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2018-06-06 Road Construction, Patent Development, Non-free Blueprints
Road Construction
New style roads do not get constructed by citizens.


Patent Development
Patent development results are limited by the Q of the patents that are required.

That limitation no longer applies to patent development.

Non-free Blueprints
Non-free blueprints are still showing up on the construction window.

Non-free blueprints are supposed to only show up if you are the architect. That is fixed.
Unfortunately, the road construction problem was not fixed. There was another bug. It is such a bummer to fix an obvious bug, only to be thwarted by one that didn't have a chance to make trouble yet.

This time I tested it on the debug servers. It worked fine, making stone and oil roads.

Servers were restarted after the bug was fixed. It was too obnoxious to let it wait. I apologize to those people who had to endure two server restarts in a row.

One consequence of this fix is that roads do not build instantly. They are built at a 10 second pace, which matches the build rate of old style roads.

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