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HazeronProspector v2.0.0
System survey report database and filter for Shores of Hazeron.

My name is Deantwo and here is another one of my small open-source C# projects.
Took me a while to figure out how to read the StarMap XML, but it paid off!
I have taken a lot of my inspiration from Hazeron Scouter, so some credit goes to OhiraKyou.

What is it
HazeronProspector is a system survey reader, it can show all the resources in a system.
Still a lot of polish needed, so the to-do list is a little long. But it works!

  • .Net Framework v4.7.2
    (Standard on windows)

How to use
Export StarMap XML:
  1. Log into Hazeron with your character
  2. Open the Locator window (F7)
  3. Go to the Star Map tab
  4. Click the "Query Space Map..." button
  5. Click the "Save Starmap" button
  6. Choose a location for the .xml file that you will be able to find later

  • Support for multiple galaxies
  • Select a surveyed system from a dropdown box or type in coordinates
  • SystemWide mode to simply show systems and their best quality for each system rather than each planet/zone
  • Get system surveys for all systems within range of a specific system, either search by persec distance or wormhole jumps
  • Color coded table

  • Customizable color ranges
  • Column viability menu
  • Save user setting
  • (Any ideas?)

Want to help
I'd love some feedback and ideas.

I need an .ico icon similar to the ones used in HazeronAdviser and HazeronWatcher.
Maybe an inferno planet, with a clipboard or sensor icon.
Send me a PM if you want to help me with this.

Hazeron Forum Thread
(Old Hazeron Forum Thread)

HazeronProspector v2.0.0

HazeronProspector v1.0
[Image: 2020-01-12_12_22_26-Window.png]
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
can't wait for the update now that xml exporting is back
New update works :)

My, how I've missed this.
HazeronProspector v1.3

Updated to work with the 2020-02-21 update.

  • Removed TechLevel.
  • Removed useless resource grey out.
  • Removed population limit, changed it to world diameter.
  • Renamed Planet and PopulationLimit columns, to World and Diameter.
  • Implemented Titan and Planetoid.
  • Fixed minor issues that prevented reading of newer XML files.

GitHub release: HazeronProspector v1.3
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
HazeronProspector v1.3.1

Minor bugfix.

  • Fixed BlackHole and NeutronStar being swapped.

GitHub release: HazeronProspector v1.3.1
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
HazeronProspector v1.4

Updated to work with the 2022-03-03 update.

  • Added the new GoldOre resource.
  • Updated to .NETFramework v4.7.2.

GitHub release: HazeronProspector v1.4
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
Seems like the XML export is gone as of the latest update, prospector is thus unusable atm
What even
HazeronProspector v1.4.1

Bug fix.

  • Fixed bug with "Gold Ore" not working fully.

GitHub release: HazeronProspector v1.4.1
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
Thank you for updating this Dean. So glad Haxus gave us back XML export.
HazeronProspector v2.0.0

Implemented multi import. You can now import multiple different star map XML files into the program and search all of them at the same time.

  • Multi import.
  • Refactoring and other code changes.

GitHub release: HazeronProspector v2.0.0
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator

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