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Announcement: Morale Effects, Suffocation, Starvation
Morale effects on new style cities will be enabled in the next server update.

Death by suffocation and death by starvation will also be enabled in the next server update.
This no information about how this will work for independent buildings?

I guess buildings with homes could fetch food and air to satisfy the residents at some interval, but that wouldn't prevent them from having new residents move in or cause decay if it has no residents.

I do like the idea of a tiny moon colony not requiring to be a full city, but it is still kinda confusing when there is no morale.
Maybe as Anr has suggested before, could make the whole world act as a "city" for independent building if there is no capitol. But that might need some thought.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Since he said "cities", independent buildings are unaffected.

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