adjustments.

Negative effects of morale are now implemented. Citizens may move away when morale is below -1.

Suffocation and Starvation
Population loss due to suffocation and starvation have been disabled since they were implemented in new buildings, to allow time to make adjustments.

Citizens will now die due to suffocation and starvation.

Road Draw Bug
When drawing roads near the coast, I often get a green cursor indicating the road is ok but when I click no road is made. This can be very frustrating at times.

Fixed a function that was performing further validation after the primary construction validator was happy. The result of this is roads can now go from land to under the sea.

I had a to-do item to permit this. There is no real reason not to, with the new style buildings. Old style cities could not do this because the entire city was considered to be an under sea city or not, which affected various things.

Empty City
I started a new empire and built my first city. The city grew to some size. Coal was needed to produce electrical power. The closest coal was a long way away so I built a new town there. The only homes in town were provided by a single large apartment building. Nobody ever moved into the homes. I built a wharf in each town, to connect them by sea. Still no citizens. I build a long road to connect them by land, no citizens. Curiously, it did have workers.

The coal town had only one home building making periodic attempts to get citizens. No citizens meant no babies. No airport meant no air/space travellers. That only leaves indigenous as a source of new citizens. The old town had lots of homes and its population was not full so it was getting all the indigenous as they became available, at a faster rate because its morale was higher.

To alleviate this situation, empty homes are now particularly attractive to citizens.
  • Citizens will┬ámove from a home with 2 or more residents to an empty home in another city, as long as the destination's morale is 0 or higher.
  • Citizens move by sea if each building has wharf access.
  • Citizens move by land to buildings that are connected by land.
  • Only civilian citizens move in this way. Residents of military buildings do not move.
  • Civilian citizens will move to empty military homes.
(10-23-2018, 03:49 PM)Haxus Wrote: Empty City

When you say they will move to the other "city", you just mean any empty building, right? I mean this includes independent houses, right?

So having a single home in all factory buildings would now make a little sense. Assuming residents prioritize the building they live in for work.

There is also the fun fact that citizens commute to jobs anywhere on the planet, even if not connected by road. So you could just let the population live in the city and have all jobs on the opposite side of the world.
Would that cause unemployment penalties?

Would at least be nice if jobs connected by road would have priority over jobs only connected by air. That way citizens from your other city don't all work in the main city.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo

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